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2060 Florida Transportation Plan Transportation Disadvantaged Training and Technology Conference July 14, 2010.

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1 2060 Florida Transportation Plan Transportation Disadvantaged Training and Technology Conference July 14, 2010

2 11 What Is the FTP? Florida’s long range transportation plan A plan for all of Florida Provides policy framework for expenditure of state and federal transportation funds Defines roles and responsibilities for implementation

3 2 2025 FTP Goal Areas Safety and security Quality of life and environmental stewardship Maintenance and preservation Mobility and economic competitiveness Sustainable investments

4 33 Purpose of the 2060 FTP Update Respond to emerging trends and new challenges Develop long range vision, goals and objectives to guide state, regional, and local transportation decisions Build consensus among state, regional and local partners for implementation

5 44 Why 2060? Purpose –Respond to emerging challenges –Develop long range vision, goals, objectives –Build consensus among partners for implementation Why 2060? –Focus attention on tomorrow's opportunities –Correspond to partner plans with long term outlooks –Help shape a better transportation system for future generations

6 5 FTP Relationship to Statewide Plans FLORIDA TRANSPORTATION PLAN Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) Modal Systems Plans SPACE & AIR Spaceport Master Plan Aviation System Plan HIGHWAY SIS Highway Component Strategic Highway Safety Plan ITS Strategic Plan TRANSIT Transit Vision 2020 Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged RAIL Rail System Plan BIKE & PED Facilities Inventory SEAPORT Seaport System Plan Waterway System Plan Passenger and Freight Mobility

7 66 Related Partner Efforts Metropolitan Planning Organizations –Long Range Transportation Plans State Agency Plans/Initiatives –DCA, DEP, EFI, Space Florida, etc. Local Governments –Comprehensive Plans, etc. Regional Planning Councils –Strategic Regional Policy Plans Modal Partners –Transit, expressway, seaport, airport and other authorities Regional and Community Visions

8 7 2060 FTP Process Overview Secretary Florida Dept. of Transportation Public & Partner Input (Regional workshops, partner briefings, statewide summit, regional & local events) 2060 Steering Committee Safety, Security & Infrastructure Preservation Economic Competitiveness & Mobility Community Livability, Environmental Stewardship and Mobility Governance & Coordination Advisory Groups


10 Predicting the Future Is Not Easy "Mass transit in urban areas is vital to the future of Florida." Joseph P Taravella, Chair, Council of 100, 1973 "All intercity travel under 300 miles will be by helicopter." Eddie Rickenbacker, Chairman, Eastern Air Lines, 1953 "One day you will be in one continental city – driving from Boston to Miami." Charles Rovetta, Dean, Florida State School of Business, 1955 Ahead of the Times?Off Track?Looking Ahead?

11 10 Demography: Population Still Growing 1960197019801990200020102020203020402050 2060 5 m 15 m 25 m 35 m 45 m 41.8 m 33.5 m 28.4 m Source: U.S. Census; Bureau of Economic and Business Research (to 2035), FDOT projection (to 2060) 4.9 m 15.9 m 9.7 m

12 Economy: More Tourists Source: Visit Florida (historical *A new method was used to calculate 2009 estimates); FDOT (forecast numbers are extrapolated.) 11 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 2025 2030 2035 Annual Visitors (millions) Estimate Forecast 121 million 73 million 80 million 97 million

13 12 Travel: Passenger Travel Continues To Grow 2008 2035 2028 Cruise Passengers Vehicle Miles Traveled Transit Ridership Air Revenue Passengers 225 billion381 billion + 70% 256 million483 million + 89% 68 million 123 million + 80% 13 million 23 million + 74% Source: Federal Highway Administration, FDOT Transit Office, FDOT Aviation Office, Florida Seaports Council

14 Travel: Freight Transport Expected To Increase Source: FHWA Freight Analysis Framework, 2010 2002 786 million tons 2035 1,503 million tons 13

15 14 Travel: Today’s Transportation System Cannot Meet Increase in Demand Source: Florida Department of Transportation

16 15 Travel: Today’s Transportation System Cannot Meet Increase in Demand Source: Florida Department of Transportation (2035)

17 16 Development: Emerging Megaregions Source: America 2050

18 17 Development: Where Are We Now? Developed Land Conservation Land 2006 Source: 1000 Friends of Florida

19 18 Development: Where Are We Going? Developed Land Conservation Land 2060 Source: 1000 Friends of Florida

20 19 Development: Where Could We Go?

21 Adapting to changing air quality standards Meeting future water demands Coordinating natural habit conservation Reducing GHG emissions and adaptation Environment: Growing Challenges 20

22 Safety: Statewide Crash Fatality Trend 21 *Per 100 million vehicle miles traveled Source: Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS)

23 Source: Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (HSMV), Florida Traffic Crash Facts National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) Encyclopedia Safety: Pedestrian, Bicyclist and Motorcyclist Safety Trends 22 Pedestrians MotorcyclistsBicyclists Fatalities 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 600 400 200 - Pedestrians Motorcyclists Bicyclists

24 Governance: Jurisdictions and Agencies 23 County and Municipal, Census Metropolitan Statistical Areas, Regional Planning Councils, FDEP Ecosystem Management Districts, Water Management Districts, FDOT Districts, Statutorily created transportation authorities, regional visioning initiatives 411 Municipalities 67 Counties 26 Metropolitan planning organizations 28 Fixed route transit systems 11 Regional planning councils 10* Transportation authorities 7 FDOT districts and 2 enterprises

25 24 How Do We Connect? To emerging global and national markets? To other national megaregions? Between Florida's regions? Between communities in your region? Within your community?

26 25 How Do We Adapt? New vehicles Alternative fuels Changing logistics Better information

27 26 Future of Transportation? More Integrated? More Efficient? More Connected? More Choices?

28 Discussion Questions What transportation strategies would help Florida's economy be globally competitive over the next 50 years? What transportation strategies would help Florida’s communities be better places to live, work and play? What forms of transportation do we need more of in the future? Does Florida need new or different types of transportation for moving people and freight and what would these be? How do we maximize the use of existing transportation facilities such as roadways and rail lines before developing new ones? 27

29 Discussion Questions What can we do to improve transportation safety in Florida? How do we address our future transportation needs, while at the same time ensuring the environment is protected and preserved? How can regional transportation planning and coordination be improved in this area of the state? Is more funding needed to meet Florida’s transportation needs? If so, what source(s) of revenue should be considered? 28

30 29 How You Can Provide Input Online at -- click on Send Comments –For survey, click on Become Involved Fax to: 2060 FTP Team at 850-414-4898 Mail to: Ms. Huiwei Shen, Project Manager Florida Department of Transportation 605 Suwannee St., MS 28 Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0450

31 30 Horizon 2060 Web site

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