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Native Americans of NY Mrs. Johnson wonders how much you know...

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1 Native Americans of NY Mrs. Johnson wonders how much you know...

2 What do you call a scientist who studies artifacts to learn about the past?

3 An archeologist

4 What do you call the group of people who meet to talk about and solve problems for the confederacy?

5 Council

6 What is the period before written history called?

7 Prehistory

8 How did people first come to North America?

9 By crossing a land bridge

10 What are objects made by people of long ago called?

11 Artifacts

12 Hunters and gatherers moved from place to place to find this.

13 Food

14 Growing their own food meant people could do what?

15 Stay in one place

16 The history, beliefs and customs that a group of people share is their what?

17 Heritage

18 A clan is a group of families who have a common what?

19 Ancestor

20 What is the true meaning of the word “Iroquois”?

21 Rattlesnake

22 What does Hodenosaunee mean?

23 People of the Longhouse

24 Storytelling was important to the Iroquois because it taught about what?

25 Ancestors, land and animals

26 What is one difference between the Iroquois and the Algonquin?

27 Language

28 What are the 4 rights given by the Iroquois Confederacy?

29 Freedom of speech, to give own views, food, clothing and shelter and worship

30 What is the head of each clan called?

31 Clan Mother

32 What are the members of the grand council called?

33 Sachems

34 What are the names of the 5 groups which make up the Iroquois Confederacy?

35 Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca

36 Who was the tribe that joined the Iroquois Confederacy 150 years later?

37 Tuscarora

38 What did the Iroquois form to protect themselves from outside groups?

39 The Iroquois Confederacy

40 What are the 3 sister crops?

41 Corn, beans and squash

42 Eastern Woodland tribes lived in the area east of this river.

43 The Mississippi River

44 What is the tall wooden fence surrounding the village called?

45 Palisade

46 Before the Europeans came to America, the Indians were a...

47 Stone age people

48 What did the Indians trade beaver skins for?

49 Metal tools, cookery and guns

50 What does “Stone age people” mean?

51 They only used stone for tools because that’s all they had.

52 Why were canoes the easiest means for travel?

53 They held a lot and were light enough to portage.

54 What does portage mean?

55 To carry from waterway to waterway.

56 What jobs did Iroquois men perform?

57 They hunted, fished and traded.

58 What jobs did women perform?

59 Planting and gathering

60 What did the tribes of the Northeast use for clothes?

61 Buckskin

62 What did the Indians use for fertilizer in their corn?

63 Fish

64 Who was the Onondagen leader who helped Deganawida form the Iroquois Confederacy?

65 Hiawatha

66 Who was the group that believed its members had power to heal very sick people?

67 False face society

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