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Moral Values Directions: Do you know your own character? Connect the adjectives describing character or personality with the people in the cartoons.

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2 Moral Values

3 Directions: Do you know your own character? Connect the adjectives describing character or personality with the people in the cartoons. sociable conceited generous mean rebellious confident superstitious unselfish vain sympathetic lazy independent conceited ( ) unselfish ( ) Topic-related prediction

4 mean ( ) vain ( ) sociable mean superstitious sympathetic conceited rebellious unselfish lazy generous confident vain independent

5 confident ( ) lazy ( ) sociable mean superstitious sympathetic conceited rebellious unselfish lazy generous confident vain independent

6 independent ( ) sociable ( ) sociable mean superstitious sympathetic conceited rebellious unselfish lazy generous confident vain independent

7 sympathetic ( ) rebellious ( ) sociable mean superstitious sympathetic conceited rebellious unselfish lazy generous confident vain independent

8 generous ( ) superstitious ( ) sociable mean superstitious sympathetic conceited rebellious unselfish lazy generous confident vain independent

9 Warming up Questions Do you think it is important for you to develop character? Explain your reasons. Who do you trust most in your everyday life? Why? What moral values do you honour in your life? What are the typical virtues of Chinese people in your opinion?

10 We must remember that intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character- that is the true goal of education.character Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly, and they will show themselves great. Trust

11 diligence thriftiness creativity four great inventions of ancient of China

12 LOGO Moral Dilemma You are driving along in your car on a wild stormy night. You pass by a stop, and you see three people waiting for the bus: 1.An old lady who looks as if she is seriously ill. 2.An old friend who once saved your life. 3.The perfect man (or woman) you have been dreaming about all your life. Which one would you choose to offer a ride to, knowing that there could be ONE passenger in your car?

13 COMPANY NAME LOGO Classic Resolution I would give my old friend the key to my car and let him take the old lady to the hospital. I would stay behind and wait for the bus together with the woman/man of my dreams.

14 Listen and Respond

15 Moral values are the foundation of American culture. One of the most basic moral values for Americans is honesty. The well-known story about “Honest Abe” teaches this value clearly. While working in a store, young Abraham Lincoln once sold to a woman some goods to the amount of two dollars, six and a quarter cents. He discovered later that a mistake had been made, and that the store owed the woman the six and a quarter cents. After he had closed the store that night, he walked several miles in the darkness to return the small amount of money to her. Sometimes American honesty -being open and direct- can hurt people’s feelings. But Americans still believe that honesty is the best policy. Moral Values in America

16 Another virtue Americans respect is perseverance. Remember the story about the turtle and the rabbit that had a race? The rabbit thought he could win easily, so he took a brief sleep. But the turtle finally won because he did not give up. When Americans have a hard time trying to do something, they are always encouraged to say, “I think I can; I think I can.” Compassion may be the queen of American virtues. The story of the Good Samaritan describes a man who showed compassion. On his way to a certain city, a Samaritan man found a poor traveler lying on the road. The traveler had been beaten and robbed. The kind Samaritan, instead of just passing by, stopped to help this person in need. Moral Values in America

17 In no way can this brief description cover all the moral values honored by Americans. Courage, responsibility, loyalty, and many others are also honored. Moral values are very important in American culture and, indeed, in any culture. Moral Values in America

18 Read and Explore

19 PartsParas. Main Ideas 11~5 The bank president’s failing was one of character. 26~13 The author insists that what really matters for success is one’s character rather than one’s personality. 314~22 One can build character at any age with the inside-out approach and by admitting mistakes. One’s family provides a critical measure of one’s character and the opportunity to nurture it. 423~28 The bank president was forgiven by his wife and his employees after he admitted his mistake. He then began to find his own path to character.

20 He lost the trust of his employees. They wouldn’t work hard. Productivity and profits of the bank were going down. He violated a sacred trust with his wife. So his conduct was doing damage not only to the bank but also to himself. 1. What was the bank president like? 2. What was the truth then? 3. What were the consequences of the president’s conduct? He was young, bright and attractively capable. The truth was that the president of the bank, a married man, was having an affair with an employee. And it was an open secret in the bank. Language points

21 1. What is character made up of according to Stephen R. Covey? Character is made up of those principles and values that give your life direction, meaning and depth, such as integrity, honesty, courage, fairness and generosity. 2. Can you provide some examples to illustrate that “wrong is simple in doing wrong, not in getting caught”? 3. Can you give some examples of the hard choices we have to make in life in which our character is involved? When a man is drowning and you will put your own life at risk if you jump into the river to save his life. When someone tries to bribe you into doing something against your principles but you need the money to save the life of someone you love.

22 4.What can we learn from the examples of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson? The basic view of success shifted from the character ethic to the personality ethic. Their examples tell us that we can only experience true success and happiness by making character the guideline of our lives. 5. Who do you think is among the most successful person with good character in Chinese history? 6. How did the basic view of success change during the industrial age and after World War I?

