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Yoga – Body Poetry Roylco® Standing Poses for the classroom.

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1 Yoga – Body Poetry Roylco® Standing Poses for the classroom

2 Yoga – Body Poetry Roylco® The following yoga poses do not require an exercise mat. There are a total of 7 poses that progress from easy to challenging. A description of the movement is provided on the slide following the initial picture of pose Perform the number of poses that fit into your time schedule and student ability. Perform as a group or individually Remind your students to move slowly and safely – do not over stretch If students have been sitting, provide a quick warm-up such as marching before beginning your yoga session Always end your yoga session with a ‘hook-up’ – see last slide

3 Hot –Air Balloon

4 Hot-Air Balloon 1.Bend knees and upper body, allowing finger tips to touch the floor. 2.Inhale as you come up, raising arms high above head and lean back slightly 3.Exhale as you lower arms and bring hands together 4.Take 5 deep breaths Repeat up to 3 times * Increases energy and oxygen. Stimulates circulation

5 Wooden Bridge

6 1.Spread arms and legs wide apart 2.Turn right foot out 3.Inhale and bend your right knee until you feel a stretch. 4.Turn your head toward your right arm 5.Hold this pose up to 1 minute 6.Exhale and return to starting position (#1) Repeat movement on other leg (toward left) *Strengthens legs and stomach

7 Ironing Board

8 1.Stand with feet apart, arms down, and a little knees bent 2.Inhale as you bring your arms out to the side then above you head 3.Exhale as you slowly lean forward and let your arms and head dangle 4.Let your upper body hang for a moment (about 10 seconds when starting) 5.Slowly lift upper body and place hands on thighs to assist *Strengthens spine and relieves tension in low back

9 Tree In the Wind

10 1.Start with feet apart and hands down by side 2.Inhale as you lock hands together and lift arms overhead 3.Exhale. Bend to your right side allowing your left arm to touch right ear 4.Inhale and come back to center 5.Exhale. Bend to your left allowing your right arm to touch right ear Hold up to 30 seconds / Repeat cycle 2 times * Stretches and tones sides of upper body

11 Scooter

12 1.Begin by having your arms out to the side and legs apart (wide) 2.Inhale and then exhale as you go down, bending your upper body to the right and touch your ankle 3.Extend your left arm up to the ceiling 4.Return to standing 5.Repeat on other side Hold poses for up to 30 seconds * Strengthens and tones entire body. Increases flexibility in hips

13 Sprout

14 1.Stand with feet hip width apart 2.Inhale and raise your arms out to the side and above your head. 3.Place palms together as you go up onto your toes 4.Exhale as you bend your knees and go into a squatting position. Hold this position for several seconds 5.Inhale as you stretch up onto your toes and bring hands over head. 6.Return to starting position. * Improves balance, coordination, and physical stability.

15 Rocket

16 1.Your left leg is rooted into the ground. Focus on a spot on the wall and begin to elevate your right leg. Bend your right leg and place the sole of your foot against your left leg. 2.Place palms of hands together at chest level – then raise them above your head. 3.Hold this position up to 30 seconds *Helps improve concentration, stability, posture, and confidence.

17 The End Please end this session with a brain gym ‘hook-up’ pose in sitting or standing. Hold this pose for a minimum of 30 seconds

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