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PRESENTED BY Mike Ferri, Federation Budget Chair & Chap. 193 Editor Rich Wilson, Federation Vice President & Chap. 1404 President May 31, 2013.

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1 PRESENTED BY Mike Ferri, Federation Budget Chair & Chap. 193 Editor Rich Wilson, Federation Vice President & Chap. 1404 President May 31, 2013

2 To provide you a brief overview of NARFE, the Washington State Federation of Chapters (WSFC) and the many benefits of NARFE membership

3 topics  What is NARFE? 111  Resources/Links  Washington Federation

4 To safeguard and enhance federal employee health benefits, retirement benefits, and pay issues for Active Federal Employees (AFE) and Annuitants

5 To persuade public policy makers that federal workers ought to have economic security in retirement as compensation for devoting their careers to public service.

6  The ONLY organization solely dedicated to safeguarding and improving the benefits of federal employees, retirees, and families since 1921  Grassroots, Lobbying organization; it is NOT a Union  Advocate for both Active and Retired federal employees before Congress and the White House

7  Governed by an elected leadership of four National Officers and ten Regional Vice Presidents  Has over 259,000 members; 54 federations, and more than 1,341 chapters  eChapter has 13,513 members as of 5/17/13

8  NARFE National National Officers Regional Vice Presidents National Executive Board (NEB)  State Federations Executive Board  Chapters

9  Any person who is or will be eligible to receive an annuity or survivor annuity from any of the civilian retirement programs of any agency of the US government (CSRS, FERS, State Department, NOAA) or of the District of Columbia and his/her current spouse, without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, sex, or age.  2004 – Incorporated AFE’s into NARFE’s family

10 Regular Members: Members who pay National and Chapter dues. Only Chapter members are considered Voting Members of a Chapter. Life Members: Members who pay present and future National dues in a lump sum. A Life Member, who was or is a Chapter member at the time a National Life Membership was or is purchased, shall maintain membership in the Chapter. Failure to do so shall result in suspension of Chapter membership rights and privileges

11 Distinguished Member – A member who has reached the age of 85 and has been a NARFE member for at least 20 years may be recognized as a DM upon request and certification by the Chapter to National Office that criteria has been met. DM must continue to pay NARFE dues. Honorary Members – Members who have been granted the right to a National membership without further payment of National dues prior to the establishment of Distinguished Member Recognition Program (2008 Convention)

12 Members-at-Large (National Only Members) – Members who belong to the National Association but not to a Chapter. They pay National dues. They are non-voting members. Associate Members – NARFE members who affiliate with any Chapter other than their “Home Chapter.” Must pay Chapter dues and may hold office within the Chapter but cannot be included in the total Chapter membership count for determining representation at National Conventions.

13  On-Line Membership Option  Open to Active and Retired Federal Employees  Same benefits as regular membership  All communications are electronic (except NARFE Magazine)  eNARFE Chapter 2363 – Washington, DC ◦ State eNARFE Chapters are now being formed

14 NEW MEMBERS – First Year Dues  $45.00 (Active and Retired)  $2.00 rebated to Chapter who recruited new retired member  $8.00 rebated to Member who recruited new active (AFE) member

15  Chapters can establish Chapter dues for their own activities  Collected from the members in the National Dues Collection System

16 Current Regular, eNARFE Members and Members-at-Large $40.00 for 1 year, $72.00 for 2 years, $102.00 for 3 years $34.00 for Dues Withholding (AFE’s not eligible)  $10.00 Cash Rebate from Federation under Cash Rebate Incentive Program

17  Annual Dues - $34.00 versus $40.00  1/12 of membership dues and 1/12 of chapter dues are deducted from monthly annuity  Complete a DW-2 or DW-3  Cash Rebate Incentive Program - $10.00 cash rebate from Federation

18  Held Biennially 33 rd Convention – Orlando FL, Aug 24–28, 2014  Each Chapter is entitled one delegate for each 50 Chapter members or fraction thereof  Chapters can cast as many votes as the number of delegates entitled. Proxy votes can be cast.  Limited to three proxies per voting delegate  One delegate from a chapter is designated as Voting Rep

