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Symphony Technology Group and IBS Bookmaster Pallab Chatterjee, IBS Executive Chairman.

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1 Symphony Technology Group and IBS Bookmaster Pallab Chatterjee, IBS Executive Chairman

2 2 2 Symphony Technology Group Acquired IBS in June –A Resource-Rich Company with a Track-Record of Success Portfolio of 15 Companies with $2B of Revenue Currently Raising $1 Billion Fourth Fund Blue-Chip Investors Why is it Different this Time? –Focus on Up-leveling Customer and Business Needs –Active Engagement with Customers, Operations and Employees –Long-term Commitment to Turn-around Deploying Global Resources 5-7 Year Investment to Maximize Return with a Growth Emphasis Manage every Company Differently for Success, Versus Managing a Portfolio of Assets Goals are Sustained 15-20% Revenue Growth and 15-20% EBITDA Who Is Symphony Technology Group?

3 3 3 Symphony Brings Global Resources for Rapid Product Delivery Now Available to IBS

4 4 4 Symphony’s Approach Deliver Exceptional Returns by Building Great Software and Services Companies Through Business Transformation Maximize STG Partnership Value by Building 10-15 Great Software and Services Companies Over the Next 5-10 Years Each Company is a Market Leader Characterized by Best-in- Class Business Operations IBS Enterprise is STG only Enterprise focused software product Integrate other STG best of breed software assets into IBS Enterprise Customer Business Results

5 5 5 IBS, An Attractive Acquisition 30 years of experience in the distribution market Integrated ERP and supply chain system affordable for distribution customers Worldwide market of over 120,000 potential customers Installed base of customers in focused verticals Attractive Market and Product Product development Global infrastructure to support customer expansion Additional software products like mobility and Sales & Operations Planning Customer-focused approach Symphony’s Companies can Accelerate IBS’ Growth Efficient and effective “go to market” capability On-site/offshore operations provide cost effective solutions for customers Targeted growth investments We Know How to Grow Companies

6 6 6 The Next Generation is Now Mobility demo available New CMO Officer hired – Melanie Ofenloch Medius AP Workflow roll out STG’s global resources deployed Customer Event Mobility, Cloud & S&OP launches Customer Care Program Launch Oct 2011 Customer- focused regional organisation Symphony Services partnership for products, G&A and offshore upgrade factory Global marketing firm retained Sep 2011Aug 2011Jul 2011Jun 30, 2011 STG Acquires IBS Jan 2012 Mar 2012 Bookmaster Customer Summit and Release 8 product launch First Mobile app for Enterprise released RPM BI & SOP solutions ready for Q1 release Mobility demo available New CMO hired – Melanie Ofenloch Medius AP Workflow roll out

7 7 7 Symphony’s IBS Transformation Focus: Growth 3 M AJOR G ROWTH I NITIATIVES Focus on Customers Understand your business needs & priorities Align IBS to deliver customer value Launch customer health check/care program Focus on Products Launch of v8 Extend IBS software and services rapidly with power of Symphony’s resources Focus on Partnerships Build a global partner channel to extend market reach Broader geographic coverage for customers Key Priorities

8 8 8 Focus on Customers

9 9 9 Most important attributes of customers choosing an enterprise software provider include: –Software that can meet business needs –Company viability –Good product support –Clear product roadmaps –Customer focused organization We’ve Heard Your Feedback Product Business Units Symphony Investment Recent third-party survey of Bookmaster customers

10 10 10 What You Should Expect From IBS We are focused on changing behaviors We are investing in our interaction processes We want your candid feedback on how we are performing

11 11 11 Focus on Publishing

12 12 12 Today’s Publishing Challenges The growing online sales vertical Bringing Digital and printed media together Operating in a web based digital publishing world Increased complexity of Royalties and Subsidiary Rights Increasing physical distribution costs per unit

13 13 13 Introducing Bookmaster Release 8 The Product for A New Publishing World Addresses the Publishing Challenges

14 14 14 A direct way for customers to influence Product Roadmap –Faster Time-to-Market –Shared Development Costs –Rapid Response to Market Demands –Aim to deploy Standard Solutions for Council Members Commitment to delivering Customer Value –ILP is designed for Industry Leaders in verticals with a global footprint –2-3 Year Global Roadmaps will be established and agreed upon for each council member –Council Members will work closely with the core product development team to drive the vertical development and deployment Industry Leadership Program

15 15 15 Focus on Partners

16 16 16 Global Partnerships and Expanded Footprint

17 17 17 Release 8 is based on your priorities from the last customer summit By the next customer summit, we will have achieved the following: –Attained financial stability –Become a customer-centric organization –Solicited your input and rolled priority projects into our next version of software Our Promise to You

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