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NARFE National Convention 2014 Rodney Adelman Paul Lamb 12014 Off-Year Training.

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1 NARFE National Convention 2014 Rodney Adelman Paul Lamb 12014 Off-Year Training

2 Sunday Afternoon Opening Ceremonies Hawaiian Prayer – John Priolo Posting of Colors, National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance Welcome to Rosen Centre – Harris Rosen Memorial Service 2014 Off-Year Training2

3 Sunday Afternoon Alzheimer Report Special Guest - Amy Shives Alzheimer’s Association Report – Harry Johns Special Speaker – Rep. John Mica (R-FL) Recognition of Future of NARFE Committee Announcements 2014 Off-Year Training3

4 Monday Morning General Session 1 Keynote Address – Katherine Archuleta, Director, OPM Congressional Remarks – Rep Alan Grayson Report of Credentials Committee Report of Rules Committee Adoption of Convention Agenda 2014 Off-Year Training4

5 Monday Afternoon General Session 2 Resolution 14-01 (Future of NARFE Concept) Report of the Bylaws Committee 2014 Off-Year Training5

6 Tuesday Morning Voting on Bylaw Amendments General Session 3 Legislative Presentation Report of Ballot and Teller Committee Nominations Report of Site Selection Committee – 2018 Jacksonville FL 2014 Off-Year Training6

7 Tuesday Afternoon Region Caucuses Election of Region 7 Vice President – Rodney Adelman 2014 Off-Year Training7

8 Wednesday Morning Voting for National President, 14-01 General Session 4 Report of Legislative Committee Report of Ballot and Teller Committee Report on Regional Caucuses and Remarks of elected RVPs Report of Membership Committee 2014 Off-Year Training8

9 Wednesday Afternoon Runoff election General session 5 Federal Employees Education & Assistance Fund (FEEA) Update Report of Resolutions Committee 2014 Off-Year Training9

10 Thursday Morning General Session 6 Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program Service Officers Awards Installation of Elected Officers New Business Courtesy Resolution Appreciation to Host Committee 2014 Off-Year Training10

11 Results on Resolutions Resolution 14-01 Developing the Vision for Future NARFE That the NEB continue developing the model for Future NARFE using the Future of NARFE Committee report as the foundation, and providing implementing resolutions and bylaw amendments for consideration at the 2016 National Convention. This will be done through strategic planning, with stakeholder participation, to decide the best organization for the future of the Association. Adopted 86 % - 14 % 112014 Off-Year Training

12 BYLAWS Committee 14-02Move Social Members to Chapters and Reword = Adopted 90 % - 10 % 14-03Eliminate Mandatory Chapter Membership = Withdrawn 14-04NARFE Uniform Dues Structure = Rejected 18 % - 82 % 14-05Membership Retention - Five-year Membership for Cost of Four Years = Rejected 23 % - 77 % 122014 Off-Year Training

13 BYLAWS Committee 14-06Reduce National Officers to Two = See BC-02 14-07Officers and Their Duties = See BC-01 14-08Change Numbers of Regions = See BC-01 14-09Establish a Specific Number of Regions Within NARFE = See BC-01 132014 Off-Year Training

14 BYLAWS Committee 14-10Authorize Federations to Establish e- Divisions = Rejected 28 % - 72 % 14-11Establish Statewide Chapters for Current eNARFE and New Members = Rejected 34 % - 66 % 14-12Designate Chapter 2363 as the Worldwide e-NARFE Chapter = Rejected 7 %-93 % 14-13Limit Voting Strength of Large Chapters = Rejected 17 % - 83 % 142014 Off-Year Training

15 BYLAWS Committee 14-14Allocate Ballot Votes of Worldwide e- NARFE Chapter Voting Members = See BC-03 14-15Allocate Ballot Votes of Very Large Chapters to Federation Presidents = See BC-03 14-16Allocate Ballot Votes for E-members to Federation Presidents of their State of Residence = See BC-03 14-17Revoke Authority of Designated Committee to Submit Bylaw Amendments = Rejected 29 % - 71 % 152014 Off-Year Training

16 BYLAWS Committee 14-18Change Effective Date of Bylaws Amendments = Rejected 30 % - 70 % 14-19Provide Rule for Revision = Adopted 88 % - 12 % 14-20Articles of Incorporation-Amendment Procedures = Rejected 33 % - 67 % 14-21Consideration of Revision of the 2012 NARFE Bylaws and Standing Rules = Withdrawn 162014 Off-Year Training

