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CHAPTER 27 WWII. Hitler’s Plan- Invade Russia for Lebensraum.

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2 Hitler’s Plan- Invade Russia for Lebensraum

3 Hitler’s Plan leads to War…

4 Japan’s path to war


6 December 7, 1941 USS Enterprise USS Lexington USS Saratoga

7 Mobilization - USSR TThe Great Patriotic War SSupercentralization- Stalin directed military and political affairs AAs German army moved into USSR, factories were dismantled and shipped to interior CCreated industrial revolution – “battle of machines” 55% of income went to war machine – created food and housing shortages AAllowed women as combatants – “night witches” WWomen and children harnessed to farm equipment

8 The Great Arsenal

9 Nazi Empire

10 New Nazi Order HHeinrich Himmler, leader of SS, in charge of resettlement plans in east EEvacuate Slavic peoples, replace with Germans OOne million Poles relocated to Southern Poland SSeized raw materials to the extent of bare survival 44 million Russian POWs used for heavy labor 33 million died of neglect 77 million workers from conquered countries IIndustry, farm labor, military camps

11 Resistance

12 The Holocaust


14 Turning Points Of the 91,000 German POWs Only 5,000 returned

15 Ending the War Operation Fortitude

16 Ending the War

17 Hiroshima –August 6, 1945 EENOLA GAY – American B-29 dropped “Little Boy” 880,000 people died immediately 335,000 injured 22/3 of the citiy’s 90,000 buildings destroyed JJapan’s leaders took no action to end the war

18 Nagasaki –August 9, 1945

19 Allied Conferences

20 Costs of War  21,000,000 soldiers died  40,000,000 civilian deaths  100,000,000 depended on relief  30,000,000 displaced persons

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