23 8. Do you think “the personality ethic” can also be found in today’s China? No. skill alone can never guarantee happiness and fulfillment. True happiness and fulfillment come from the development of good character. It refers to personal charm, interpersonal skills and techniques that help smooth the relationships between people. 7. What is meant by “personality ethic”? 9. Can skill alone guarantee happiness and fulfillment? Language points

24 Global Reading 1. The key point to building character is learning how to start from within yourself and proceed to the world outside. T ( ) 2. Being a more responsible employee is very important to your future promotion. T ( ) 3. Trust is not the essential ingredient for character. F ( ) 4. Family is the place to build our character and hide who we really are. F ( ) True character begins at home. 5. An excellent employee used to treat his / her spouse casually. F ( ) An excellent employee treats his / her spouse well. True or False There’s no more essential ingredient for character growth than trust. Language points

25 capable & able 1. Will she be _____ to cope with the work? 2. I think your plan is __________of being improved. able capable

26 shake off: get rid of; escape from sb She tried to shake him off but he continued to pester her 甩掉跟踪的人 shake off one’s pursuers

27 suspect & doubt I doubt if this is what he wants I suspect that this is what he wants Back

28 dilemma: n. a situation in which it is very difficult to decide what to do, because all the choices seem equally good or equally bad The president is clearly in a dilemma about / over how to tackle the crisis. 医生面临的困境是要不要把事情的真相告诉病人 。 The dilemma the doctor faced was whether he should tell the patient the truth. be in a dilemma be faced with the dilemma be placed in a dilemma Collocations:

29 figure : n. He has an income of six figures have a good figure. I’m dieting to keep my figure. He was once a leading figure in the community, but now he has become a figure of fun. I saw a figure approaching in the darkness

30 guideline: n. rules or instructions about the best way to do sth. 现在的道德标准不像以前那么明确了。 Today the moral guidelines are less obvious than before. Back

31 account keep the accounts open/close an account He was absent from school on account of illness. His illness accounted for his absent from school. We must take account of all possibilities. We must take all possibilities into account. 要是考虑钱的话,你可能就不想要贵的房子了 If you take into account money issues, then you might not want an expensive apartment. of no account 无足轻重的人 a man of no account on no account 你千万不要把你的计划告诉他 On no account must you tell him about your plan.

32 get into I can’t get into these shoes; they are too small get into accountancy, publishing, etc get into an argument, a fight (with sb) get into bad habits I haven’t really got into my new job yet. I’m really getting into jazz these days How did she get into drugs?

33 generate: v. Her latest film has generated a lot of interest. 新的发展将创造许多新岗位。 The new development will generate many new jobs. produce heat, electricity, or another form of energy Wind turbines generate electricity for the local community.

34 get away with: not be caught or punished when you have done sth. wrong If I thought I could get away with it, I wouldn’t pay any tax at all. 他考试作弊是如何得逞的? How did he get away with cheating? Back

35 Useful Expressions 1. 为银行做咨询 consult for a bank 2. 一步一步升迁 rise through the ranks 3. 忧郁和沮丧情绪 gloom and doom 4. 缺乏信任 lack of trust 5. 与 …… 有染 having an affair with… 6. 长远的后果 long-term consequences 7. 亵渎了神圣的信任 violate a sacred trust 8. 为你的生活指引方向 give your life direction 9. 内在价值 inner values 10. 品行不端 moral failing 11. 现代生活的一个困境 a dilemma of modern life 12. 杰出人物 eminent figures

36 Useful Expressions 14. 浅薄的说法 superficial mottoes 15. 楷模 role model 16. 由内而外 inside out 17. 道德账户 character account 18. 缔造幸福的婚姻 create a happy marriage 19. 品德成熟的关键因素 essential ingredient for character growth 20. 容易犯错 be vulnerable to lapses 21. 起落,沉浮 ups and downs 22. 讨论士气问题 address morale problem 23. 开诚布公的气氛 a sense of openness 24. 找到了修炼自己品德 的道路 find one’s own path to character 13. 我们生活的指南 the guideline of our lives

37 句型提炼 下一页 上一页 Sb. does sth. on the principle that … 某人做某事的原则是 ······

38 下一页 上一页 应用:她的处世原则是:与人方便,自己方便。 She conducts herself in society on the principle that, if you make things easy for others, things would be easy for you.

39 According to sb. / a report / a story / a survey / a legend, sth. happened/sb. did sth. 据某人说/据报道/传说 / 据调查/传说, 发生了某事 / 某人做过某事。 句型提炼 下一页 上一页

40 应用:关于宇宙的诞生问题,在不同的文化 中有不同的说法。有一种说法是,宇宙是上 帝创造的。 For the birth of the universe, there are different versions in different cultures. According to one story, it was created by God. 上一页 下一页

41 句型提炼 下一页 上一页 Sb. who is (not) likely / bound / resolved / going to …should …, since …( 从句 ) ( 不 ) 可能/肯定/决心/打算 ······ 的人,应 ······, 因为 ······

42 应用:必然要走入社会的在校大学生应从现在 起为未来的社会生活做准备, 因为凡事预则立, 不预则废。 The undergraduates who are bound to go into society should prepare themselves for the future social life from now on, since preparedness ensures success, and unpreparedness spells failure. 下一页 上一页

43 句型提炼 下一页 上一页 Some/Many people think/believe/claim that…, but this/that (statement) is not/may not be true/the case. 一些 / 很多人认为 / 声称 ······ ,但是这种 / 那种看 / 说 法是 / 也许是不正确的。

44 应用: 有些人认为他们的学习随着学业的结束而 结束。这种看法是不正确的。学校所做的只是教给 学生学习的方法,为其在今后生活中继续学习做准 备。 Some people think that their education ends up with their graduation, but that is not true. What schools do is only to teach students tricks of learning and prepare them for continued learning in their later life. 下一页 上一页

45 New word

46 emerge: v. 1) appear or come out from somewhere She emerged from the sea, blue with cold. 太阳从云朵后面钻出来。 The sun emerged from a cloud. 2) if facts emerge, they become known after being hidden or secret Differences on the issues have emerged. 经彻底调查,总的情况明朗了。 After thorough investigation there emerged an overall picture.

47 migrate/ immigrate/ emigrate migrate: move from one place to one place migrate from … to … immigrate: enter a foreign country in order to live there forever. immigrate to/into emigrate: leave one’s own country to go and live in another emigrate from … to…

48 Thanks for the Attention

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