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Sales Promotion Marketing Co-Op.

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1 Sales Promotion Marketing Co-Op

2 Sales Promotion All marketing activities – other than person selling, advertising, and public relations – that are used to stimulate purchasing and sales Incentives that encourage customers to buy products or services

3 Can be used to… Encourage customers to try new products
Build awareness Increase purchases by current customers Reward customer loyalty

4 Trade Promotions Designed to get support for a product from manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers More money is spent on promoting to businesses than to consumers

5 Consumer Promotions Sales strategies that encourage customers to buy a product Usually support advertising, personal selling, and public relations efforts

6 Types of Consumer Promotions
Coupons – certificates that entitle customers to a discount on the purchase of designated products Premiums – low cost items given to customers at a discount or free with a purchase Toys in kids meals Gift with purchase (make-up counters)

7 Types of Consumer Promotions
Product Samples– free trail size products sent through the mail or given out in the store to encourage purchasing Rewards programs – offers customers rewards for remaining loyal to a company or brand Credit cards companies Some frequent buyer cards

8 Types of Consumer Promotions
Contests – promotional event where the winner must demonstrate a skill Sweepstakes – promotional event that is a game of chance

9 Types of Consumer Promotions
Rebate – the return of part of the payment made on a purchase used to entice customers to buy Merchandising Techniques – using product displays in high traffic areas to encourage customers to purchase Dump bins Point of purchase displays

10 Activity Find a partner and complete the following
Choose an existing business or brand Consider the types of consumer promotions we have discussed Come up with 4 sales promotions your company could use to increase overall sales Be prepared to explain your promotions in detail to the class

11 Extreme Couponing 1 Extreme Couponing 2

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