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Wiley InterScience

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1 Wiley InterScience

2 Spanning 14 subject areas across the scientific, technical, medical and professional disciplines. Searchable, dynamic and always available 500 Journals 700 OnlineBooks™ 38 Encyclopedic Reference Works 12 Current Protocols 7 Databases 7 Backfile Collections Discover …A Rich Selection of Quality Content

3 Discover …Over 500 Leading Journals Fully Searchable PDF and HTML formats EarlyView® - journal articles online ahead of compiled print issue. Peer reviewed and fully citable. Linked to third party material (CrossRef, ChemPort, PubMed, open url etc)

4 Discover …Convenient Journal Features Discover information on the move with MobileEdition™ - journal TOCs and abstracts delivered directly to your PDA

5 Discover …Convenient Journal Features Discover information when and where you want it with Roaming Access – for access outside your EAL institution’s IP range

6 Discover …Convenient Journal Features Discover information as soon as it’s available with Alerting Services - Journal TOCs emailed as soon as new issue is published. Search query matches emailed as soon as content is published. Journal TOC alert Saved search alert

7 Discover …Journal Backfile Collections Content going back to Volume 1 issue 1 – 1996 Article body in PDF and header material and references in HTML – for search and link capabilities Sold as a single unit for a one-time price Backfile Collections: Angewandte Chemie International Edition Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Biophysics Chemistry Materials Science Neuroscience New Directions for Evaluation Polymer Coming in 2005: Analytical Chemistry Cell and Developmental Biology

8 Psychology Discover …Definitive Reference Works Business, Finance and Management ChemistryEngineering Earth and Environmental Science PhysicsGeneral Science Life and Medical Sciences = 38 Reference Works

9 Multi-volume encyclopaedic works External hyper-linking to third party material (CrossRef, ChemPort, PubMed, open url etc) Together equivalent to over 350 volumes of work – or 195,000 pages! Fully Searchable Html format Internal hyper-linking Discover …Definitive Reference Works

10 Easy to Browse - By Article Title - By Subject Easy to Search Discover …Definitive Reference Works

11 Discover …OnlineBooks™ More than 700 print book titles online Up to date content - around 200 titles to be added every year – continuously – as soon as they are in print.

12  Pay once for ongoing access. The one-time fee is just that, buying ongoing access for all works purchased.  Build your own customized collections – selecting your online holdings on a title-by-title basis (20 title minimum applies on sign up).  Additional titles can be added at any time.  Unlimited concurrent access for your users.  Order online or via your Account Manager.  Counter compliant usage statistics are provided.  Pricing is based on the US list price of the hardcover version of each title selected. Introducing...

13  Build your own customized collections  Titles are priced at an annual flat fee determined by FTE.  Your subscription provides one calendar year’s access to subscribed titles.  Additional titles can be added at any time.  Once you have subscribed to a title for three consecutive years, you will be provided ongoing access to that title for no additional fee.  At renewal you can add, delete or swap out any of the subscribed titles – subject to the 20-title minimum.  There is unlimited concurrent access for your users.  Order online or via your Account Manager.  Counter compliant usage statistics are provided. Introducing...

14 Discover …OnlineBooks™ Search, save chapter summaries Summary, keywords, DOI, author details all listed Access related articles in an instant Browse a book by its Table of Contents Download content at the chapter level - PDF Download MARC Records

15 12 Laboratory manuals Fully Searchable Html and PDF format Internal hyper- linking Discover …the new Current Protocols

16 Links from Bibliographies to PubMed, ExLibris, and Wiley Journals Resizable Frames for Optimal Viewing PDFs to Allow Printing of Entire Unit Figures and Tables Integrated Directly into Text for Easy Viewing Hyperlinks Between Different Current Protocols™ Books Ability to Search in a Single or in Multiple Current Protocols™ Books Ability to Restrict Searching to Unit and/or Protocol Titles to Find the most Relevant Hits Boolean Searching Fully Hyperlinked Table of Contents FEATURES NEW CURRENT PROTOCOLS™ ONLINE Discover …the new Current Protocols

17 Discover …Sophisticated Databases Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis: Compounds/reactions = 50,000 Records/reviews = 5,582 Organic Syntheses: Compounds/reactions = 6,000 Records/reviews = 10,400 Organic Chemical Drugs and their Synonyms : Compounds/reactions = 16,000 Records/reviews = 125,000 Wiley Database of Polymer Properties : Compounds/reactions = 2,500 Records/reviews = 9,000

18 Discover …Newly Launched Databases Organic Reactions Reactions = + 100,000 SpecInfo Spectra = 434,000 IR, NMR, MS

19 Now on Wiley InterScience…

20 The Cochrane Library – the best single source of reliable evidence about the effects of health care Consists of a regularly updated collection of evidence-based medicine databases: The Cochrane Library Coming in 2005: The Cochrane Methodology Register.

21 Links to MEDLINE abstracts Links to ISI Web of Science ® CrossRef linking Sophisticated search functionality Browse by Contents and Chapter Set profiled email alerts

22 The Cochrane Library on Wiley InterScience

23 Discover …Flexible Search Functionality Quick search – for a query or a publication title is persistent across the site Plus – search boxes to match product type appear on product level pages JournalsOnlineBooksReference WorksDatabases

24 Discover …Flexible Search Functionality Limit your search by: Field Product type Collections and/or Saved Content Subject Date Range Order your search by: Match % Date Publication Title

25 Discover …Flexible Search Functionality

26 “I think the Acronym Finder deserves special mention as a terrific online tool, especially in the sciences.” Harvard University Librarian Library Journal, May 2002 Discover …Flexible Search Functionality

27 Results conveniently ordered by product type. Toggle between product type results here Discover …Flexible Search Functionality

28 Discover … Extensive Linking CrossRef ISI Web of Science PubMed ChemPort Links with:

29 Discover … Convenient Personalization Your own personal navigation bar – persistent across the site. Takes you directly to the content you access most frequently. View your subscriptions, see your Pay-Per-View order history, and manage your preferences in your own ‘My Profile’ area.

30 Enhanced Access -Unlimited concurrent access to all Wiley titles, multi-site, regional and global coverage -ArticleSelect -Roaming Access -Usage Reports Basic Access -Single site -One concurrent user -Unlimited number of authorised users -ArticleSelect Pay-Per-View Access to un-subscribed journal articles or book chapters via instant credit card transaction. $25 for a 24 hour period of access SUBSCRIBED OR PAID All full text material, graphical abstracts Discover … Flexible Access Models FREE Journal abstracts, book chapter front matter, searches, alerting services

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