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School Store Business Proposal.

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1 School Store Business Proposal

2 Mission Statement In an effort to promote John Dickinson High School, increase school spirit and provide a much needed service - we propose to establish a new school store. The school store will serve as a lab environment for educational purposes and a real-world retail environment to prepare students for employment.

3 Possible Names…. We hope to poll the school in order to increase excitement and finalize upon name. The following are some names we are considering: The Ram Shackle The Rams Cranny The Rams Corner The Rams Den The Rams Lair Dickinson School Store

4 Funding sources Building support Sponsors Fundraising Sports boosters
Mini grants? Sponsors Fundraising Sports boosters PTO 509 funds for Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) - DECA

5 Products to be included initially…
School branded: Hoodies/sweatshirts and sweatpants T-shirts Bumper stickers, magnets and lanyards Yearbook sales School supplies: Flash Drives Binders Folders Writing implements – pens, pencils, markers, erases, etc.

6 Short Term Goals Complete construction of school store.
Wall Building – Mr. Lyons Location Layout of store How will we display items? Use of window space Display case Order Merchandise: School supplies School apparel What do sports boosters already have?

7 Short term goals continued
Security Video cameras Storage areas to lock up merchandise Purchase cash register

8 Long Term Goals Partnering with schools hospitality department
Possibly help them keep inventory Sell goods etc. Website/e-commerce?

9 Store Procedures and personell
To be considered: Inventory – storage and keeping track Book keeping Cash register Staff hierarchy Customer greeting

10 Advertising Display cases for merchandise outside of the school store.
Flyers posted around the school to promote sales of the school store. Announcements at the beginning & end of the day to remind students of the school store.

11 Hours of operation Before school After school Delivery service
Order during lunch - delivered to homeroom? Mr. Murphy, question: What is happening with sports boosters? Will that be absorbed by the school store?

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