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Black Sea Balkans Romania, Bulgaria, and Roma Gypsies.

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1 Black Sea Balkans Romania, Bulgaria, and Roma Gypsies

2 Objectives Identify Romania and Bulgaria on a blank map. Identify the Black Sea and the Carpathian Mountains on a blank map. Describe the physical land of Romania and how it is different from most of Europe. Discuss the minority that lives in Romania and why there are problems between the Romanians and this group.

3 Roma or Gypsies are people living in Europe that migrated from India. Terms and Places The Black Sea is the large sea of southeast Europe. The Balkans are the mountains of southeast Europe. The Carpathians are the U- shaped mountains of central Europe. Danube is a long European River emptying into the Black Sea.

4 Romania lies in the south of eastern Europe. Romania lies at the base of the Balkan Peninsula.

5 Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova Baltic States Poland North Carpathian Mountains Adriatic Balkans Black Sea Balkans Romania Bulgaria Russia Ottoman Empire The Balkan region was greatly influenced by the Ottoman Empire, in Turkey. These costumes and dances show their Muslim ancestry.

6 The population of Romania is quite low. Paris London Moscow Rome

7 This is because Romania lies in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains.

8 Much of the remaining rural land is owned by poor farmers. They do things the way they have been done for centuries. The land through the entire mountain region is forest or pasture. Romania is the only place west of the Urals where wild wolves and bears still roam.


10 Romania has several minority ethnic groups. The most famous of these are the Roma or Romany, sometimes called Gypsies. Gypsies are not related to other European groups. Scholars believe they wandered into Europe from India.


12 An anti-gypsy film demonstrating some European attitudes about them.

13 The traditional Romanian food is based on meat, mostly pork and beef Sarmale is THE Signature dish for Romania – spiced meat rolled in cabbage leaves red cabbage and sausage ciorbe tochitura (meat stews with lots of onion and garlic)

14 Which body of water is the Black Sea? The Black Sea

15 Which country is Romania? Romania Which country is Bulgaria? Bulgaria The Black Sea

16 What is the name of the crescent- shaped mountain range in Romania? The Alps The Pyrenees The Urals The Carpathians France, Switz., Austria, Italy Between France and Spain dividing European Russia from Siberia Romania lies at the base of which peninsula? Baltic Balkan Iberian Scandinavian One of Europe’s largest minorities has a high population in Romania. What is the name of this minority? The Jews The Basques Roma Gypsies The Dutch Romania’s population is: Higher than most of Europe. About the same as most European countries Much lower than the most of Europe

17 Romania’s economy is: Richer than most of Europe. About the same as the rest of Europe Poorer than the most of Europe



20 The country was named Romania because it was a colony of imperial Rome.

21 Romanian citizens enjoyed little of the bounty under communism. To help repay bank loans, petroleum and agricultural produce were exported during the 1980s, while imports were restricted, electricity was rationed, and shop shelves lay bare. With decline in production, basic commodities remained scarce and exports slowed.

22 In 1989 government security police killed demonstrators in Timisoara and Bucharest, igniting a revolution. The ensuing execution of Ceausescu and his wife ended their reign of repression, deprivation, and ethnic discrimination.

23 The governments that followed have been laboring under massive foreign debt. Significant levels of public and private corruption impede economic growth and undercut public trust in new democratic institutions. Romania joined NATO in 2004 and became a member of the European Union in 2007.

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