17 BYLAWS Committee BC-01Establish the Specific Number of NARFE Regions as Ten = Rejected 47 % - 53 % BC-02Reduce National Officers to Two = Adopted 82 % - 18 % [eliminates office of vice president and secretary] BC-03Allocate Ballot Vote of Chapter 2363 Members to federation Presidents of their Residence = Rejected 62 % - 38 % 172014 Off-Year Training

18 BYLAWS Committee 14-22Additions and/or Deletions to the 2014 NARFE National Bylaws and Standing Rules subsequent to the closing of the 33 rd NARFE National Convention = As rewritten adopted on floor 182014 Off-Year Training

19 LEGISLATIVE Committee The Legislative Committee builds a Legislative Program for the coming two year congressional term. Some of the resolutions submitted for consideration are incorporated into that comprehensive program. Program was adopted by a floor vote. 2014 Off-Year Training19

20 LEGISLATIVE Committee 14-23Admission of the State of New Columbia = Incorporated 14-24Add a formal position on campaign finance reform to NARFE’s Legislative Program = Adopted on floor [to be added to program] 14-25Medicare Identity Theft Prevention = Rejected by committee 202014 Off-Year Training

21 LEGISLATIVE Committee 14-26Semi-postal Stamp To Support Medical Research Relating to Alzheimer’s Disease = Rejected on floor 14-27OPM Issuance of Form 1099-R Tax Statements = Rejected by committee 14-28NARFE Support of Employees (Federal) on the U.S. Postal Service = Incorporated 212014 Off-Year Training

22 LEGISLATIVE Committee 14-29Amendment to Locality Pay Legislation = Incorporated 14-30Locality Pay Legislation for the Non- Foreign Areas = Incorporated 14-31NARFE Support Phased-In Doubling Social Security Benefits = Rejected on floor 222014 Off-Year Training

23 MEMBERSHIP Committee 14-32Vote Distribution of Electronic Chapter Members = no vote – covered by BC- 03 14-33Establishment of “Federation Membership Rosters” that list National Life (Non-Voting) and National Only (Non voting) Members residing in their state = Rejected on floor 232014 Off-Year Training

24 MEMBERSHIP Committee 14-34Require the NARFE Headquarters to arrange for extensive training of all Chapter Service Officers = Rejected on floor 14-35NARFE Headquarters Request the Office of Personal Management (OPM) to Establish a Telephone Number Solely for the Use of NARFE Chapter Service Officers = Rejected on floor 242014 Off-Year Training

25 MEMBERSHIP Committee 14-36Require that all Applicants for eNARFE Membership have an Email Address = Adopted as amended on floor 14-37Associate Chapter Membership = covered by 14-02 – no vote 14-38Establish one Blog for ALL members to post or respond to messages = Adopted on floor 252014 Off-Year Training

26 MEMBERSHIP Committee 14-39Reassign Current Nationwide eNARFE Chapter Members to Statewide Chapters = withdrawn 14-40Membership Eligibility = Rejected on floor 262014 Off-Year Training

27 RESOLUTIONS Committee 14-41Eliminate Two National Office Positions, Vice President and Secretary = Rejected on floor 14-42Eliminate Mandatory Chapter Membership = Rejected on floor 14-43Future of NARFE Committee Report Implementation = Adopted as amended on floor [established requirement for strategic planning committee] 272014 Off-Year Training

28 ELECTION Results National President First vote Hughes, Elaine1480 (30.4 %) Thissen, Richard1881 (38.7 %) Thomas, Ken1503 (30.9 %) 282014 Off-Year Training

29 ELECTION Results National President Runoff vote Hughes, Elaine--- Thissen, Richard2972 (61.5 %) Thomas, Ken1863 (38.5 %) 292014 Off-Year Training

30 Legislative Priorities Protecting federal and postal retirees’ existing retirement and health benefits from reductions and/or erosion. Protecting federal civilian and postal employees’ pay, retirement and health benefits. Protecting the viability, stability and standard of service of established federal government functions. 2014 Off-Year Training30

31 Legislative Program Retirement Federal Civil Service Annuities [13 bullets] Social Security [6 bullets] Federal Employee Pay, Job Security and other Benefits [7 bullets] Health Care Federal Employees Health Benefit Program [12 bullets] Medicare [12 bullets] Other Provisions [5 bullets] 2014 Off-Year Training31

32 Convention 2016 Sparks NV August 28 -- September 1, 2016 2014 Off-Year Training32

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