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EPA’s Climate Leaders Partnership Program Overview.

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1 EPA’s Climate Leaders Partnership Program Overview

2 What is Climate Leaders? u Encourages comprehensive climate change strategies u Recognizes GHG emissions reductions u Inventory protocol to track corporate GHG emissions and reductions u Key Component of The Administration’s Climate Plan

3 What Climate Leaders Means For Your Business u Public recognition u Technical inventorying assistance u Better manage GHG emissions and associated risks u Become a well-informed player in policy discussions u Integration with State and international GHG accounting schemes u Peer exchange

4 Becoming a Climate Leaders Partner Is Simple Partners agree to: Ø Complete an annual GHG Inventory Ø Set 5 - 10 year emissions reduction goal that’s aggressive for your sector

5 A Customized Inventory u Required Ø Corporate-wide Ø 6 major GHGs Ø Direct emissions Ø Indirect emissions from electricity u Optional Ø Offset projects Ø Employee travel and commuting Ø Product transport

6 Climate Leaders Reduction Goals A corporate GHG reduction pledge to be achieved over next 5-10 years Ø Must be considered aggressive for your sector Ø May be absolute or normalized for production Ø May record reductions back to 1990 Ø May reevaluate pledge

7 Partner Commitments 11 Climate Leaders Partners have set reduction goals Ø Miller Brewing pledged to reduce emissions in 2001 by 18% per barrel of production by 2006 Ø General Motors pledged to reduce total emissions in 2000 by 10% for all of their North American facilities by 2005 Ø Holcim pledged to reduce emissions in 2000 by 12% per ton of cement by 2008 u 41 current Partners

8 Current Activities u Spring 2003: Released cement, iron and steel, and refrigerant use in manufacturing modules for public comment. Available at u Summer 2003: Finalize first version of core modules and reporting forms u June 10 and 11, 2003: Second Climate Leaders Partner Workshop in Washington DC u Summer 2003: Release draft of verification guidance for review

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