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CLU GENERATIONS AT WORK Colleen McCarthy, Human Resources May 16, 2012.

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1 CLU GENERATIONS AT WORK Colleen McCarthy, Human Resources May 16, 2012

2 “I see no hope for the future of our people if they are dependent on the frivolous youth of today, for certainly all youth are reckless beyond words. When I was a boy, we were taught to be discrete and respectful of elders, but the present youth are exceedingly wise and impatient of restraint.” Hesiod, the father of Greek didactic poetry, 700bc

3 TALKIN’ ‘BOUT MY GENERATION TRADITIONAL Number of people in any given age group Impact that group has on the future Generally grouped in 20 year brackets SOCIOLOGICAL Conditions that are the forces at work as each generation comes of age Shared attitudes Common history Formative events Similar tastes

4 TALKIN’ ‘BOUT MY GENERATION, con’t. Shape attitudes, values and behavior COMMON EXPERIENCES Help us recognize the different perspectives and priorities GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS In the workplace, classroom and social settings IMPLICATIONS


6 ACTIVITY, con’t. Who were your heroes or role models and why? Who was President and what was his legacy to you? What was the latest technological trend and how did you use it? What TV or Radio shows were popular?

7 CURRENT WORK FORCE IN THE US 1925 to 1945 Silent 7% 1946 to 1964 Boomers 38% 1965 to 1985 Gen X 30% 1986 to 2001 Gen Y 25%

8 CURRENT WORK FORCE AT CLU WITHOUT ADJUNCT: 474 1925 to 1945 Silent 8 % 1946 to 1964 Boomers 51.5 % 1965 to 1985 Gen X 36.5 % 1986 to 2001 Gen Y 4 %

9 CURRENT WORK FORCE AT CLU WITH ADJUNCT: 893 1925 to 1945 Silent 13 % 1946 to 1964 Boomers 52 % 1965 to 1985 Gen X 32 % 1986 to 2001 Gen Y 3 %

10 WHAT’S COMING? Even before the recent economic downturn, workers planned to work well into their 70’s Show loyalty/reap rewards by staying with the organization indefinitely Silent’s 1925 - 1945 45 million boomers were projected to retire by 2017 – now need to work another 9 years to replace recent losses According to projections by UC Davis, starting in 2005, the number of boomers retiring will outstrip available replacement workers Boomers & Jones 1946 – 1964 Not enough people in Gen X to replace Silent’s and Boomers as they retire Balance life, Balance work, Balance play Gen X 1965 - 1985

11 GENERATIONAL CLASH Older/seasoned employees received the perks and toys People moved up in rank if they paid their dues HISTORICALLY Gen X sees there are limited traditional jobs, develops an idea, starts an e-business Hires Boomers to work at non-management level NOW An organizational culture that has been shaped by the values, standards, and policies may not be compatible with the next generation that leads it WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

12 HOW DOES THIS IMPACT THE TEAM? Trust is difficult to earn Values Differ Perceptions of competence vary Work rewards are different for each generation The most common intergenerational problems concern managing and motivating others

13 WHY DOES THIS MATTER TO THE EMPLOYEE? Innovative problem-solving requires collaboration Collaboration is built on trust Trust is built on relationships Relationships are built by getting to know others Relationships cross Generations

14 “…You know, can we all get along…?” Rodney King

15 CAN WE GET ALONG? Stereotypes, Perceptions and Absolutes 20% of all employees state that co-workers from different generations do not respect them Reality, Attitudes and Expectations 51% of all employees of different generations work effectively together Conflict areas are work ethics, managing change, organizational hierarchy

16 WHAT ISN’T WORKING? GENERATIONAL CONFLICT COMES FROM Acceptable work hours or work conditions Perception of disrespect and dismissive Issues related to Technology Resentment between generations

17 WHAT IS WORKING? Open and Frequent Communication Difference Deployment

18 ACORN IMPERATIVES Accommodate Employee Differences A Create Workplace Choices C Operate from a Sophisticated Management Style O Respect Competence and Initiative R Nourish Retention N

19 “If you want happiness for a lifetime - help the next generation.” Chinese Proverb

20 BRIDGING THE GAP Which generations are represented in your department? What are the implications for our approach to problem solving? How must we adapt in order to be generation friendly?


22 NEXT STEPS Value the differences Focus on Results Be Open

23 2017 WORKPLACE Gen X will be in charge 40% of workplace will be independent contractors 8% Growth of women leaders in the workplace 233% increase in the number of “green” jobs Lattice Careers instead of Ladder Careers Burden of benefits will be shifted more towards the employee Workforce will be more fluid and more virtual 28% increase in telecommuting full or part time

24 “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?” People need to develop skills now for jobs they want to have later On TV, scenery changes every 20 seconds Future resources will be in high demand What will the needs be? What will YOU want to do? Impact on communication and training? There are currently 76 Million Gen Y 25% of California Children are living in poverty

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