19 Washington FEDERATION EXECUTIVE BOARD Federation President District Vice Presidents (5)TreasurerSecretaryVice PresidentImmediate Past President

20  Elected by Delegates at the Biennial Federation Convention for 2 Year Term  District Vice Presidents - Elected by Delegates from Chapters in Their Respective Districts to two year terms  All Federation Officers are limited to Two Consecutive Two Year Terms

21 Appointed Officers  Appointed by President and Approved by Executive Board  Service Officer, Parliamentarian, Public Relations Officer, Chaplain, and Sergeant-at-Arms Committee Chairs  Appointed by President and Approved by Executive Board  Alzheimer’s, NARFE-PAC, Membership Chair, Nominations, Resolutions, Editor, Webmaster, Auditing, Balloting, Budget, and Credentials

22  Responsibility  Provide Policy and Guidance  Carry out mandates of Federation Convention  Direct the management and authorize disbursement of Federation funds  Composition  Federation Elected Officers  Immediate Past Federation President  Meetings  Meets quarterly  All meetings open to members of Federation

23  Membership – 6,739 (May 20, 2013)  22 Chapters 1 Closing (1801, Evergreen) Smallest Chapter – 67 Members (1070, Longview/Kelso) Largest Chapter - 922 Members (181, Bremerton) Average Size – 306 Members Chapters Broken Down into Five Districts, with District Vice President Responsible for Chapters in His/Her District Washington Federation

24 District I: Chapters 32, 239, 856, & 1247 District II: Chapters 43, 193, 196, 1404, 1701, & 1966 District III: Chapters 131, 163, 236, 1070, & 1801 District IV: Chapters 181, 881, 888, & 1006 District V: Chapters 237, 238, & 1192 Washington Federation Districts

25  Washington Federation – Held Biennially  Chapter or District Serves as Convention Host  One delegate for every 25 members or fraction thereof, plus Chapter President  Elected Federation Officers are Delegates-at-Large  Proxy Votes are Allowed  Federation Officers elected  Resolutions Voted on at Convention

26  NARFE Website:  WA Federation Website:  Federation Newsletters  Chapter Newsletters  NARFE Magazine  GEMS (Global Electronics Messaging System)  NARFE News Watch  Chapter Officers  Chapter Members  District Vice President

27  Every Member’s Responsibility  Practice the 3-R’s - Recruiting, Retention, and Reinstatement  Reminder Post Cards are available for Retention  Every Member should be a walking advertisement for NARFE

28  Notify NARFE Member Records Office and Chapter Secretary of name, address, phone number, email address, and member status changes  Dues Inquiries and chapter assignments should be addressed to Member Records or Chapter President and/or Chapter Secretary  Renew Membership online at  Or Call: 800.456.8410

29  Attend Chapter Meetings  Become engaged in Chapter activities  Volunteer to help with Chapter projects  Put your Skills to work in the Chapter  Enroll in GEMS (Go to NARFE website and follow directions – need Member ID and birth date)

30  Establish a NARFE account at  Be a NARFE “Activist” on Legislative Issues  Strive to become a future Chapter Leader  Attend District Training  Don’t be afraid to ask questions or offer suggestions for improving the Chapter

31 Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Website:  Always have CSA or CSF Retirement Claim Number handy when contacting OPM  Retirement Eligibility  888.767.6738  Retiree/Annuitant  888.676.6738  Retirement Operations Center PO Box 45 Boyers PA 16017-0045

32 Social Security Administration  Website:  Phone #: 800.772.1213  Always have Social Security Number and/or Claim # Medicare  Website:  Phone: 800.633.4227 IRS  Website:  Phone: 800.829.1040

33  Effective March 1, 2013, all federal annuity checks (Social Security, VA, Railroad, or federal benefits) will be electronic payments  Direct Deposit to Bank or Credit Union  Prepaid Debit Card (Direct Express Card)  Paper Checks will no longer be mailed


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