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Gifting and Charity are the cornerstones of The WORLD CASH CLUB Program.

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2 Gifting and Charity are the cornerstones of The WORLD CASH CLUB Program.
It is a private members only club that can be joined by personal invitation only.

3 The WORLD CASH CLUB makes product gifts and donations on behalf of every new club member.
The gifts are health oriented and donated to charities to positively affect people’s health, globally. The Gifts and Donations retail value will always equal or exceed the total dollar amounts gifted by new WORLD CASH CLUB members in that calendar year. Example: If there were $1 million dollars in new member gifts, The WORLD CASH CLUB will match that amount in product gifts to worthy charities to benefit people around the world with their health. The WORLD CASH CLUB will post these “Match Program” donations details annually.

4 To tell you more about who we are, it is first important to tell you what we are not:
We are not a business opportunity We are not a network marketing or MLM company We are not an investment club

5 We are a global group of like minded people who believe in the principals of cash gifting.
Our powerful automated cash generation system will show you how to turn $100 into $5,000! Not just once, but over, and over, and over again. We show you how to create Cash Gifting Lines that could create hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash flow The best part is that you only ever gift $100 one time! Ever!

6 The WORLD CASH CLUB is a Global activity.
There is no selling, and there are no lotions, potions, pills, or products. So how does this exciting, fully automated, cash generation system work?

7 It Begins With 3 Activities:
Gifting $100, one time A pledge to your Inviter of $5,000 (50% of your first $10,000 in gifts received) Just finding 2 people

8 This creates a perpetual cash stream flowing directly to you!
You can turn that $100 into $5,000 again and again

9 To show you how we got to $5,000, let’s personalize it for you:
You Join The WORLD CASH CLUB You have given a one time $100 gift to your Inviter or the person you were instructed to The 1st member you bring in is passed along to your Inviter as your Qualifier Your Qualifier sends their $100 directly to your Inviter You are now “permanently qualified” to receive cash!

10 The next person, James, (your 2nd) who accepts his invitation, sends their $100 directly to you
James is now your 1st “Cash Line” James has gifted you $100 and has pledged $5,000 to you from the 1st $10,000 he receives in gifts The 1st $100 you just received from James, actually represents $5,000 to you!

11 This is the power and simplicity of The WORLD CASH CLUB system.

12 Here is where it gets both powerful and fun - this 1st gift actually creates a perpetual stream of $5,000 gifts directly to you! James now owes you a Qualifier so he can start his Cash Lines The 1st person James brings in is Paula Paula joins online and the computer places Paula in your Cash Line as James’s Qualifier Paula gifts her $100 directly to you!

13 Now James is “Permanently Qualified” and keeps all the rest of his invitees to start multiple Cash Lines for himself Paula stays in your Team and she now owes you her Qualifier Paula will also pledge $5,000 from her first $10,000 in gifts, directly to you!

14 Are you starting to see the power? ... and it is just beginning!
Paula’s 1st person, Karen, joins online and the computer places Karen in that same Cash Line Karen is Paula’s Qualifier and immediately gifts $100 directly to you Karen pledges $5,000 from her 1st $10,000 in gifts directly to you. Karen also owes you her 1st person as her Qualifier!

15 Now Karen finds Tom, who is instructed to send $100 directly to you and pledges his $5,000 to you, and Tom owes you a Qualifier!

16 With just One Cash Line and 3 Qualifiers (so far) you have $20,000 coming directly to you!
You started that Cash Line with just one person, which was James Paula, Karen, and Tom were given to you as Qualifiers – and Tom now owes his Qualifier The domino effect can continue to 20, 40, 80… perpetually… globally… forever!

17 This is very simple to understand
This is very simple to understand. Just remember that each person must give you 2 things: First, is a gift of $100, and a pledge of $5,000 of their 1st $10,000 in gifts Second, is their first member as their Qualifier!

18 This is often done very quickly using The WORLD CASH CLUB system and tools. Many people are receiving cash their very first day!

19 We have only been talking about one Cash Line, James
We have only been talking about one Cash Line, James. Each new person that you invite represents an additional Cash Line, full of $100 gifts and $5,000 pledges. Our incredible replicated websites and Online Office software, instructs you what to do and when to do it.

20 Start as many Cash Lines as you like
One new person a week would be 52 Cash Lines in a year! 52 pledges of $5,000! Those 52 people all owe you one person as their Qualifier!... and so on…. All those $100, and $5,000 pledges go directly to you as they did with your 1st Cash Line! Just do the math –incredible, powerful, life changing! Cash Lines can generate cash 24/7- every day of the year! Cash Lines can be started anywhere in the world! Anywhere!

