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HAZARD COMMUNICATION (HAZCOM) in Agriculture (437-004-9800)

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2 HAZARD COMMUNICATION (HAZCOM) in Agriculture (437-004-9800)

3 WHAT? Informing Employees About Hazardous Substances They Work with Directly--Or Indirectly ● GOAL  Protect Employees

4 WHY??? An Unlabeled Pesticide Container Spills From A Shelf onto a Handler Wearing No PPE… A Seed Worker Drinks Several Beers the Night Before and Works with Thiram the Next Day… A Newly-Confirmed Pregnant Worker Is Assigned to Spray an Area with Atrazine…

5 WHY? Employees Have The (Legal) Right and The Need to Know--> –Chemical Identities –Chemical Hazards –Protective Measures

6 APPLIES Normal Conditions of Use Foreseeable Emergency

7 EXEMPTIONS Hazardous Waste Biological Hazards Consumer Products Tobacco or Tobacco Products Wood or Wood Products

8 EXEMPTIONS Articles Food or Alcoholic Beverages Drugs Products Deemed Non-hazardous Radiation

9 STATS! OR-OSHA Citations For Ag HAZCOM written program, MSDS, List, Labels “Safe Practices”

10 HOW? Develop a Written Program to Be Implemented –Labels –MSDSs –Employee Info and Training –Non-Routine Procedures

11 HOW? Develop a Written *and* Implemented Program About –Pipe and Piping Systems –Hazardous Chemicals List

12 INFORM! Employees Through Labels, MSDSs, and Training By –Chemical Manufacturers –Distributors –Employers

13 INFORM! Of Course, Some Employees Don’t Pay Attention…

14 LABELS Original Container --> Identification, Hazard, Manufacturer’s Address Secondary Container --> Identification, Hazard

15 LABELS For Pesticides The Label is The Law Yet…

16 MSDSs For “Material Safety Data Sheets” For Hazardous Chemicals Immediately Accessible Can Be on Paper or Via Computer

17 MSDSs Required Info Such As Name and Hazardous Ingredients Physical/Chemical Characteristics, e.g., pH (Corrosive?) Physical Hazards,e.g., Reactivity (Storage?)

18 MSDSs Health Hazards: Signs/Symptoms Entry into Body Permissible Exposure Limit, etc. Carcinogen? Precautions for Safe Handling, e.g., Spills

19 MSDSs Protective Measures, e.g., PPE Emergency/First Aid Date of MSDS Name/Address/Phone Number

20 TRAINING Initial New Hazard

21 TRAINING HAZCOM Rule Chemicals Where Employees Work HAZCOM Program Physical & Health Effects How Company is Aware of Hazard

22 TRAINING Protecting Yourself How Company is Protecting Employees Emergencies Reading Labels and MSDSs

23 TRAINING Effective Training--> When English is (or Is Not Even) a Second Language

24 TRAINING Also In Agricultural HAZCOM “Safe Practices When Working Around Hazardous Agricultural Chemicals”

25 Any Questions??

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