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Opaque Active Glass Technologies Translucent 1. Transparent to Translucent Working Prototype – Privacy Window 2.

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1 Opaque Active Glass Technologies Translucent 1

2 Transparent to Translucent Working Prototype – Privacy Window 2

3 Transparent to Opaque Working Prototype - Skylight 3

4 1.Indoor light control 2.(Limited) Heat control 3.Enables privacy General Smart Glass Benefits 4

5 Current Smart Glass 1.Very High Cost 2.Requires electricity 3.Poor heat control 4.Only one modulation per window 5.Poor operational control ActiveGlass Very Low Cost Requires no electricity Complete heat control All modulations can be in one window Complete operational control Light transmitted, reflected, scattered in any desired colour 5 ActiveGlass compared to Competitors

6 Building Industry Skylight Dimmer ActiveGlass: Complete Light and Heat Control 6

7 Building Industry Offices 7

8 Privacy 8

9 Car Smart SunVisor Variable dimming of external bright light At Present: Opaque Visor – blocks image 9 Eco-Smart Glass – Gradually reduces glaring-bright light, Control of dimming brightness to eye comfort level Graduated: more at the top, less at the bottom, Never blocks Driver’s field-of-view Hence, can be extended to cover more of the windshield scene Glare from low-angle Sun Eco-Smart Glass Solution Car SunVisor

10 Car Smart Sunroof Total Control of light + Heat 10 Window in Any Desired Color

11 Motorcycle Helmet Dimmer Using any transparent media (e.g., plastic), any shape! 11

12 12 The Bottom Line: At our low cost, 90% of the glass industry would offer our products to their customers Our low manufacturing cost is < $ 2/sq. Ft. Current high manufacturing cost 12 Market Survey: Limited Current Market Acceptance due to High Costs

13 Current Global Smart Windows Market $2 bil. 13 1. New Report by Marketsandmarkets, August 29, 2013 2. BCC Research Size of Smart Glass Market Estimated to grow to $5.00 Billion by 2017 Market size estimates are based on current high prices. Our lower price, by a factor of >4X, is a market disruptor which should accelerate market growth.

14  The unique capabilities of ActiveGlass Windows are achieved by the low cost method of printing  All unique features are incorporated through printing (e.g. colors, patterns, reflective mirrors etc.)  Next generation – an Add-on, Internal cassette technology for easy incorporation into double glazed windows (Similar to Internal Venetian Blinds)  Technology is protected by three patent applications: US and PCT: 11/52980; 61/748,088; 61/893,969 ActiveGlass Technology 14

15 Funding 15 Use of Proceeds: Development to Production: Working R&D Prototype to Production Prototype, and Production. BD, Marketing, Sales & Operations Establish strong Patent portfolio

16 “ActiveGlass Windows” Roadmap 2010 Initial Patent RegistrationPrototypesTechnology Maturity 2 nd Patent Feasibility Prototypes BD & Marketing Operation Team Sales / Revenues 1 st Patent 2011 2015 2014 2013 2012 2016 R&D Demo Prototypes Production Prototypes Production Manufact’g Patents 3 rd Patent Marketing & Sales Sales Products BD & Marketing Production 16 Revenues

17 Valuation 17 Revenues: Joint ventures % of Sales Sub Contract Manufacture Sales (less COGS, Distribution etc) Royalties (10 – 15% of Sales) License Payments - Exclusivity - Market/Product type - Geography Opportunities: Market Growth > 20% pa Disruptive technology Low Cost Advantage Differentiated AGT Products for different Market Segments Potential Licensing Revenues: > ₤50m per year within 5 years

18 Exit 18 Develop each product line (currently three lines) to full Production, Marketing & Sales Establish substantial Market presence Large Market Segment > High Valuation > Exit We are in an Industry where small technology companies are bought by large Corporations keen to get into the Smart Glass Market.

19 Contact : Simon Cross 19 Opaque Translucent 19 Active Glass Technologies

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