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Bertalan Székely Made by: Boróka Presír Zsófia Katona.

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1 Bertalan Székely Made by: Boróka Presír Zsófia Katona

2 Biographical data Born: 1835 Kolozsvár (Romania) Died: 1910 Budapest Hungarian painter of historicism and romanticism Learnt in Vienna Transylvania ->traveller painter Teacher, educator

3 Paintings, works Young self-portrait Made in 1859, München. Showing human warmth

4 II. Lajos’s dead body found In the Mohács battle fell last Jagello-house’s king This moment is the starting event of the 150 year of Turkey’s reign

5 Dobozy and his wife Made by in 1861. Mihály Dobozy does not allow his wife to the hands of his enemy’s. He kills his wife, and he fights against the Turks but they kill him.

6 Women of Eger Made in 1870. This painting is painted froby the inspiration of Géza Gárdonyi’s novel Egri csillagok( Stars of Eger)

7 Data from the painting Székely Bertalan showed it to publicin Vienna in 1868 and introduced it to the Fine Arts Society in 1867 Shows heroism. Historical and romantic style In the middle a woman is standing.

8 2. Everything is in moving. Colours in contrast (white,red,yellow,black) This is the moment, when the women fight with stones, gulyas soup) The fire is the biggest symbol. It shows the walls of Eger Castle.

9 A little boy with a slice of bread and butter Around 1875 He is the painter’s early dead son, whose name was Armin.

10 Blood contract This picture shows the 7 chiefs’ blood contract. The clear colours refer to the secession.

11 Zrínyi’s outbrust Made in1879-85. This painting shows the Castle of Szigetvár.

12 Thank’s for watching! Sources: Wikipedia Google Hungarian Art Lexikon

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