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Advocacy fundamentals great lakes alliance region.

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1 advocacy fundamentals great lakes alliance region

2 “advocacy” is the work of making change

3 three essentials of advocacy #1 the goal of advocacy is to change systems #2 your voice is the mechanism for advocacy #3 building relationships is fundamental

4 why does advocacy matter to your organization? effective advocacy will make the connection between social service and social change raise your organizational profile in your community build relationships with key decision-makers insure the stability of public and private funding for your activities mystery image #1

5 five steps of successful advocacy initiatives 1.identify a problem 2.get the facts 3.strategize 4.launch your effort 5.evaluate success mystery image #2

6 step #1: identify the problem how does your organization/group define the issue? how does the issue relate to your mission? how do those affected by the problem define it? (Are you on their side?) how do other stake holders and community leaders define it? mystery image #3

7 identify the problem how does the opposition define the issue? what is true about their argument? what points of agreement do you have? how will you respond to their side?

8 step #2: get the facts Do your homework! Have data, but also have stories Assemble research into a brief one page document that summarizes the issue and your stance

9 step #3: strategize effective strategies are: planned timely creative engaging strategies can be aimed at: targeting a decision maker growing a grassroots base

10 strategies are limitless great lakes alliance region

11 take it to the legislature lobby your elected officials provide testimony at hearings partner with legislators to draft legislation mystery image #4

12 take it to the courts file a lawsuit join a class action suit file an amicus brief mystery image #5

13 take it to the ballot box get your candidate elected introduce a ballot initiative run for office track your elected official’s voting record

14 take it to the streets picket parade sit-in canvas march on city hall, the capital, or the white house civil disobedience & creative protest

15 take it to the virtual streets launch an electronic campaign petitions “take action” emails and alerts create a websites about your issue

16 take it to your community organize grassroots activists conduct educational campaigns form or join a coalition write articles, op-eds and letters to the editor

17 take it to your community hold a memorial, candlelight vigil, speak- out, town hall forum, or brown bag lunch train activists, peace keepers, or lobbyists host house parties think locally & be creative!

18 step #4: launch give allies advance notice about your initiative pick one spokesperson invite everyone you know invite the media have relevant education materials available

19 step #5: evaluate your success outcome: did you succeed in making the change you set out for? process: did your activities result in: new partnerships or coalitions new or activists or members (or new commitment from your existing grassroots body) new relationships with elected officials publicity or media contacts

20 tactical practice! great lakes alliance region

21 Thank You! Presentation prepared by Rebecca Gurney, Advocacy Coordinator, great lakes alliance region

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