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Lobbying How to lobby your legislator with … Bill Hanlon.

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2 Lobbying How to lobby your legislator with … Bill Hanlon

3 The Basics Be respectful Be knowledgeable Be personal, appeal to the heart Don’t assume a legislator’s position Say thanks Lobby year round

4 Targeting Legislators Champions Allies Fence Sitters Mellow Opponents Hard Core Opponents

5 Champions Inside strategy, have them –Make the case for you –Visible public spokespeople

6 Allies Inside strategy –Encourage them to speak up in party caucuses or on the floor to support your cause

7 Fence Sitters Key Targets –Inside persuasion –Outside pressure

8 Mellow Opponents Clear votes against you, but not inclined to be active. –Lobby enough to give pause without making them angry

9 Hard Core Opponents Leading the Opposition –Isolate them –Highlight extremes of their positions, rhetoric, and alliances to give other lawmakers pause about joining them

10 The Message Present a clear message –Cite the bill name or number with a brief description –Know your subject –Don’t overload with issues –Goal; vote, leadership, or informational –Leave a fact sheet or informational material

11 Inside Lobbying Meetings with lawmakers Providing analysis and information Testifying Negotiating with policymakers and other lobby groups

12 Outside Lobbying Media Local lobbying by constituents Building broad and diverse coalitions Letter writing Grassroots

13 Media News conferences Editorial boards Assisting reporters

14 Telephone Identify yourself by name and address Identify the bill and number Briefly state your position –Speak to staff Thank-you note for time

15 Letter Writing Do not use form letters Short, concise and polite Identify the issue and include bill number If you live in district, say so Ask for a response Send a thank-you note Include name, address, and phone number Type, check spelling and grammar

16 Sample Letter Template Indicate training relevant to your teaching: –Introduce yourself –Thank them for funding RPDP program –You have learned content, instructional strategies, and about assessing student work –You are applying that knowledge in your classroom –You are seeing changes (gains) in student understanding –You expect gains in student achievement –You would like to see the RPDPs funded again

17 Mailing List Governor Guinn Senate Majority Leader Raggio Speaker Perkins State Superintendent Rheault President, State Board of Education Members Legislative Cmte on Education Members Assembly Education Cmte Local superintendent(s)/Board of Trustees Your own legislative contacts

18 Coordination Inside and outside lobbying activities should be coordinated to assure the make strategic sense in terms of timing, targeting, and message.

19 Make Connections Legislators Other lobbyists Media Legislative staff Influential citizens

20 Build a Relationship No permanent friends – No permanent enemies. –Acknowledge past help –Turn down heat on other side

21 The Staff

22 Follow-up Be sure to send a thank-you note. –Restate your understanding of any commitments

23 Some Don’ts Don’t ever lie or mislead Don’t threaten or antagonize Don’t overwhelm Don’t be inflexible Don’t negatively talk about others

24 Appeal to Reason Common sense more often than not will win out in political discussions. This approach will solidify your position and reinforce your credibility.

25 Additional Information Be prepared to provide additional documentation

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