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Small Business Conference

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1 Small Business Conference
Getting In The Door Su Jones Small Business Advocate

2 Topics Market to the Federal Government Finding Opportunities
Navy Commands Small Business Offices Naval Facility Engineering Command (NAVFAC) NAVFAC Small Business Goals NAVFAC Washington Area of Responsibility (AOR) & Small Business Specialist Procurement Process Template and Aides

3 Market to the Federal Government

4 D&B Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS)

5 Commercial & Government Entity (Cage) http://www. dlis. dla

6 North American Industrial Classification (NAICS) http://www. census

7 Central Contractor Registration (CCR) http:
Dynamic Small Business Search Make sure your company is register!

8 Other Links using CCR Webpage
Click on the ORCA Quick Link

9 Online Representations & Certifications Application (ORCA)

10 Small Business Administration

11 Wide Area Workflow (WAWF)

12 Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS)

13 Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC) http://www. dla

14 Finding Opportunities

15 Small Business Program Offices – DoD

16 DoD Small Business Offices
Army Small Business Programs Navy Small Business Programs Air Force Small Business Programs Other Defense Agencies SB Program Offices

17 DoD Small Business Offices
Army’s Small Business Office Navy’s Small Business Offices Air Force’s Small Business Office Other Defense Agencies Small Business Offices

18 Navy Commands Eleven Major Small Business Offices
Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corp Military Sealift Command Naval Inventory Control Point Marine Corps System Command

19 Navy Commands Eleven Major Small Business Offices
Naval Facilities Engineering Command Naval Supply System Command Naval Air System Command Space and Naval Warfare System Command Naval Sea System Command Office of Naval Research Strategic System Programs

20 NAVFAC Small Business Webpage

21 Finding Other Opportunities
Remember NETWORK – Give and Get Business Cards Follow up within a week

22 Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)

23 Get to Know Us! HQ: Veneece McNeley, 202-685-9129

24 NAVFAC Business Lines Capital Improvements Public Works Environmental
Construction Design A&E/In-House Specialized Technical Engineering and Services Ocean Engineering Environmental Environmental Restoration Environmental Quality Asset Management Facilities Planning Project Development Real Property Acquisition, Mgmt and Disposal Public Works Facility Sustainment & Services Utilities and Energy Management Base Support Vehicles and Equipment Facilities Support Contract Management Contingency Engineering Disaster Recovery Emergent Operations Expeditionary Programs Support Military Operations Equipment/Systems Acquisition

25 Acquisition Tools A&E Contracts
IDIQ Contracts for planning and design Stand Alone Multiple Award Construction Contracts (MACC) Job Order Contract (JOC) Facility Service Contracts (FSC) Single Award Unique and Larger Construction Contracts

26 NAVFAC Small Business Goals
Two Ways of Achieving the Goals

27 (1) As Prime Contractor Award to Small Business as Prime Contractor
Prime Contracting Goals FY 2011 SB 36.0% SDB 23.0% WOSB 6.5% HUBZone 10.0% VOSB 2.50% SDVOSB 2.50%

28 (2) As Subcontractor Large Business Subcontracting Goals FY 2011
Per FAR (a)(11) contracts over $650K for services and $1.5M for construction must submit subcontracting plan. Contractor’s Small Business Liaison Officer administers the plan. Subcontracting Goals FY 2011 SB % SDB 16.51% WOSB 14.70% HUBZone 8.50% VOSB 2.62% SDVOSB 2.62%

29 NAVFAC Washington FY 2010 Accomplishments

30 NAVFAC Washington Area of Responsibility (AOR) and Small Business Specialists

31 NAVFAC WASHINGTON Small Business Specialist (SBS)
FEC Washington Allison Evans OICC Bethesda PWD Bethesda Thuy Le FEC Washington Su Jones PWD Annapolis Gretchen McKethan PWD Joint Base Anacostia Bolling (JBAB) Cherissa Tamayori * PWD Washington Nola Campbell * PWD South Potomac At Dahlgren Debbie San Luis PWD South Potomac At Indian Head Tonja Jenkins * ROICC Quantico Donna Marzigliano PWD Patuxent River Leslie Sherman * Pending appointment letters 20 July 2011

32 Sole Source Awards Competitive Awards
Procurement Process Sole Source Awards Competitive Awards

33 Sole Source Award Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) DoD and SBA
Expires 9/2012 Authorized DoD Commands Sole Source Award to 8(a) Companies via Offering/Acceptance letter Limitation $4M

34 Competitive Awards Setting Aside Projects: Several Steps
Market Research (Sources Sought) Need to be completed Post Sources Sought Notices Neco flow up to FedBizOpps Evaluate the results Determine if enough qualified Small Business to set aside the procurement Rule of Two Far (b)(1) & (2) Obtain offers from at least two responsible SB concerns and Award will be made at fair market price.

