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Eleanor Roosevelt by William Jay Jacobs

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1 Eleanor Roosevelt by William Jay Jacobs

2 Directions: Read each sentence using the vocabulary word.
Write what you think the underlined vocabulary word might mean. Replace your definition in the sentence to see if it makes sense. Use the pictures as clues! Pay close attention to the last 4 words in the power point. You will see these words again this year!

3 adjective – a describing word
Brooding Faced with her coldness, her brooding silence, he only grew angrier and more distant. P. 93 Students are brooding if they have to take a test and they have not studied. My brooding parents pace nervously when I am not home on time. They always think I am lost or hurt.

4 Combatant noun - person
In 1917 the United States entered World War I as an active participant combatant. p. 93 Many boys enjoy playing a combatant in video games, they like to pretend they are in a battle against bad guys. Look at the root word of combatant – what does that tell you?

5 adjective – describing word
Migrant adjective – describing word She crisscrossed the country learning about the suffering of coal miners, shipyard workers, migrant farm workers, students, housewives – p. 94 In Social Studies, we are learning about migrant people who came to America and started our country. Migrant workers are people who move here for their job.

6 Withdrawn adjective – describing word
Feeling unwanted, Eleanor shy and withdrawn. p. 89 The shy and withdrawn turtle hid in his shell until the predator was gone The new students was withdrawn. She didn’t become a part of any group.

7 Priority Noun - thing Her example marked an important step in making the rights of blacks a matter of national priority. P. 94 When you decide that math homework is the most important and you have to do it first, you are making math homework a priority. Many parents tell their kids to prioritize their work – decide what is important and put it first on your list of things to do.

8 adjective – a describing word
Prominent adjective – a describing word Like many socially prominent women, Eleanor threw herself into the war effort. P. 93 President Obama is a prominent figure not only in our country but in others throughout the world. Most people know who he is. Wouldn’t it be cool to be prominent? You would be famous and have people recognize you wherever you went!

9 Reserved** adjective – describing word
Eleanor Roosevelt was described by her family and friends as reserved because she didn’t show her feelings and was very quiet and thoughtful. Shy people are often reserved. They think before they speak and they try not to get involved unless they feel comfortable. The quiet, reserved man took a seat in the back and didn’t say much.

10 Apprehensive** adjective – a describing word
Eleanor Roosevelt was apprehensive about marrying Franklin because she was afraid she couldn’t trust him with her heart. The young boy was apprehensive about entering the haunted house because he could hear the screams from the people in front of him. The apprehensive dog tucked his tail in between his legs and slowly walked toward his angry owner.

11 Exemplary** adjective – describing word
Eleanor Roosevelt is a exemplary woman. She is a role model for woman everywhere. Exemplary schools are given awards so that other schools can follow in their footsteps and become great schools too. The baseball player was so exemplary that his team mates watched his every move in an effort to be as good as he was.

12 Jovial** adjective – describing word
FDR’s friends and family described him as jovial. He was the opposite of Eleanor, who was quiet and rarely smiled. Santa Claus is often described as jovial because he has a great sense of humor and enjoys making people happy. Jovial people are fun to be around!

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