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ASCP Advanced Concepts in ASCP Sandeep Gandhi

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1 ASCP - 103 Advanced Concepts in ASCP Sandeep Gandhi
Independent Supply Chain Consultant NC-OAUG * Chicago * 26-Feb-2010

2 Review of ASCP-101 One Time Setups Recurring Activities
Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP) is a comprehensive planning solution that decides when and where supplies should be deployed within an extended supply chain. One Time Setups Define Instance and organizations Setup Responsibilities Define Plans Recurring Activities Refresh MDS Data Collection Plan Run Act upon recommendations Comprehensive : Planning, Scheduling, GOP, Inventory Optimization, Demand Planning

3 Review of ASCP-102 Safety Stock Item Substitution User Defined
Forecast Based MRP planned Item Substitution Setups Sales Order substitution Planned order substitution Comprehensive : Planning, Scheduling, GOP, Inventory Optimization, Demand Planning

4 ASCP-103 Hub and Spoke planning Subset Plans Managing ASCP Performance
Lights Out Procurement Q&A

5 Supply Chain Modeling Model all your organizations, suppliers and second tier suppliers Thumb rule - One Global plan for all participants Advantages Data Integrity Global Optimization Better response times

6 Exceptions Business rules
Frequency Ownership Not all plants are ready for constrained planning Local optimization

7 Subset Planning - A tale of two plans
MRP plan: Local, Optimized for resource utilization

8 A tale of two plans (contd.)
MPP Plan: Global; optimized for inventory turns

9 Recommendations

10 Hub And Spoke Planning When plans need to run at different times/frequency You need to a small plan for FG / critical items Still need one global plan

11 Hub and Spoke Planning (contd.)

12 Managing ASCP Performance
Inactive items Plan partitions (MSC: Share plan partitions) Msc table growth (esp. components) ODS load slow (MSC: Purge Staging Tables) ODS Load slow (Recalculate sourcing) Filespace growth (MSC: Write MBP Flat files = Yes)

13 Managing Performance (contd.)
Peg only as needed Turn off resource calculations Reduce number of daily buckets

14 Managing Performance (contd.)
Do we need to plan for ALL items? All items, supply /demand items only? Pitfalls for not planning all items

15 Lights Out Procurement
Setting up your systems and processes such that the Plan-To-Procure process is completed automated. Buyers and planners can focus on more value add activities Intervention is needed to handle exceptions

16 Steps Setup blanket agreements with suppliers Setup sourcing rules
Setup electronic communication methods to suppliers Modify Profile Options Modify workflow attributes

17 Steps (contd.) Setup a Production plan Update Item RTF

18 Take away Model supply chain participants in your plan
Use global plan but exceptions exist Use subset planning or hub-n-spoke planning as needed Optimize performance Shoot for the moon (and turn off the lights in procurement)

19 Q&A Sandeep Gandhi

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