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Restaurant Operations: Front & Back of the House

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1 Restaurant Operations: Front & Back of the House

2 Front of the House Responsibilities
Planning: server sections Organizing: employees (lead shift sheet, see who is on the floor) Communicating: with back of the house Motivating: entire staff Controlling: the reservations and patrons Scheduling: front of the house employees

3 Front of the House Responsible for first impression of the restaurant
Restaurant Manager, Host, Bartenders, Servers and Bussers

4 Front of the House Positions
Restaurant Manager Forecast how many guests are expected Guest count is arrived at by comparing same day last year Also examine today’s weather, day of the week, etc Share the info with the kitchen Responds to customer complaints Host or Hostess Greets and seats guests Provides menus Organizes and prepares reservations Brings complaints to attention of manager

5 Bartenders Check ID to verify age Serve wine, beer and spirits
Clean glasses, utensils and bar equipment Take orders both directly from patrons and through servers Collect money for bar tabs and bills Make garnishes Ask or remove customers who become loud or obnoxious Order liquor and bar supplies Have Smart Serve training

6 Servers Explain various menu items, including ingredients and cooking methods Know daily specials Be able to make suggestions Take orders, and deliver food to tables Prepare cheques Use computer systems like Squirrel Stock service areas with supplies

7 Bussers Cleans dirty dishes off tables Resetting cleared tables
Refill water glasses May bring introductory foods (bread baskets or tortilla chips) Taking out garbage

8 Back of the House Called the heart of the operation
Center of production Production sheets must be carefully created and kept on top of (know what you have left) Someone must be in charge of “calling” the orders

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