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By: Anthony Hennaman and Ethan Weyant. Mission Statement Our business is a restaurant business. We aim to provide food for family and group oriented customers.

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1 By: Anthony Hennaman and Ethan Weyant

2 Mission Statement Our business is a restaurant business. We aim to provide food for family and group oriented customers in the near and surrounding regions. Our restaurant provides prepared entrees, appetizers, salads, side dishes, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and desserts. Our restaurant will have two divisions, one division is the bar (located downstairs) and the other is the restaurant (located upstairs). Our business will be located in State College, PA.

3 Employees and Payroll Types of employees: Bartenders, Main Chef, Grill Master, Line Cooks, Waiters/Waitresses, Hosts, Bus Boys, Shift Managers, and General Managers. Number of employees: 1bartender per shift, 1main chef, 1 grill master, 4 line cooks per shift, 4 waiters/waitresses per shift, 2 hosts per shift, 4 bus boys per shift, 1 shift manager per shift (3 total), and 1 general manager. We will have an electronic time card and payroll system. Everyone will be paid hourly, but wait staff will also receive tips. Our employees will be paid by a direct checking system. At the end of the week our employee’s pay will go directly to their checking account, and they will also receive a pay stub.

4 Employee Training and Monitoring Wait staff, bus boys, and shift managers are to be trained by the general manager. Main chef and grill master will train the line cooks. Bartender, Grill master, and Main chef are all to be hired based off of experience. Employees will be monitored in restaurant and online by the ADT Electronic Access Control and CD-4261 High Resolution Varifocal-Indoor Color Dome Security Camera. Employee’s hours will be monitored by the Time Card Software

5 Procedure Processing Tasks Some of our procedure processing tasks include assigning wait staff to tables, wait staff placing order to cooks/bar staff, wait staff creates/prints bill, wait staff cashes out bill, wait staff opening table to hosts, general manager places order for stock to outside source, using the All-in-one Restaurant POS system.

6 Security Procedures and Technologies Security procedures will be handled by the ADT Electronic Access Control, which allows the manager to control employee access to web, secures four doors, reduce key management and re-keying costs, tracks movement through office, inventory room, and other secure areas, protects assets, guarantees: theft, money- back service for credit and money, able to keep track of inventory and sales, and 24-hour protection. Security technologies include the CD-4261 High Resolution Varifocal-Indoor Color Dome Security Camera, which offers Full-Room Video Coverage, Cash Register Cameras, Low light image sensor, and 4-9mm Varifocal Zoom Lens.

7 Security Procedures and Technologies cont. Another of our security technologies is Model 2000E-5 Age Verifier w/USB, which scans the Barcode Driver's License and ID Reader for PCs, has an affordable price that’s essential to the bar, and has no moving parts or motors that break or fail. To add security to the network we purchased Norton 360 Version 5.0, which protects you from online attacks and scams, prevents theft of confidential information, safeguards your important files and business documents with automatic backup, protects against theft of confidential business information so you can browse, bank and do business online worry-free.

8 Database Data and Processing Tasks Weekly Stock including incoming stock, outdated stock, bestselling stock, minimum stock, and stock prices for restaurant and bar. Cash Flow including daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly totals for restaurant and bar. Including expenses for business operation. Employee Records including their application, resume, job status, complaints against employee, hours, performance appraisals, and compensation.

9 Cost Benefit Hardware and Software We chose the All-in-One Restaurant POS Hardware Kit - Cashier Station for the restaurant staff because it was affordable, it has a credit card/ID reader, and was overall better than the ones we compared. For the manager though, we chose the Vostro 460 Mini Tower because it has a Wireless Network PCle card included, comes included with Microsoft Professional, and 2 year ProSupport service. We chose the Inventory software because it sets up all the ingredients you buy as inventory items, uses those ingredients to create recipes for the items on your menu, your stock levels are managed and automatically suggests inventory items and quantities to order, orders from a shopping list to see at a glance everything you need from all your vendors

10 Network Configuration We have chosen to support a wireless network in our restaurant. Our network will be hosted by Verizon Internet 50/Mbps/20Mbps. We shall do this with the help of the Ubiquiti NanoStation 2 Wireless Link, which makes it easy to build a long range wireless network, weatherproof housing protects the NanoStation from extreme temperature and weather conditions, and an advanced ESD/EMP immunity design protects the NS2 from outdoor and Ethernet failures

11 Website Plan Domain We chose NetZero as our ISP because it assisted in the design of our webpage, it processed secure credit card transactions, came with 2GB of email storage, and came with free Norton Anti-Virus, all at the very affordable price of $9.99 per month. The purpose of our website is to give our customers a preview of what our restaurant has to offer such as food, drink and special occasions. Also where we can be located and contacted at.

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