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ENDANGERED EUROPEAN LANGUAGES Saša Pagon Vesna Taljat Bojana Veršič.

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1 ENDANGERED EUROPEAN LANGUAGES Saša Pagon Vesna Taljat Bojana Veršič

2 EUSKARA, THE LANGUAGE OF THE BASQUE PEOPLE it is not an Indoeuropean language  shows no resemblance to languages in neighbouring countries WHERE DOES THE LANGUAGE COME FROM? –could be related to languages from the Caucasus  similarities with the Georgian language –related to a non-Arabic languages from the north of Africa –developed "in situ", in the land of the primitive Basques.

3 very old language the Basque language has taken up words from Latin, Castilian, French, Celtic and Arabic some words in the Castilian,French and English come from the Basque language rural communities have kept the language alive

4 before Roman times the Basque language was spoken in an area larger than the present one nowadays more than 600,000 people speak Basque in the seven historic Basque provinces: Lapurdi, Zuberoa and Behenafarroa (in France), and Gipuzkoa, Bizcaia, Araba and Navarre (in Spain) there are 520,000 Basque speaking people in the Basque provinces in Spain, that is 25% of their total population.

5 Things have not been easy for the Basque language: - competition with two powerful neighbouring languages: Castilian and French -Basque was a forbidden language during the dictatorship -children had to study in an unfamiliar language and were punished when they spoke in Basque -"ikastolas" an important movement to open up Basque schools

6 SPANISH BASQUE ENGLISH Por favor Mesedez Please Perdón! Barkatu! Sorry! Gracias....Mila esker, eskerrik asko....Thank you Qué tal? Zer moduz? How are you? Buenos días Egun on Good morning Komuna WC Toilets Zinema Cine Cinema

7 EUROPEAN LANGUAGES ARE DIVIDED INTO SIX CATEGORIES: 1. extinct languages other than ancient ones 2. nearly extinct languages 3. seriously endangered language 4. endangered language 5. potentially endangered language 6. not endangered language

8 Extinct languages 1. Kemi Sámi 2. Southern Mansi 3. Polabian 4. Slovincian 5. (Old) Prussian 6. Norn 7. Gothic 8. Manx Gaelic 9. Cornish 10. Mozarabic 11. Shuadit (Judeo-Provençal) 12. Zarphatic (Judeo-French) 13. Dalmatian

9 Nearly extinct languages 1. Ume Sámi 2. Pite Sámi 3. Akkala Sámi 4. Ter Sámi 5. Livonian 6. Votian 7. Italkian (Judeo-Italian) 8. Yevanic (Judeo-Greek) 9. Krimchak (Judeo-Crimean Tatar)

10 Seriously endangered languages 1. South Sámi 2. Lule Sámi 3. Inari Sámi 4. Skolt Sámi 5. Kildin Sámi 6. Ingrian 7. Ludian 8. Vepsian 9. Western Mari 10. Kashubian (proper) Molise Croatian 11. Eastern Frisian 12. Northern Frisian 13. Yiddish (Judeo-German) 14. Breton

11 14. Leonese 15. Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) 16. Languedocien 17. Auvergnat 18. Limousin Channel, Island French 19. Istriot 20. Istro-Romanian 21. Meglenitic: Arvanitika, Albanian 22. Tsakonian: Italiot Greek, Pontic Greek 23. Karaim 24. Crimean Tatar 25. Cypriot Arabic


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