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Residential Safety Wichita Police Department Crime Prevention Unit.

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1 Residential Safety Wichita Police Department Crime Prevention Unit

2 Topics to be covered Doors Windows Sliding doors Garage doors Security Lighting Operation Identification Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Home Security Surveys

3 What does the criminal need to make his crime successful? Desire Ability Opportunity

4 The Crime Prevention Units focus is on removing the opportunity for the criminals to be successful by educating the public on practicing crime prevention.

5 Residential burglary summary by entry method

6 Doors Every external door should have a deadbolt lock. Exterior doors should be metal or solid hardwood. Peepholes –Install peepholes if you dont have a window to look outside.

7 Doors Strike Plates –High Security Strike Plates –Use at least 3 long screws when installing Keys –Secure keys outside in lock boxs. –Before you move in re- key your home.

8 Doors


10 Windows Double Hung Windows Horizontal Sliding Glass Windows Casement, Hopper or Awning Windows

11 Sliding Glass Doors Secure doors so they cannot be lifted out of the track from the outside. –Install pan head screws in the upper track, adjust to allow free back and forth movement but minimum up and down. Secure doors with commercially available locks or use a broomstick or wooden dowel in the lower track.

12 Garage Doors Remove the emergency pull cord. Securely mount the garage door track to your house. Install a padlock in the track when your going to be gone for extended lengths of time. Never leave your garage door remote in plain view.

13 Security Lighting Criminals can use the darkness to conceal their crimes. Adequate lighting not only provides safety for your family, but also discourages crime.

14 Security Lighting Front Porch Lights –Leave them on from dusk to dawn Motion Lights Timers –You should have at least one light on a timer to give the impression someone is home

15 Security Lighting Landscape Lighting

16 Operation Identification A program that is a deterrent to the theft of property. Increases the possibility of recovering stolen property

17 Operation Identification Identify valuables by permanently marking them with your drivers license. Record the serial numbers off of items and keep the information available on paper. Photograph any valuables or antiques.

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