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World Demolition Summit November 2011.  Alan Archer Group MD of The Select Group Ltd  We are the Exploitation Manager within the EU Consortium responsible.

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1 World Demolition Summit November 2011

2  Alan Archer Group MD of The Select Group Ltd  We are the Exploitation Manager within the EU Consortium responsible for The Alert Project Development Distribution e-Commerce Logistics

3  Project originator and now Project’s Exploitation Manager  Manufacture & assemble Alert Detectors  Take Alert to market worldwide  Select’s experience & background ◦ Our core customers = Construction Industry New product innovation & development Supplies traditional builder’s merchants Supplies tradesmen direct online

4  Consists of…  a dynamic mix of experts with a single vision… ‘To develop a product that will indicate & warn of the potential presence of airborne asbestos - in real time’  Alert is an FP7 Project  Ranked 9th overall 2010 = €1.8m EU funding  Substantial in-kind investment from Partners  3 year project – target to launch in 2013  Designated “Priority Product”  Consists of Partners that bring all the right ingredients!

5 4 x Trade Associations 3 x Research Facilities 2 x SMEs2 x End Users

6 What is The Alert Project ? Project originated by Select in May 2008 Now run by the Alert Consortium funded under FP7 as a “Proof of Principal” project In August 2011 the first year R&D was successfully completed. Continuing works are now underway in line to meet the launch date of August 2013.

7 A sbestos L ocating E quipment R eal T ime Revolutionary & Unique

8  Improve & miniaturize existing technology  Create a “Step-Change” in the way the world addresses the dangers of asbestos  To be the 1 st portable, affordable, handheld real-time airborne asbestos detector  To empower tradesmen & reduce health risks To give Tradesmen an effective & proactive means of personal protection

9  Deadly Industrial Toxin  Category 1 Human Carcinogen  50% of world banned it  50% still actively use it  Affects 60 industry sectors  Massive issue for Demolition Global Problem  200 year legacy to take care of......

10  UK ◦ 4,000 deaths/ year ◦ ½ Tradesmen (obvious exposure) ◦ ½ Family of tradesmen, teachers, surveyors (Less obvious exposure)  Europe ◦ 25,000 deaths/ year ◦ 500,000+ deaths by 2030  Worldwide ◦ 125 million exposed to white asbestos ◦ 2 million deaths predicted by 2030


12  Top 5 Issues 1.Hidden asbestos discovered during demolition 2.Poor quality asbestos surveys not identifying all ACMs* 3.Poor quality asbestos removal leaving ACMs behind 4.Being blamed for delays/ costs when asbestos found 5.Low cost/ less qualified demolition & asbestos removal companies = poor removal & increased risk to other workers  Note different considerations for other market sectors! Source: EDA & TICA *ACMs = Asbestos Containing Materials

13 1. Minimises the users exposure to the probability of airborne asbestos fibres in real-time (but it does not make professional analysis redundant) 2. Immediately identifies the risk of exposure for tradesmen and ultimately the general public 3. Proactive warning system for all users 4. When correctly used, it could reduce potential exposure from airborne asbestos fibres 5. Cost effective, lightweight warning to the dangers caused by disturbing unidentified, hidden asbestos

14 What Alert does not do…  Does not solve the problem of asbestos (costs/ time delays etc)  Does not eliminate the need for asbestos professionals What Alert does do…  Provides a cost effective warning to the danger of disturbing hidden asbestos  Alert to the probability of Crocidolite and/or Chrysotile asbestos in the atmosphere  Proactive warning for Tradesmen & Public

15 When you think of Alert… …think of a Smoke Detector … simple, cost effective... … GET OUT! …Call the professionals! …saving lives with a warning...

16 Smoke DetectorAlert Detector Smoke Alarm Alert Detector Detect Smoke Call the professionals Detect Airborne Asbestos

17  190 Million buildings in Europe alone  8 Million contractors in Europe  Professionals are exposed like contractors  +60 Affected industry sectors  Emergency Services worldwide are exposed  Additional sales revenues potential from the many affected market sectors  Alert could offer new sales opportunities

18 How does ALERT work?

19  Measures up to 600 particles per second  Align the fibres prior to identification  Identify the dangerous fibres  Develop algorithms to distinguish between asbestos & other fibres  Miniaturize technology – making it handheld and portable  Develop different models for each market sectors  Find a cost effective solution to make it affordable to the trades

20 Pioneered by University of Hertfordshire in the 1990’s. UH is currently a major contributor to the on going R&D for the Alert project. When a particle is illuminated with a beam of light, it will scatter the light in a pattern dependent on the particle’s size, shape, and structure. Particle inlet Scattering pattern detector Optical assembly Particles pass through beam in single file and scatter light Outflow Laser beam This ‘scattering pattern’ is like a ‘thumbprint’ by which the particle may be classified or identified.

21 Used an intensified CCD camera laboratory apparatus to capture detailed spatial light scattering patterns from asbestos and non- asbestos airborne particles:- Background particles Crocidolite fibres Chrysotile fibres

22 Prototype ALERT Scattering Chamber Construction  Appox. 16cm long.  Captures data on up to 600 particles per second.  Ultimately would be made from injection-moulded plastic parts and lenses.  Separate data processing card generates statistical data on the likely presence of asbestos – unit alarms when a very high level of confidence is reached

23  Select is a growing SME and always striving to find and develop innovative products ◦ We wanted an asbestos detecting device but lacked the internal resources and skills ◦ By engaging with PERA we found the best skills and resources in the Consortium and qualified for FP7 funding out of 3,500 other ideas!

24  PPE (jacket) ◦ Integral part of a work jacket  Fixed perimeter unit ◦ GPS enabled unit  Handheld detector

25  Saves time & work delays  Reduces worry & safety concerns  Can be used in many different market sectors  Primarily Alert will be used as PPE – It will have other applications ◦ Example: through increased contractor confidence, Alert could help accelerate works to improve building insulation which ultimately could reduce a building’s carbon footprint


27  Health & Safety issues worldwide  Cross border work (for global clients or for disaster relief in territories with less stringent asbestos regs)  Disaster Relief / Fire & Emergency  Carbon Footprint (Improving efficiency of existing buildings)  Continuing help from Jose Blanco and the EDA  Feedback from you the demolition industry worldwide?

28  Continue working with EDA  Volunteers for prototype testing  Identifying potential commercial partners Register your interest by contacting: +44 1803 540154


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