35 Set-Aside Categories Small Business (SB) 8(a) Competitive
HUBZone Small Business (HUBZone) Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

36 Navy Electronic Commerce Online (NECO)

37 FedBizOpps

38 Sources Sought = Market Research
PURPOSE: is to have Small Business respond to our sources sought announcements. So we can have the procurement Set-aside for Small Businesses.

39 Sources Sought Template
Block 1: Sources Sought Number: N X-XXXX Block 2: Company’s Name: Provide Name of Company, Phone/Fax Numbers Address Block 3: Relevant Experience: Discuss later Block 4: Company’s Profile: Number of Employees, Office Location, DUNS Number, Cage Code Statement regarding SB designation & Status (use Fed SB Category Codes) Block 5: Bonding Capabilities: Both Singe and Aggregate Amounts

40 Relevant Experience Experience should contain the same
If 3 experiences are asked for then give them 3 examples. If you have more experience give the best 3. Experience should contain the same size, scope, relevancy and complexity based on the description in sources sought. 3 Ways to obtain Relevant Experience is Experience as a Prime Experience as a subcontractor to a prime Experience of your key personnel

41 Helpful Hints Pay attention to the page limitations
DO NOT GO OVER Update CCR frequently Bonding limits change NAICS code added Current data is correct Bottom Line Read the instructions and follow them diligently. Once you are done, walk away and come back another day and review your response making sure your answered all the requirements. Submit them on time to correct POC.

42 How You Can Help Us! …….Goal is to have procurement set-aside for SB
the sources sought notice to your competitors because: Maximize the chances of procurement being set-aside for small businesses. The more qualified Small Businesses the better the chance of having the requirement set-aside for small businesses. …….Goal is to have procurement set-aside for SB

43 Results of Sources Sought
Once all responses are received by the deadline: Responses are evaluated Market Survey Report is generated. Determine if the procurement will be a small business set-aside If two or more qualified Small Businesses can do the work, it will be set-aside for SB pending SBA final approval. Set-aside program – SB, 8(a), HUBZone, WOSB, and SDVOSB No debriefing will take place. Companies will not be notified. Only way to check is to follow FedBizOpps Sign up to receive NAICS Code notices Sources Sought number is the Solicitation number Most of the time.

44 Next Steps Synopsis will be posted
FAR Agency may post a pre-solicitation notice Provides general description of scope or purpose of acquisition Posted for 15 days Request for Proposal (RFP) or Solicitation FAR RFP/Solicitation – Communicates government requirements to prospective contractors and solicit proposals. Government requirements Anticipated terms and conditions that apply Information required in offeror’s proposal Factors & significant subfactors that will be used to evaluate the proposal and their relative importance. Give the proposal due date, time, location, and POC. Posted for 30 days Proposal Evaluated – complete to award.

45 Templates

46 Other Helpful Aides One page Capability Statement Template

47 Other Helpful Aides Sources Sought Template

48 Other Helpful Aides

49 Other Helpful Aides

50 Unit Identification Codes (UIC)
NAVFAC Activities UIC Area Of Responsibility Headquarters N DC Atlantic N CONUS, Europe and SW Asia Midlant N CT, ME, NH, NJ, NC, PA, RI, VA(Southern), VT, NY and WV Midwest N IL, IN, MN, MI, OH, MO, KY, TN, AR, MO, OK, KS, WI, NE, ND,SD and IA Northwest N WA, OR, MT, ID, WY and AK SE-Jacksonville N FL, GA, LA, MS, TX, SC, AL and Cuba Southwest N AZ, CA, NV and NM Washington N DC, VA(Northern) and MD Pacific/Hawaii N Hawaii Marianas N Guam  Specialties ESC – SCAN N CA The small business that I have meet don’t all come from my area of responsibility so I thought I would provide all NAVFAC UIC for their use. 4/14/2017

51 Allison Evans 202-685-0088 Or Su Jones
Contact: Allison Evans Or Su Jones

52 Summary In summary we presented Websites Tools Templates
Ways to Market to Federal Government Point of Contacts We look forward to your business and Good Luck!

53 Questions ? ? ?

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