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Michael Ladisch UCD Library (01) 716 7530 ORCID: ORCID iDs: Optimizing.

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1 Michael Ladisch UCD Library (01) ORCID: ORCID iDs: Optimizing Research Discoverability

2 ORCID (“orkid”) = Open Researcher and Contributor ID NOT: “ORCID is like a DOI for researchers.”

3 The problem

4 How can ORCID help? Registry use is international More than 600,000 iDs issued to date Open, non- profit, community- driven organization Website and registry localization for multiple languages in process

5 Eliminate name ambiguity

6 More problems with names And on and on it goes … The top 129 surnames are shared by 87% of the Han-population in China. Spanish names: Alejandro Rodríguez de la Peña y de Ybarra What is first name and what are the surnames? Half of the population on the Korean peninsula share the three most common surnames (Kim, Lee, Park) P. Ghosh: International Business Times online, 15 th Nov And in Ireland: How many people with the name Murphy, Kelly or O’Sullivan do you know? irish-last-names html

7 Funders Funders are embedding ORCID identifiers in their grant submission systems and awardee databases Universities Opportunities for integration with: Researcher profile systems Institutional repositories Grants & contracts HR systems Safety/research conduct training & compliance Professional societies Associations are integrating into membership renewal, publishing and meeting registration processes Publishing & repositories Publishers are integrating into manuscript submission and author/reviewer databases Repositories linking with deposition, search and updating Both are linking internal ID with ORCID record ORCID is a hub connecting the research landscape

8 More than 100 organizations to date are working with ORCID to integrate into their systems

9 Distinguish yourself

10 1. Register for an iD

11 You control the privacy

12 2. Connect your ORCID iD

13 2. Connect your ORCID iD: search and add works

14 14 2. Connect your ORCID iD: manually add works

15 Associate your ORCID iD with ResearcherID Exchange profile and/or publication data between ORCID and ResearcherID 2. Connect your ORCID iD: link to other identifiers

16 What does an ORCID page look like?

17 ORCID Support at UCD Library

18 ORCID Support at UCD Library Raising awareness among College Liaison Librarians Highlighting ORCID in presentations/talks to and discussions with researchers and research administrators Promotional campaign with Outreach Team “Monthly Promotion” Posters Flyers Targeted s Promotional video ( Social media Plasma screens Packages with promotional material for research administrators

19 Michael Ladisch UCD Library (01) ORCID: Thank You!

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