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FACULTY IN THE DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Presented to the: EE 1001 Introduction to Electrical Engineering Class by Stan Burns Professor Department.

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1 FACULTY IN THE DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Presented to the: EE 1001 Introduction to Electrical Engineering Class by Stan Burns Professor Department of Electrical Engineering Fall Semester 2013

2 Stan Burns, P.E. Professor Electrical Engineering Professor and Head (UMD ECE 1998-2007) SCSE Associate Dean, 2007-2011 Jack Rowe Chair (2011-2013) B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in E.E. Univ. of Wisconsin Madison Expertise in microelectronics, semiconductor device processing, analog circuit design, instrumentation Senior Life Member IEEE, Member ASEE Registered Professional Engineer in Minnesota and Iowa

3 Teaching Interests: EE 1001 EE 2212 Electronics I (Analog Electronic Circuit Design) EE 4611 Introduction to Solid State Student Projects-Clean Snowmobile Challenge, FIRST Robotics (UMD Representative, State Planning Committee) Tau Beta Pi Co-Advisor, Senior Design Research Interests Microelectronics Processing and Analog Circuit Design. Biomedical Instrumentation SCSE Office: MWAH 153 Phone: (218) 726-7506 Email: Web:

4 4 Drowning Worms 4 Watercolor 4 Acoustic Guitar (Trying) 4 Vintage Watches 4 History of Science and Engineering

5 Jing Bai Associate Professor Ph.D. in ECE. from Georgia Tech, 2007 Joined UMD ECE in Fall 2007 Expertise in Nano-scale optoelectronic devices and non-linear optics Member IEEE, OSA (Optical Society of America), APS (American Physical Society)

6 Research and Teaching Interests  Research Interests ─ Nanoscale optoelectronic devices Nanoscale lasers Nanoscale solar cells Optoelectronics for bio-medical applications  Teaching EE 2006 Electric Circuit Analysis (Spring and Fall) EE 5611 Microelectronics Technology (Fall since 2012) EE 4611 (Taught until S’12, Prof. Burns is now teaching this course)  Contact Information Please visit Dr. Bai’s website: for contact information Dr. Bai is on Single Semester Leave in Fall 2013

7 Chris Carroll Associate Professor UMD ECE Since 1988 B.S. from Ga Tech, M.S.E.E. and Ph.D. in C.S. California Institute of Technology Expertise in digital systems and microprocessor and microcontroller applications Member ASEE

8 Courses Taught: Digital logic (EE 1315) Microcomputer systems (EE 2325) Digital systems (EE 4341) Design workshop (EE 4951) Square dancing (PE 1304) Dr. Carroll: Teaching & Research Hobbies Piano (ragtime, popular) Travel (been to 50 states, 8 countries) Clarinet (Twin Ports Wind Orchestra) Model trains (HO and N guage) Square dancing (calling, dancing) Standing atop the launch doors of a 1960’s nuclear missile silo from the cold war Oklahoma

9 Tom Ferguson, P.E. Adjunct Instructor Vice-President Minnesota Power (Retired) Chair ECE External Advisory Committee Through 2005 Expertise in Power Systems, Alternative Energy, Telecommunications Registered Professional Engineer

10 EE 1001 – Introduction to EE Tom Ferguson, P.E. – Adjunct Instructor 155 MWAH 218-726-7798 Background: –BEE and MSEE from University of Minnesota – Twin Cities –30 years in electric utility industry –Engineer, project manager, vice-president, consultant –Associated with Department since its inception Areas of Interest: –Energy conversion and delivery systems –Grid reliability, nuclear power, blackouts, grid planning –Creation of a Center for Energy on UMD Campus –Amateur Radio, particularly antenna modeling and design Courses Recently Taught: –EE 5477 – Antennas and Transmission Lines –EE 5501 – Energy Conversion Systems

11 Mohammed Hasan Associate Professor UMD ECE since 1997 M.S.E.E. And Ph.D. in E.E. and Applied Mathematics, Colorado State Univ. Expertise in signal processing, modeling and estimation of random processes, and electromagnetic fields

12 4 4 Dr. Mohammed A Hasan 4 4 I have been with the EE department since Fall 1997 4 Recent Classes I Taught: 4 4 EE 2006: Circuit Analysis 4 EE 3445: Electromagnetics 4 EE 5741: Digital Signal Processing 4 EE 5742: Pattern Recognition 4 EE 8741: Digital Image Processing 4 EE 8742: Signal Detection and Estimation 4 4 In these courses I emphasize solving technical problems and visualization of results Using Matlab, or Mathematica. Many Matlab toolboxes are available on most Labs Computers. 4

13 Research Interests Mainly Include the Following Fields: 1. Signal Processing 2. Image Processing 3. Pattern Recognition: Face & Voice Recognition, Signature Identification,… Biometrics 4. Scientific Computation 5. Unsupervised learning theory, Principal component analysis (PCA), Independent component analysis (ICA), Kernel Methods UROP: The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program creates research partnerships between undergraduate students and faculty. In EE, many students and faculty researchers are engaged in research partnerships every year.

