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FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Florida Natural Gas Association June 18, 2014 | Boca Raton, FL.

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1 FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Florida Natural Gas Association June 18, 2014 | Boca Raton, FL

2 Legal Mandates  Florida House Bill 599 – Increasing the flow of domestic and international trade through the state's seaports and airports – Increasing the development of intermodal logistic centers in the state – Increasing the development of manufacturing industries in the state – Increasing the implementation of compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), and propane energy policies  Federal MAP-21 Section 1118 – Identify trends, needs and issues – Describe policies, strategies and performance measures to guide investment decisions – Describe how plan will improve state ability to meet national freight goals – Consider innovative technologies and operational strategies – Describe improvements required to reduce deterioration of heavy truck routes – Provide an inventory of facilities with freight mobility issues and strategies to address those issues.

3 2 Elements  Policy Element (Adopted 6/19/2013) – Lays out policy framework – Identifies responsibilities for implementation – Meets requirements of HB 599  Investment Element (Summer 2014) – Identifies freight needs – Identifies criteria for state investment in freight – Prioritizes freight investments across modes – Meets requirements of MAP-21

4 FMTP Policy Element  Video feature was removed for downloading purposes

5 Freight Mobility and Trade Plan Policy Element (2013)

6 CNG/LNG in the FMTP  Objective 3: Minimize Costs in the Supply Chain – 3.2: Support and facilitate the deployment of CNG/LNG use for hub logistics and long-haul trucking in collaboration with the Florida Department of Agriculture 3.2.1: Explore alternative fuel corridors with suppliers and first- adopters (facilitation to address local issues) 3.2.2: Coordinate initiatives for user conversions as market evolves (via incentives to level playing field) – 3.3: Evaluate alternative fuel taxing options as a successor to gasoline taxes 3.3.1: Assess impact of alternative tax or user fee proposals – 3.5: Support manufacturing and assembly that reduces empty backhauling 3.5.2: Facilitate transportation and CNG/LNG supply to support ILCs

7 Investment Element Process

8 Where Do We Go From Here?  Working with lead agencies/entities to implement policy directives  Hiring full-time freight coordinators in each FDOT district  Trade & Logistics education for FDOT & partners  Developing design/engineering standards that more fully account for the movement of freight  Folding freight project priorities into the Department’s Work Program  Working with local & regional governments to develop more detailed area freight plans

9 Planning for Future Corridors  Improve connectivity between regions and between Florida and other states/nations  Coordinate long-range growth/transportation plans and visions

10 Corridors of the Future  More options for personal travel  Emerging technologies such as automated or connected vehicles  Careful location and design to protect and enhance Florida’s environment and communities  Co-location with energy, communications and other infrastructure

11 Future Corridors  Northwest Florida  Tampa Bay-Northeast Florida*  Tampa Bay-Central Florida*  Southeast Florida-Heartland- Central Florida  Southwest Florida-Heartland- Central Florida * Concept Reports Complete

12 Other FDOT Planning  Several Planning Efforts Are About To Kickoff – Florida Transportation Plan – Seaport/Waterway System Plan – Rail System Plan

13 Robert E. “Ed” Lee Administrator, Rail/Motor Carrier Planning & Safety (850) 414-4535 13 For More Information

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