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History of the Computer and the Internet Ashley 5 th period.

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1 History of the Computer and the Internet Ashley 5 th period

2 1936 Konrad Zuse- Z1 Computer- First freely programmable computer.

3 “Debug” The term debugging was contributed to Admiral Grace Hopper in the 1940s. She was working on a computer and her associates discovered a moth stuck in a relay and thereby impeding operation. However the term “bug” seems to be used as a term in aeronautics before entering the world of computers.

4 1962 The year the internet started, it was designed as a project of the Department of defense to allow remote control of nuclear weapons. No one person invented the internet there were certain major figures, but a lot of breakthroughs.

5 Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine In 1834 the analytical engine was conceived. It’s general purpose was programmable computing engine. It has many features that are found in digital computers. The logical structure was the separation of memory from the central processor.

6 Herman Hollerith His invention was made for contributing to the invention of modern digital computer with his punched card tabulator. His invention had became the groundwork of a company that evolved into (IBM). His device could automatically read data which had been punched into a card.

7 (ENIAC) The idea was to make a machine that could process equations without human direction, it resembled a typewriter. It was also intended to be able to be programmed to duplicate the function of any other existing machine.

8 pro gram- 1. a plan of action to accomplish a specified end. 2. a plan or schedule of activities, procedures. 3. a radio or television performance or production. 4. a list of items, pieces, performers, etc., in a musical, theatrical, or other entertainment. 5. an entertainment with reference to its pieces or numbers. 6. a planned, coordinated groups of activities, procedures, etc. 7. a prospectus or syllabus.

9 What was the benefit of the transistor replacing vacuum tubes? The misconception seems to be the invention of the transistor. The vacuum tubes were cool, small, efficient and economic- the transistor ascended and killed the outmoded valve.

10 The first microcomputer The first microcomputer was invented by what we call digital equipment corporation. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, college drop out found the Apple computer.

11 Binary system It aids in encrypting codes and electronic machines.

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