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“MAKING YOUR FITNESS OUR BUSINESS!!” Training Out Enterprises.

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1 “MAKING YOUR FITNESS OUR BUSINESS!!” Training Out Enterprises

2 Our Philosophy Here at Training Out, we believe in the functionality of every day movement. While we specialize in many forms of fitness, we excel at functional fitness in the most fun of ways. Every workout is designed with the specific client's needs in mind.

3 Exercise  A Beginning Points:  Before beginning any exercise routine is important to stretch as well as warm up  This can be indicated through an elevated state generally noticed through a light sweat  It is also as important to cool down post-workout Basic Routine  Warm up  Stretch  Exercise  Cool Down  Stretch The following workout should be repeated between 3 and 5 times. Post-workout, be sure to walk around for a few minutes in order to lower your heart rate safely.

4 A Beginner’s Exercise Plan – The Pushup Stair Pushups  The goal is to achieve 10 repetitions with your hands situated on the third or fourth step  Always keep your shoulders situated over your hands and your eyes looking between your hands  Keep your feet apart and your belly button pulled into your spine  As this exercise gets easier, make it more challenging by putting your hands on lower steps or on the floor

5 A Beginner’s Exercise Plan – The Squat Measured Squats  Seated on a bed or couch, prepare to stand up  Once standing, slowly lower yourself back to the seat 15 times  Keep your arms extended in front of you while keeping your eyes on the sky  Your feet should be situated hip width apart and as you come up keep pressure on your heels  If you find the exercise too easy, try the exercise without the couch

6 A Beginner’s Exercise Plan – The Plank The Abdominal Plank  Put your forearms on the floor while keeping your body straight as a “plank” on the floor and your toes curled into the floor. Keep your eyes focused between your hands  Keep your hands apart from each other – “railroad tracks, not prayer pose”  Maintain the pose for 30 seconds  If the exercise is too easy, raise one leg off the floor for the first 15 seconds and switch for the last 15 seconds

7 A Beginner’s Exercise Plan – The Step Sprint The Step Sprint  This exercise is designed to elevate your heart rate  It is imperative that you maintain your own pace and do not go past your level of comfort  When stepping up, keep your chest up, shoulders pulled back, and stomach pulled in  Step up and down the first step of a step or stairwell leading with your right leg for 30 seconds  Repeat for 30 seconds with the left leg  Make each step as soft as possible to limit impact on your joints


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