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Universal Wastes (computer monitors and fluorescent bulbs) in Maine Schools.

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2 Universal Wastes (computer monitors and fluorescent bulbs) in Maine Schools

3 Maine DEP regulates waste fluorescent bulbs, waste computer monitors, old light ballasts, and mercury in our schools. They are all called universal wastes and they must be collected and disposed of properly. Contact Maine DEP for specific rules! We will focus on bulbs and monitors here.

4 Items Covered in Universal Waste Rules Certain Batteries Cathode Ray Tubes (computer monitors/TV) Fluorescent Lamps PCB Ballasts Mercury thermometers and thermostats

5 Mercury and Lead Emissions from Breakage Important to manage bulbs and monitors properly Worker Safety Issues Releases lead from monitors and mercury from lamps Food Supply Issues

6 Fish Advisory for Mercury Fish from lakes and ponds are effected Young children and women of childbearing age are most at risk Limits on eating too many fish per year!

7 Basic Requirements for Universal Wastes Must store lamps and monitors in a secure room marked Universal Waste Must not store more than 25 monitors and full boxes for more than 90 days Must use a licensed recycler and maintain records for disposal

8 Basic Requirements for Universal Wastes Dont crush or break universal waste! Mark the date on the lamp box with the date the first lamp was placed in it. Full boxes of lamps must be sent to a licensed recycler within 90 days of full; use a large box or collect several boxes before filling them. Clean up spills quickly using protective gear

9 Tracking Documents Logs (if using instate consolidator or central accumulation) or Uniform Bill of Lading Must track where your waste is going!!

10 Log Requirements Transfer Station Operator ensures that log is completed and includes: –business name, address, phone number –date of delivery of waste –type and quantity of waste delivered

11 Training Requirements Train employees and contractors who handle universal waste Training has to be once during employment, not yearly Maintain training documentation

12 Training Documentation The following people attended training with respect to Universal Waste in Maine Schools: Names:_______________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ Date:_________________________________ School:_______________________________

13 U-Waste Quiz, True/False (circle one) 1) T/F: Fluorescent bulbs and computer monitors must be collected by schools and not thrown out in the regular trash? 2) T/F: Bulbs and monitors must be stored in a secure/locked area marked as Universal Waste? 3) T/F: Bulbs and monitors must be sent to a DEP-licensed recycler and the school must check for this requirement before sending waste to the recycler.

14 U-Waste Quiz, True/False (circle one) 4) T/F: Bulbs should be placed in storage cartons that are not easily crushed, marked with the date the first bulb was placed inside them, and disposed of within 90 days of becoming full? 5) T/F: Computer monitors should be safely stored and marked as waste and disposed of before accumulating 25 monitors?

15 Quiz Answers All answers to the quiz questions are TRUE and if you answered any question false, please reread the slides to this presentation. Remember to print out a copy of this presentation and exam for your records!

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