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Xilinx Advanced Products Division Virtex-4 Overview Version 2.1 March 2005.

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1 Xilinx Advanced Products Division Virtex-4 Overview Version 2.1 March 2005

2 Virtex-4 Overview Module 2 4 th Generation Virtex Built on a Solid Foundation of Success

3 Virtex-4 Overview Module 3 Most Advanced Process Technology Advanced 90-nm process 11-layer copper metallization New Triple-Oxide technology – Enables lower quiescent power consumption Exclusive benefits: – Best cost – Greatest performance – Lowest power – Highest density Enables 2x performance, 2x capacity, ½ power, ½ cost

4 Virtex-4 Overview Module 4 The Most Advanced Parallel I/O Interfacing Capability Universal connectivity – Support for 26 electrical standards – ChipSync™ technology – XCITE DCI Extreme performance – Up to 1 Gbps LVDS – Up to 600 Mbps single-ended Widest set of supported standards – PCI, PCI-X, SFI-4, HSTL, SSTL, LVCMOS, LVTTL…

5 Virtex-4 Overview Module 5 Breakthrough ChipSync™ Technology Pre-Engineered source synchronous logic – Embedded in All I/O Key advantages – Easier design – Higher performance – Resource savings DDR Memory SPI 4.2 Pre-Designed Built-In SSIO Logic IO SERDES Frequency division Serialize/Deserialize Precision Delay Bit/Word Align, DPA IO Clocking I/O clocks Regional clocks Clock-capable I/Os

6 Virtex-4 Overview Module 6 XCITE Digitally Controlled Impedance 3 rd generation DCI – Series, parallel, differential termination – Temperature / voltage compensation Fewer resistors on-board Easier PCB design Termination at source or load Works in conjunction with I/O standards – Examples: HSTL, SSTL, etc. Many Selectable Options

7 Virtex-4 Overview Module 7 SONET Virtex-4 RocketIO™ transceivers – Full-duplex serial transceiver blocks with integrated SERDES and Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) 622 Mbps to >10 Gbps operation – Widest Range of Operation Compatible with Virtex-II Pro Supports chip-to-chip, backplane, chip-to-optics The Most Advanced Serial I/O

8 Virtex-4 Overview Module 8 Support NetworkingNetworking TelecomTelecom ComputingComputing StorageStorage VideoVideo OC-12 OC-48 GbE XAUI 10GbE CEI (OIF) SATA3 SATA2 SATA 1GFC2GFC PCIE HD-SDI SATA GbE GFC SATA2 Rate (Gb/s) CEI (OIF) 4GFC GFC 8.5 Serial I/O Challenges G OBSAI CPRI PCIE Gen2 5-6 Virtex-4 Serial I/O Solution

9 Virtex-4 Overview Module 9 Smart RAM Memory Hierarchy Required Memory Capacity

10 Virtex-4 Overview Module 10 Fast and Flexible BRAM Enhanced architecture for higher performance – 500 MHz performance Optional programmable FIFO logic – Saves logic resources – 500 MHz FIFO performance Tunable Block Structure – Scalable and efficient memory utilization – Design compatible with Virtex-II Pro

11 Virtex-4 Overview Module 11 World-Class Clocking High-performance – Up to 500 MHz system clock – Up to 700 MHz source synchronous clock Powerful DCM clocking – Zero-delay buffer – Phase-shift control – Frequency synthesis More resources – Up to 20 DCMs – 32 global clocks

12 Virtex-4 Overview Module 12 Virtex-4 Clock Management: Powerful Solutions Simplified system design – Abundant resources – Application-targeted features – Comprehensive software support Increased system performance – Lower jitter and duty cycle distortion – 500 MHz clock generation and control Clocking features, performance, and flexibility unmatched by any other FPGA

13 Virtex-4 Overview Module 13 Next Generation Optional accumulator / adder – Multiply add, multiply accumulate, or complex multiply Optional pipeline registers – 2x-10x the performance of alternative solutions Cascadable – Combine DSP Slices at Full Speed Highest DSP performance – Up to 500MHz True 18-bit x 18bit MACC Performance

14 Virtex-4 Overview Module 14 Next Generation

15 Virtex-4 Overview Module 15 Achieve DSP Efficiency in Virtex-4 Virtex-4 XtremeDSP – Performance 512 XtremeDSP slices at 500MHz 256 GMACCs/s DSP bandwidth – Power efficiency 5.7mW/100MHz scalable power efficiency 1/7 the power of previous FPGA solutions – Flexibility Operate the XtremeDSP slice in over 40 different modes – Efficiency Highest DSP bandwidth per dollar solution available