21 The WORLD CASH CLUB software is designed with simplicity, while doing incredible robust tracking of your activity. It will tell you when you have received gifts, who sent the gifts, when to gift and to whom. Incredible videos and replicated websites do the explaining for you, so you just need to share your website to everyone, globally.

22 In the spirit of simplicity, the Perpetual Qualifier System will give you updates and easy instructions in your Online Office.

23 There are 3 gifting categories you can participate in – 1, 2 & 3 Cash Lines:
Gifting Category 1 - One Cash Line - You are now qualified to receive up to $1,000 from your Invitee and all the Qualifiers in that Cash Line.

24 There are 3 gifting categories you can participate in – 1, 2 & 3 Cash Lines:
Gifting Category 2 - Two Cash Lines – You are now qualified to receive up to $3,000 from each Invitee and all the Qualifiers in those Cash Lines.

25 There are 3 gifting categories you can participate in – 1, 2 & 3 Cash Lines:
Gifting Category 3 – Three Cash Lines – You are now qualified to receive the full $5,000 from each Invitee and all Qualifiers!

26 Many people will have their first 3 Cash Lines in their first few days
Many people will have their first 3 Cash Lines in their first few days. Many others will do it their very first day and will have cash coming from all their personal invitees and all their Qualifiers! Forever!

27 Here is exactly how the $5,000 voluntary pledge works:
When you join The WORLD CASH CLUB, you gift your initial $100 to your inviter (or their inviter if you are their Qualifier) You are volunteering to pledge 50% of the cash gifts on the first $10,000 you receive to your inviter. That is how the pledge is fulfilled to a maximum of $5,000

28 Don’t worry - the software tells you what to do, how much to gift, and when to do it
It is important to know that you are keeping 50% of the first $10,000 in gifts The Online Office software will track it all for you. All activities are 100% voluntary and you can stop gifting whenever you want to; however, Gift-up can occur as described later People rarely stop. Why would they stop cash flow? The computer calculates the cash coming to you daily! Stopping before your pledge has been fulfilled halts further cash gifts to you and “Gift Up” can occur

29 It is important to check your online office daily to prevent Gift Up.
If a person in your Cash Line stops forwarding their cash gifts prior to having given the full pledge of $5,000, the gifts that were suppose to go to them simply go to their inviter. This is called, “Gift Up”

30 Gift Up typically does not happen because you would simply be missing out on too many cash gifts. The computer runs every night at midnight Pacific Time and tells everyone: How much cash is coming How much to send or gift Who to gift to (their Inviter)

31 It is important to check your online office daily and pass along the indicated gifts every day. You do not want Gift Up to happen accidentally!

32 When you have completed your $5,000 pledge, while keeping 50% for yourself, you NEVER gift again:
You are now Qualified for LIFE to receive cash daily, 24/7, worldwide! The Cash Gifts people are receiving are truly amazing and life changing Remember: Just one person joining online each week is 52 Cash Lines! And: Each Cash Line owes you Perpetual Qualifiers!

33 Let’s review a couple of key points:
You never contribute more than your initial $100, ever! When just 2 people accept your invitation to join: You are qualified You have started your 1st Cash Line You have your initial $100 gift back You are owed a Qualifier, who owes you a Qualifier, who owes… perpetually!

34 Important: No member of The WORLD CASH CLUB can receive cash gifts if they stop gifting before the $5,000 pledge is completed. No Member can receive cash gifts in a category they are not qualified for. Once the pledge is completed, the cash gifts keep flowing directly to you, perpetually – forever! And of course you must be a member in good standing with your hosting & tracking fees up to date to receive gifts All Members are responsible for being in good standing with The Club. This ensures that the gifts flowing to you are not interrupted.

35 As an example, if your monthly hosting/website fees are in arrears, or you fail to gift as idicated in your Online Office to your Inviter, you will be disqualified from receiving cash gifts and “Gift Up” occurs. This simply means that your Inviter will receive all your incoming gifts until you correct the situation with The Club or your Inviter. Once the problem is corrected you will be reinstated and cash will again flow directly to you. Any cash gifts that were passed along to your Inviter will remain with them and will not count toward the fulfillment of your $5,000 pledge.

36 Check your Online Office DAILY - This activity is loads of fun, and is less than a dinner out! The more Cash Lines you start, the more cash flows to you!

37 It really is that simple – just share your online website and videos!

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