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Seventh Grade and Stolen Day

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1 Seventh Grade and Stolen Day
Compare and contrast activities, vocabulary builders, characterization, and analyze meaning, literary techniques, and elements of literary genres

2 Seventh Grade and Stolen Day
Main character Direct descriptions Words and actions What other characters say about him

3 Notes Define character is a person or animal who takes part in the action of a literary work. The qualities that make each character unique is called character traits. Writers use the process of characterization to create and develop characters Direct characterization the writer directly states or described the character's traits. Indirect characterization the writer reveals a character's personality through his or her words and actions, and through the thoughts, words, and actions of others

4 Vocabulary Builder Elective Scowl Conviction Solemn Affects
Define each word, write a sentence, use each word in a 5 sentence paragraph, illustrate and provide a synonym

5 Reading Out loud Describe Victor based on the first paragraph page 250
Answer why does Victor choose to study French? Who or what is Victor thinking about during lunch? Complete 1-4 on page 255

6 Stolen Day Read out loud pages 256-260 On page 260 answer 1-3
As a group answer question 4 on page 261 Answer individually page 90 and 92 Test with essay Complete page 262

7 Story activities pagr 90-10172012104417-0001.pdf‎
page pdf‎ (40 KB‎)‎

8 Vocabulary test Word definition Affects a. Optional course Solemn
b. Belief Conviction c. Serious Scowl d. Produces an effect Elective e. Make an unpleasant expression by contracting the eyebrows and lowering the corners of the mouth

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