16 Virtex-4 Overview Module 16 Integrated PowerPC 405 World’s Most Popular Embedded Processor Architecture High-performance – MHz Low power – 0.29mW/MHz 2 nd generation FPGA with PowerPC 405 – Preserves HW and SW IP – CoreConnect™ bus architecture – Full array of system-level IP New APU interface – Provides direct access from FPGA fabric to PowerPC core – Easy microcontroller and coprocessor support

17 Virtex-4 Overview Module 17 Complete Processor Support EnvironmentGNU

18 Virtex-4 Overview Module 18 New Tri-Mode Ethernet MAC Fully integrated Ethernet Media Access Controller (EMAC) – 10/100/1000 Mbps – 2 or 4 cores per Virtex-4 FX device UNH-Compliant Use with PowerPC or stand-alone Key benefits – Saves up to 4000 logic cells per Ethernet MAC – Implement single-chip 1000 Base-X Ethernet – Great for network management or remote FPGA monitoring ProcessorBlock Phy Interface ClientInterface ClientInterface Statistics Interface

19 Virtex-4 Overview Module 19 Virtex-4 Secure Chip AES Provides Maximum Design Security Bitstreams encrypted with 256-bit AES algorithm Cryptographic keys automatically erased upon malicious tampering Part of standard design flow Among FPGA vendors, only Xilinx meets U.S. Government standards for secure module design

20 Virtex-4 Overview Module 20 Three Virtex-4 Platforms Resource K LCs Logic Memory DCMs DSP Slices SelectIO RocketIO PowerPC Ethernet MAC LXFXSX 0.9-6Mb K LCs Mb K LCs Mb Channels 1 or 2 Cores 2 or 4 Cores N/A Choose the Platform that Best Fits the Application

21 Virtex-4 Overview Module 21 Virtex-4 LX: Platform for Xtreme Programmable Logic Design Highest logic capacity ever – Up to 200K LCs Widest capacity range – 8 LX devices ranging from 14K-200K LCs

22 Virtex-4 Overview Module 22 Virtex-4 FX: Platform for Xtreme System Design Additional advanced system functions – >10 Gbps RocketIO – PowerPC cores – 10/100/1000 Ethernet MAC cores Rich memory mix – Up to nearly 10Mbits BRAM/FIFO Six FX devices ranging from 12K to 140K LCs

23 Virtex-4 Overview Module 23 Virtex-4 SX: Platform for Xtreme Signal Processing Design DSP Slices Device Cost FX20 FX40 FX60 FX100 LX40 LX80 LX100 LX25 LX15 FX140 LX160 LX200 FX12 LX GMAC/s: Highest DSP performance in the industry 256 GMAC/s: Highest DSP performance in the industry Lowest DSP cost / performance ratio Lowest DSP cost / performance ratio 256 GMAC/s: Highest DSP performance in the industry 256 GMAC/s: Highest DSP performance in the industry Lowest DSP cost / performance ratio Lowest DSP cost / performance ratio SX25 SX35 SX55

24 Virtex-4 Overview Module 24 Increased Functionality with Dramatic Power Reduction Frequency Power Consumption 50% 130 nm FPGAs Virtex-4 cuts power by 50% Measured 40% lower static power with Triple-Oxide technology 90-nm: 50% lower dynamic power – Lower core voltage + less capacitance Up to 10x lower dynamic power with integrated hard IP – Fewer transistors per function Challenges - Static power (leakage) grows exponentially with process generations - Dynamic power grows with frequency (P = cv 2 f)Challenges - Static power (leakage) grows exponentially with process generations - Dynamic power grows with frequency (P = cv 2 f)

25 Virtex-4 Overview Module 25 Packaging Engineered for Signal & Power Integrity Improved signal integrity & power integrity – Minimizes package & PCB inductances – Reduces noise by 2/3 Designed & verified with extensive simulation No additional costs – Use same number of PCB layers as previous generations Vcco GND Vccint Vccaux The best approach for high pin-count 90nm FPGAs

26 Virtex-4 Overview Module 26 Lowest-Cost, High-Performance FPGA *Based On Logic Cell Count System BOM cost – Integrated features allows elimination of discrete devices and simplified PCB design Packaged Device Cost – 17 Virtex-4 devices to choose from – Optimized feature ratios – Increased device migration within each package Die Cost – Leading edge 90-nm technology – 300mm wafers

27 Virtex-4 Overview Module 27 Unmatched Density Highest Performance Powerful Feature Set Best Cost Structure Thank You !

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