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Page 1 State of Georgia’s Climate Action 2 nd Georgia Air Quality And Climate Summit May 6-7, 2008 Chuck Mueller Senior Policy Advisor Georgia DNR-EPD.

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1 Page 1 State of Georgia’s Climate Action 2 nd Georgia Air Quality And Climate Summit May 6-7, 2008 Chuck Mueller Senior Policy Advisor Georgia DNR-EPD

2 Page 2 State Energy Strategy December 14, 2006 – Governor’s Energy Policy Council submits State Energy Strategy to Governor Purdue Contains detailed policy objectives and implementation strategies that address many of Georgia’s current and future energy concerns Identified five key themes that best embody the overall direction of the Strategy

3 Page 3 State Energy Strategy Key Theme 5: Continue Prudent Energy Planning for the State – Georgia should maintain and improve its high quality of life and its reputation as a desirable place to do business by updating the State Energy Strategy on a periodic basis and supporting the recommendations developed through this public and stakeholder-driven consensus-based process. Prepare for carbon markets and potential regulations of the future by developing a Georgia greenhouse gas inventory (Strategy 6.8) and greenhouse gas registry (Strategy 6.9) and evaluating financial risk to Georgia from federal carbon regulation (Strategy 1.2)

4 Page 4 Chapter 6: Energy and the Environment Section 4: Climate Policy Objective – Prepare for Potential Federal Climate Change Policies Strategy 6.8 – Develop And Publish a Greenhouse Gas Inventory for the State Every Three Years Strategy 6.9 – Consider a Greenhouse Gas Registry Strategy 6.10 – Work With Georgia Local Governments That Choose to Set Voluntary Targets to Reduce Carbon Emission

5 Page 5 Strategy 6.8 – Develop and Publish GHG Inventory Georgia last developed a GHG inventory in 1999 EPD is currently required to develop and submit a statewide emissions inventory to EPA every three years for a number of pollutants The development of a greenhouse gas emissions inventory will be done concurrent with that process Updated report is in the process of being reviewed right now and should be available shortly

6 Page 6 Strategy 6.9 – Consider a GHG Registry A greenhouse gas registry is a database where entities that emit greenhouse gases can register and record their respective emissions and reductions of greenhouse gases Georgia was one of the founding Board members of The Climate Registry and is actively involved in the development of the organizations protocols

7 Page 7 The Climate Registry On May 8, 2007, more than 30 states signed on as charter members of The Climate Registry, a collaboration aimed at developing a common system for entities to report greenhouse gas emissions As of February 2008, the Registry has 39 state members In addition to the states the following entities have also joined the Registry Tribes: the Campo Kumeyayy Nation, Pueblo of Acoma and Southern Ute Indian Canadian provinces: British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick Mexican States: Baja California, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Sonora and Tamaulipas

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9 Page 9 The Climate Registry A tool to measure, track, verify and publicly report greenhouse gas emissions consistently and transparently between states The largest climate initiative in North America ▪Covers 80% of population of North America Policy neutral—leave policy to the states The recognized platform in North America Its about precise accurate measurement ▪Critical first step to address climate change ▪This is one thing that states can agree on

10 Page 10 Fundamental Program Principles Entity-wide facility-level reporting All six GHGs Reporting all direct and indirect emissions North American reporting Third-party verification

11 Page 11 Benefits for reporters A cost effective means to measure GHG emissions Document early actions Prepare for federal reporting Education for employees on GHG emissions Save money on energy Access to software and technical support Recognition as a global environmental leader

12 Page 12 Timelines General Reporting Protocol ▪Public input received November through February ▪Final version released March 31st Verification protocol ▪First draft released for public comment on February 1. ▪Final version released May 1 Software launch, fully operational: June 30

13 Page 13 How to participate Submit signed Statement of Intent Pay fee Recognition as a founding reporter—if signed up by May 1, 2008 (Over 180 have signed up so far) More information available at

14 Page 14 Strategy 6.10 – Work with Georgia Local Governments On June 13, 2005, the U.S. Conference of Mayors passed the Mayors Climate Protection Agreement unanimously. As of January 2008, over 600 mayors have accepted the challenge, including the following 8 from Georgia: ▪Arthur Letchas of Alpharetta, ▪Heidi Davison of Athens, ▪Shirley Franklin of Atlanta, ▪Deke Copenhaver of Augusta, ▪Bill Floyd of Decatur, ▪Joe Macon of East Point, ▪C. Jack Ellis of Macon, and ▪Jason Buelterman of Tybee Island.

15 Page 15 Strategy 1.2 – Evaluate State Risk Posed by Possible Federal Carbon Regulations GEFA, the Georgia PSC and EPD should conduct a joint study of the potential impact of proposals to regulate carbon emissions on Georgia’s utilities and ratepayers. This assessment should document the current carbon dioxide emissions from Georgia electric generating units, forecast future emissions from these facilities and evaluate the economic impact on Georgia from possible carbon regulations. The study should commence once EPD has completed an updated greenhouse gas emissions inventory for Georgia

16 Page 16 Contact Information Chuck Mueller Senior Policy Advisor Georgia EPD (404) 657-5949

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