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J.D. Edwards By: Kevin Keefe Estella Veach Doug Cobb.

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1 J.D. Edwards By: Kevin Keefe Estella Veach Doug Cobb

2 Services That Maximize Your Potential In addition to our exceptional software, J.D. Edwards offers unsurpassed service focused on meeting your present and future needs. Our training, consulting, and support services can provide you with the help you need to get the most from your complete business solution. And, when your business requirements change, we can help to make sure that your systems grow with your business.

3 Actionable Information for the Enterprise The J.D. Edwards Business Intelligence Solution: Enhances the decision making process Enables ongoing value realization after implementation Provides Web-based analytics for the extended enterprise Provides both an at-a-glance view of key performance indicators and the ability to drill into detailed analytics

4 Financial Management Sales Management Procurement Inventory Manufacturing Management Advanced Cost Accounting Preconfigured Data Marts are available to get you up and running quickly with analytics for the following enterprise functions:

5 Delivering the Operational Foundation to Make Your Business Stronger You need to maximize your return on assets, streamline your order fulfillment processes, drive an efficient supply chain, and deliver your projects on time and on budget, all while keeping your most important audiences happy — your employees and customers. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications help you deliver measurable value for your assets, projects, fulfillment process, and people.

6 J.D. Edwards ERP applications offer both the foundational and operational components that all have J.D. Edwards solutions build upon, including: Enterprise Foundation –Financial Management –Technical Foundation Assets –Inventory Management –Enterprise Asset Management (Major Update) –Real Estate Management (Major Update) –Advanced Real Estate Forecasting (Coming Soon)

7 People –Workforce Management (Major Update) –Time and Expense Management (New) Projects –Project Management (Major Update) –Homebuilder Management (Coming Soon) Suppliers –Procurement –Subcontract Management Fulfillment –Order Management –Manufacturing Management

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