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E-Marketing: Using New Technologies to Target Prospects & Manage Client Relations Michael J. Reilly, FSMPS Reilly Communications.

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1 e-Marketing: Using New Technologies to Target Prospects & Manage Client Relations Michael J. Reilly, FSMPS Reilly Communications

2 Dynamics e-tools Application Demise of Traditional Marketing Methods Cost of Acquiring Prospects Emergence of New Tools Efficiency Opportunity Slow Adoption Company Web Sites E-mail Applications e-surveys Linked Response Tools Company Database (CRM) Press Releases and PR Case Studies: Working Now Low Cost Programs Measuring Return Resources for Help Suggestion: Where to Start Focus on Reaching Prospects and Clients What We Will Cover Integrating Service Marketing’s Prime Advantage One Size Fits Only One Assess Your Readiness Pulse Check from Clients

3 E-Considerations ADVANTAGESDISADVANTAGES InteractivityInformation Overload Cost EffectivenessClient Skepticism EfficiencyObligation to Sustain SpeedStaff Resistance

4 Dynamics and Drivers  Internet and e-mail use  Opportunity to connect with smaller and smaller categories of customer  Emergence of new e- tools  Demise of traditional marketing methods

5 $10,000 Seminars $20,000 Newsletter $25,000 Public Relations $30,000 Client Surveys $32,000 Direct Mail in Target Market $35,000 Advertising in Target Market $40,000 New Firm Brochure $50,000 Image/Logo Makeover and Print New Collateral Typical Cost to Implement

6 New Options in e-Marketing  Interactive Web Sites  e-Mail Messaging  Linked Response Tools  Surveys  CRM  Press Releases and PR

7 Web Sites  Business Card Site  Brochure Site  Information-based Site  Entice Action Site: Interactive Feature

8 Arent Fox


10 Other Interactive Sites  Ernst & Young Ernie Feature  Robertson Stephens Investment Information  SMMA Profiles  PSI “Ask an Expert”

11 Web Site Resources www.wdfm.comwww.wdfm.comWeb Digest for Marketers www.peppersandrogers.comwww.peppersandrogers.comOne-to-one Marketing www.zdnet.comwww.zdnet.comZiff Davis Publishing www.wilsonweb.comwww.wilsonweb.comWilson Internet Info www.advmediaproductionswww.advmediaproductionsSearch Engine Strategies www.savethis.comwww.savethis.comFree Web Research Tool

12 E-Mail Communications 5 Reasons to Create an e-mail Marketing Program 1.Provide Care and Feeding of Existing Relationships 2.Introduce Ideas and Organizational Wisdom 3.Generate Leads Through Reply Mechanism 4.Replace Higher Cost Mass Marketing Tool 5.Segment Your Targets and CUSTOMIZE

13 E-Mail Success Stories  Ernst & Young Ernie Program  Northeast CM Firm  Loehmann’s  Advanced Media Productions  Cosential’s

14 E-Mail Resources Marketing How-To’s www.emailpossibilities.comwww.emailpossibilities.comEmail Publishing Service www.epdigest.comwww.epdigest.comFree Email Publishing Digest www.topfloor.comwww.topfloor.comHome site: “ Poor Richard’s e-mail Publishing” (Chris Pirillo) www.eudora.comwww.eudora.come-mail Software Leader www.messagemedia.comwww.messagemedia.comCase Studies, etc www.pegasus.usa.comwww.pegasus.usa.come-mail Provider w/Hot To’s

15 Survey and Linked Response  SMPS  Wheelhouse  Dell  Quirk Mazda

16 Survey/Response Resources www.bizrate.comwww.bizrate.comCustomer Feedback Soft- www.planetfeedback.comwww.planetfeedback.comware and Support Co’s www.zoomerang.comwww.zoomerang.comOnline Survey Tools www.wheelhouse.comwww.wheelhouse.comWhite Papers and Ideas www.emarketer.comwww.emarketer.comTools, Resources, etc.

17 Press Releases and PR 5 Electronic PR Program Guidelines 1.Ask the Editor 2.Become a Resource to Key Press Contacts 3.Establish a Media Page on Web Site 4.Always Include Contact Info on Web 5.Include all Reprints (Link-Ready) on Site

18 Customer Relationship Mgmt Definition: CRM extends the concept of selling from a discrete act performed by individuals to a continual process involving every person in the company. It is the art/science of gathering and using information about your customers to build customer loyalty and increase customer value. It is a customer-centric business philosophy where customer relationships – human relationships – are the ultimate driving force.

19 CRM Resources www.crmguru.comwww.crmguru.comNewsletter and Links www.cosential.comwww.cosential.comASP Hosted CRM www.destinationCRM.comwww.destinationCRM.comLibrary & Search Engine UK-based CRM site www.emarketer.comwww.emarketer.comCRM Tools, Advice www.craigpark.comwww.craigpark.comArticle on CRM for A/E/C www.salesforce.comwww.salesforce.comHosted Software for Sales www.crmproject.comwww.crmproject.comArticles on CRM industry

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