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House Security McMaster University Security Services Sgt Cathy O ’ Donnell.

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1 House Security McMaster University Security Services Sgt Cathy O ’ Donnell

2 It doesn ’ t matter if you ’ ve been away for a few hours, for the day, for the weekend or for an extended holiday. It takes burglars only a few minutes to smash their way into your home, take what they want and get on their way again.

3 The first step to protecting your home is deterrence -- protecting your home by discouraging intruders from making you their next target. Burglars don ’ t want to risk being caught, so they are less likely to victimize a house that looks occupied or protected.

4 In Canada a burglary happens about once every three minutes In Hamilton the following burglaries occurred in Westdale: 2000 - 87 houses 2001 - 113 houses 2002 - 81 houses 2003 - 98 Houses Stats

5 What are criminals looking for: A house that is obviously unoccupied A house that is an easy target A house that he can easily enter

6 What makes a student house a target? Well advertised and regular vacation times i.e.: Christmas and Spring Breaks Usually more than one computer Usually current electronic equipment Regularly leave houses unlocked

7 Home Security Check List Are all windows and doors locked? Are all door hinges on the inside of exterior doors? Has the landlord installed deadbolt locks? Are sliding glass doors adequately secured? Are garage doors secured and kept locked? Are locks easily accessible by breaking a window?

8 Is exterior lighting installed and operational? Is there a wide-angle peep hole in all exterior doors? Are your blinds angled to show lights, but not all of your stuff? Are timed lights inside and out operational? Are items marked with Operation Identification?

9 Security Check List Specific to Student Houses Have you backed up your data on your computer? Don’t advertise that you are a student house Take all valuables home with you, if possible

10 Operation Identification Operation Identification is a program designed to discourage theft of valuables Proper identification of your property –Helps police identify and return property to the rightful owners This works whether your property is stolen or lost –Discourages theft Marked property is difficult to dispose of and can easily be traced Operation Identification has dramatically reduced profit derived from stolen goods

11 What should you do? With respect to Operation Identification Use an electric engraver to mark any valuable property with a number that is traceable to you (like a drivers license) You should mark the item in two spots: one visible and one hidden Record the make, model and serial number of your property and keep this in a safe place

12 Items that should be marked? Personal computers Laptops Cameras CD players Stereos Televisions X Boxes or Play Stations Printers, Scanners Radios DVD, VCR’s PDA’s Cell Phones

13 Holiday Check List Inform a trusted neighbour of your travel plans Cancel deliveries or ensure they will be picked up daily If practical remove valuables from your home Use clock timers to activate lights, radios and television at various times Have someone check your house Get content insurance Arrange to have snow shoveled Lock all exterior doors and windows

14 After a Robbery Don’t go inside Call Police Do not touch anything or clean anything up before the police arrive Make a list of what is missing Contact other members of the house to see what they are missing

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