14 Imran Hayee Professor UMD ECE Since Fall 2004 Director of Graduate Studies Through Spring 2013 Semester Ph.D. in E.E. University of Southern California, Los Angeles (1998) Industrial experience at Tyco Submarine Systems (Formerly Bell laboratories), and with two startups-Corvis and Opvista Expertise in communications systems, optical communications, telecommunictions

15 EE 1001 - Introduction to EE (Faculty Introduction) Profile: NameDr. Imran Hayee Office278 MWAH Contact218 726 6743 or Background: Completed Ph. D. from University of Southern California Worked in Industry for 6 years Started in EE as Associate Professor in Fall 2004 Areas of Interest: Signal Processing and Biomedical Engineering Optical Fiber and Wireless Communications Systems and Networks Intelligent Transportation Systems Courses Taught: EE 2111 Signals and Systems – required EE 5765 Modern Communications – senior elective EE 8765 Digital Communications – graduate

16 Senior Design Projects 4 Electronic Stethoscope with Diagnostic Capability 4 Automated Meter Reading Architecture using Wireless Paging Technology 4 Facial Recognition System for Biometric Security Implementation 4 Wireless Cell Phone Charger

17 Taek Mu Kwon Professor and Assistant Department Head UMD ECE Since 1988 M.S. and Ph.D. in E.E. from Florida Institute of Technology Expertise in neural networks and fuzzy controllers, digital signal processing, computer networks, intelligent traffic sensors

18 Dr. Taek Kwon 4 Courses: 4 EE 4305 Computer Architecture, 4 EE 5315 Multiprocessor, 4 EE 4321 Computer Networks, 4 EE 5801 Neural Networks. 4 Expertise: Computer Architecture, Computer Networks, Programmable Devices, Digital Signal Processing, Intelligent Transportation Sensors.

19 Recent Research Projects 4 Solar/Wind Integrated Renewable Street Light System

20 Wireless Sensor Mesh Network for Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Chevrolet Metro Ford Taurus

21 Scott Norr, P.E. Adjunct Faculty Instructor Industrial experience in power systems and power electronics Teaches a lecture and laboratory course in power systems and lecture and laboratory courses in digital circuit design Registered Professional Engineer IEEE Student Branch Advisor and Liaison With Arrowhead Section

22 Scott’s Courses in 2013-14: 4 Fall: 4 EE 2006 – Circuit Analysis (Most Important Course!) 4 EE 4899 – Senior Design I 4 Spring: 4 EE 2006 – Circuit Analysis 4 EE 4501 – Power Systems 4 EE 5351 - Robotics 4 Faculty Advisor, IEEE Student Branch at UMD (

23 Marian Stachowicz Professor and Jack Rowe Chair UMD ECE Since 1991 M.S. in Control and Computer Engineering Leningrad Electrical Institute, Ph.D. and D.Sc in Digital Electronics and Computer Control Systems, AGH - Univ. of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland Expertise in control systems, soft computing and fuzzy logic, applications of advanced software to control of industrial processes 23EE 1001

24 Dr. Marian S. Stachowicz Professor and Jack Rowe Chair Courses: EE 3151 Control Systems EE 4951 IF I COULD TALK TO THE CONTROLLERS 24 EE 1001 Laboratory for Intelligent Systems

25 Colors Reduction in Computer Vision Prof. Marian S. Stachowicz Laboratory for Intelligent Systems EE Department, University of Minnesota, USA Warsaw School of Computer Science, Poland STS Fryderyk Chopin, June 10-23, 2013 Gdynia – Visby – Turku – Saint Petersburg 25 EE 1001

26 Digital Fuzzy Sets and Multivalued Logic Prof. Marian S. Stachowicz Laboratory for Intelligent Systems EE Department, University of Minnesota, USA Warsaw School of Computer Science, Poland STS Fryderyk Chopin, June 10-23, 2013 Gdynia – Visby – Turku– Saint Petersburg 26 EE 1001

27 STS Fryderyk Chopin EE 1001 27

28 STS Fryderyk Chopin is the largest operating brig in the world Builder: Dora Shipyard, Gdańsk, Poland. Hoist of colors: 29.02.1992 4 Length overall: 55,5 m 4 High of masts from waterline: 37 m Sail area: 1200 m 2 Auxiliary engine: 538 HP “SCANIA” Crew : 53, including 7-8 professional crew Autonomy: 100 days Max speed under sail 16 kn; on engine 9 kn EE 1001 28

29 Saint Petersburg, Russia EE 1001 29

30 Laboratory for Intelligent Systems 30EE 1001 ENJOY UMD AND GOOD LUCK !

31 Hua Tang Associate Professor UMD ECE Since Fall 2005 Ph.D. in E.E., State University of New York, Stony Brook Expertise in high performance analog, digital, and mixed-signal Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit (VLSI) design and computer-aided design

32 Dr. Hua Tang (On Sabbatical Leave 2013-2014 Academic Year)  Teaching:  EE 3235: Electronics II  EE 4311: VLSI Circuit Design  Research:  Circuit Theory, Design and Applications  VLSI Design and Computer Aided Design Contact Information Office: MWAH 276 Hours: 3-5pm Tuesday and Thursday Phone: 726-7095 Email: Http:

33 Jiann-Shiou Yang Professor and Head (2007-Current) UMD ECE Since 1988 M.S. and Ph.D. in E.E. Univ. of Maryland College Park Expertise in robust and automatic control, system theory, computer- aided control system design and optimization Senior Member IEEE

34 Dr. Jiann-Shiou Yang Contact Information ■ Office: 272 MWAH ■ Phone: 726-6290/Email: ■ Web page: http:/ Courses Recently Taught ■ EE 3151 Control Systems (required course) ■ EE 5151 Digital Control System Design (elective course) ■ EE 8151 Linear Systems and Optimal Control(graduate course) Research Interests Robust control; nonlinear systems; computer-aided control system design; optimization; intelligent transportation systems, control applications

35 Lee Zimmerman Adjunct Assistant Professor Ph. D. in E.E. University of Minnesota, 1989 Assistant Professor Tulane University Teaching in the areas of circuits, electromagnetics, microcomputer-based fuzzy logic systems, psychology of human vision, mobile robots; to support senior design and digital circuit design

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