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Resolutions Grassroots Public Policy AAFCS Public Policy Committee.

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1 Resolutions Grassroots Public Policy AAFCS Public Policy Committee

2 What’s A Resolution? Provides Public Policy Focus and Voice for the Association -- defines position on an issue -- supports a concern -- impacts public opinion

3 Purpose of Resolutions Shape Opinion or Policy Provide Groundwork for Strategic Plan Supports Position of Other Groups Affirms Stance of the Association

4 Developing Resolutions Issue or Concern –Is it Consistent with the AAFCS Vision & Mission? –Is it Definitive, Realistic and Achievable?

5 Developing Resolutions Rationale –Provides Background –States Importance of Issue

6 Developing Resolutions Impact Statement –Costs to Association –Benefits to Association

7 Developing Resolutions  Implementation - What Should Occur - Strategies

8 Implementation Strategies Establish Coalitions/Networks Influence Legislation Develop Programs,i.e. power point Include in Affiliate Strategic Plan/Plan of Action Create Awareness using Media Releases Market Family and Consumer Sciences

9 IRS Guidelines for Nonprofits Lobbying –Direct Lobbying –Grassroots Lobbying Education –Provide nonpartisan research findings –Educate with respect to legislation

10 Submitting Resolutions Draft Sent to Public Policy Committee Committee Reviews Work with Submitter on Revisions Sent to Affiliates for Comments Revisions Reflecting Affiliate Comments Submitted to AAFCS Senate Submitter introduce Res. (2-3 minutes) in Senate

11 Writing a Resolution Identify Issue or Concern –Example: Identify Theft

12 Writing a Resolution State the Premise for the Issue –WHEREAS identity theft is a crime as a result of increased use of technology and the information age; and –WHEREAS, no one is immune to identify theft; and –WHEREAS, the Federal Trade Commission has estimated that as many as 9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year, –WHEREAS, one study shows that identity theft cost U.S. businesses and consumers $56.6 billion in 2005; and

13 Writing a Resolution Be It Resolved… –Specific Action Recommended Be It Resolved that AAFCS support local, statewide, and national educational programs and policies 1) that are designed to help individuals and families in Identify Theft prevention and recovery and 2) that encourage expansion of security measures to protect personal information.

14 Action Package Resolution Fact Sheet PowerPoint Consumer Resource Guide A timeline for resolution steps is available

15 Thank You The Public Policy Committee looks forward to helping you develop AAFCS Resolutions that come from the grassroots. Please contact us!! AAFCS Public Policy Committee Contact us at or

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