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What will your project consist of? How will your project operate? What forms do volunteers fill out? Where do you send forms and photos? Organizing a Successful.

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1 What will your project consist of? How will your project operate? What forms do volunteers fill out? Where do you send forms and photos? Organizing a Successful AmeriCorps Service Project Iowa DNR Keepers of the Land Design a Project Develop a Plan During the Event Post Project Tasks 1 2 3 4 Click the numbers to go to a step.

2 Quick Tips Start the process early! Submit pre-authorization forms. Stay organized. Share the responsibilities. Pick something that interests you. Design a Project Are you interested in teaching children about the outdoors? Should invasive species be removed from a nearby park? All successful service projects begin with the same inspiration you followed when you joined AmeriCorps. However, your project cannot be directly related to the service you perform as an AmeriCorps member. Next >>

3 << Home 3 AmeriCorps members organized the event, over 10 volunteers attended Included an educational component to teach children about Screech Owls Partnered with a local county conservation board and a local nature center Constructing Screech Owl Boxes Partnered with a statewide non-profit for at-risk students Constructed wire-fences for newly introduced trees Photos were taken and sent to AmeriCorps office Wire-Fencing Trees at a State Park Partnered with a local elementary school and the school’s “Outdoor Classroom” Volunteers signed waivers and wore safety gear An inclement weather date was clearly set on the informational flyers Clearing Invasive Species Design a Project Here are some examples of past projects that AmeriCorps members organized. If you need more inspiration, you can check out the AmeriCorps Flickr website for photos of recent service projects. Click here!

4 What to Include on Flyers: - Where, when, time - Project tasks - What to bring Quick Tips Weekends and evenings are easier for more families to attend. Be aware of any other big events in the area at the same time you plan to host your event. Develop a Plan You’ve thought of a concept. Now it’s time to plan the details. When and where will your event take place? Who or what organizations will your project partner with? How will you make sure people know that your event is happening? Next >> AmeriCorps members may count up to 8 hours of service for pre and post project tasks.

5 Partner with at least 1 other AmeriCorps member Partner with at least 1 other non-profit organization Plan event to last at least 4 hours Recruit at least 3 volunteers per AmeriCorps members Event must be in Iowa and on public land Event must be natural resource related Develop a Plan Does your project plan follow these guidelines? You can check off each item by clicking on the red bars to track your progress. Remember to submit communications materials and publicity posters to the AmeriCorps program office a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the event! << Home Submit pre-project authorization forms If you need help recruiting volunteers, contact Linda King at

6 Meet and greet with volunteers! Explain what you will be doing and why it will benefit the environment. Be sure to thank them for coming when the event is over. During the Event The day has come to host your event. What forms do volunteers need to fill out? Should you bring snacks? Should you take pictures? Remember to also be prepared for the weather. Have a inclement weather plan and stick to it. I think we can all agree Iowa weather is anything but predictable. Next >> Quick Tips Show up early to prepare forms and other activity materials. Make extra copies of all forms before the event to make sure every volunteer gets one. Have necessary tools for project ready to go

7 During the Event Make sure these forms are filled out by each volunteer. Parents or guardians must fill out a form on behalf of youth volunteers. Click on each form to download the file to your computer. These files are also available on the DNR’s Intranet website. Next >> Volunteer Waiver FormVolunteer Log These forms are very important! A volunteer is not allowed to participate in your event without signing both forms.

8 During the Event Follow these flow charts to answer some basic questions that you may have during your event. Click the question to reveal the answers. Next >> Yes! Should I take pictures? Always prepare water and disposable cups. Snacks are a good idea if the event overlaps with common meal times. Individual size servings like granola bars are a simple, healthy snack... And then send them to the AmeriCorps program office! Make sure you have enough for everyone! Who pays for the snacks? Unfortunately, the AmeriCorps program cannot pay for these goods. We you encourage you to reach out to local businesses for donations. Many AmeriCorps members have received donations from places like Walmart and Target. Should I bring snacks?

9 During the Event Here are some more notes about your service project. If you have any questions this presentation could not answer, don’t hesitate to contact the program or ask your supervisor! Remember to thank your volunteers and encourage them to volunteer again! << Home Other Notes Volunteers must be actively engaged 75% of the time; 25% of time can be used for educational purposes DNR employees on duty do not count as volunteers. However, if they participate on their own time (not paid status) they can count as a volunteer participant. AmeriCorps members do not count event hours as direct service. No reimbursement is available for service project travel.

10 Next >> What to Submit Volunteer Waiver Forms Volunteer Log Photos Volunteer hours on monthly report You’re done!... Almost. The only thing left to do is to submit the required documentation from your event. Post Project Tasks Where to Submit DNR AmeriCorps Program Office 502 E 9 th St. Des Moines, IA 50319 515.281.5918.

11 Next >> But wait! Organizing one service project does not fulfill all service requirements for many AmeriCorps members. Refer to this chart to track your progress. Post Project Tasks Position Number of Organizational Volunteer Projects Number of Participatory Volunteer Projects Full Time (1700 hours) 14 Half Time (900 hours) 12 Quarter Time (450 hours) 1Or 2 Minimum Time (300 hours) 1Or 2

12 Finish! >> Here are a couple of notes on participatory volunteer projects. Our best tip for fulfilling all service requirements? Start early and plan ahead. Warmer seasons generally tend to provide more opportunities for events as well. Post Project Tasks What to Submit Volunteer Waiver Forms Volunteer Log Photos Must participate in at least 2 service project events 1 must be natural resource related 1 must be community volunteer events For Half, Quarter, and Minimum Time Members: Must participate in at least 4 service project events 1 must be natural resource related 3 must be community volunteer events For Full Time Members: Send an email to the Program Director containing your first and last name, date of the event, event location, and activity. Record volunteer hours in monthly service reports. Documentation by All Members:

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