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PTA Resolutions Member-Driven Advocacy Presented by National PTA Resolutions Committee Members: Cyndi Barbian Alison Turner Marne Usher.

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1 PTA Resolutions Member-Driven Advocacy Presented by National PTA Resolutions Committee Members: Cyndi Barbian Alison Turner Marne Usher

2 Workshop Scope  Defining a Resolution  National PTA’s Resolution Process:  Identify  Research  Draft  Submit  Review  Support 2

3 Defining a Resolution  Outlines the opinion, will or intent of the association  Addresses problems, situations, or concerns  Requires action on the issue  Formal statement outlining action by a group  Original motion submitted in writing due to its importance, length or complexity  Position adopted by a vote of the membership 3

4 Identify the Issue Identify the issue  What is the concern?  Is this a local, state or national issue?  What action do you want taken? 4

5 Identify the Issue Is this issue:  In accordance with the PTA vision, mission, purposes and policies?  Addressed by an existing state or National PTA resolution or position statement?  Covered by existing regulation/law?  Supported by factual information/research?  Substantiated by other resources or organizations with background information in community or online? 5

6 PTA’s Vision and Mission Vision Every child's potential is a reality. Mission To make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children 6

7 PTA’s Purposes  To promote the welfare of the children and youth in home, school, community, and place of worship.  To raise the standards of home life.  To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth.  To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of children and youth.  To develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for all children and youth the highest advantages in physical, mental, social, and spiritual education. 7

8 Research the Issue Check for existing resolutions, positions and laws  State PTA website  National PTA website  State, county and local government websites  Federal government websites 8

9 Research the Issue 9

10 10

11 Research the Issue 11

12 Research the Issue 12

13 Research the Issue 13

14 Draft the Resolution  Develop a concise statement of the issue  Complete initial research to build basis for support from membership  Create a committee to take the resolution to the next step – narrative summary 14

15 Draft the Resolution  Review new e-learning course “Writing and Proposing PTA Resolutions”  Check forms and guidelines (state and National PTA)  Begin planning the two parts of a resolution –Whereas – the “Why?”; statements that describe the issue, show the reason for the resolution, and give information –Resolved – the call for action; the main motion 15

16 Draft the Resolution  Whereas statements – Require background material and rationale – Require three background primary references from three sources for each “Whereas” statement  Resolved statements – Direct the PTA to take some form of action – State the action that PTA needs to be take to help solve the problem 16

17 Submit the Resolution  Check for state requirements (state and/or national) National PTA Resolution Guidelines are at  Follow the procedure carefully 17

18 Submit the Resolution 18

19 Submit the Resolution 19

20 Submit the Resolution 20

21 Submit the Resolution 21

22 Submit the Resolution  Call for assistance: Resolutions Chair at any level – Ask for advice/assistance – Work with chair or committee to finalize wording, if necessary  Submit to the state or National PTA  Meet established deadlines 22

23 Review of Proposed Resolutions  National PTA Resolutions Committee reviews proposed resolutions for scope, clarity, and completeness.  National PTA staff and attorney review proposed resolutions through legal and public policy lenses.  National PTA Board of Directors reviews and determines the disposition of each proposed resolution.  National PTA Convention Delegates vote on each proposed resolution approved by the Board of Directors. 23

24 Support for Adopted Resolutions  National PTA staff identifies the goals and strategies necessary to implement the new PTA resolution.  National PTA staff works with the board and appropriate committees to implement the PTA resolution or position statement.  State and local PTAs inform their members and work with local entities, where appropriate. 24

25 Support for Adopted Resolutions  Review newly adopted resolutions  Publicize newly adopted resolutions to your members and partners  Determine how to apply resolutions in your community  Be aware of the need for new resolutions to meet the needs of your community 25

26 Recent Resolutions  Distracted Driving (2012)  Head Injury Reporting (2011)  Improved Infrastructure Around Schools (2012)  Meningococcal Disease Vaccine (2013)  School Recess (2013)  Sexting: Legal Consequences (2011)  Social Host Accountability for Underage Drinking (2010) 26

27 Example 27

28 Example 28

29 Member-Driven Advocacy ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Questions ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 29

30 For More Information Chair, National PTA Resolutions Committee Kisha DeSandies Web Content Manager Website 30

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