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1 Introducing OnlineBooks ™ on Wiley InterScience

2 Agenda During this session on OnlineBooks™ you will learn: –What’s available? –How to browse for content –How to navigate around an OnlineBook™ –How to run a search

3 What are OnlineBooks ™ ? OnlineBooks are electronic versions of Wiley research books available through Wiley InterScience

4 What’s available? A dynamic library on your desktop: –More than 2,000 titles –Approximately 30-50 new books added each month –Many published at the same time as print version –Downloadable MARC records –Usage Statistics

5 Subject Coverage Leading information across a broad range of subject areas: Business Chemistry Computer Science Earth and Environmental Science Education Engineering Law Life Sciences Mathematics and Statistics Medicine and Healthcare Physics and Astronomy Polymers and Materials Science Psychology Social Sciences

6 Top Ten OnlineBooks (September 2006) 1IMS, The (Second Edition) 2Cell Biology (Second Edition) 3Fundamentals of Photonics 4Handbook of Organopalladium Chemistry for Organic Synthesis 5HSDPA/HSUPA for UMTS 6Applied Numerical Methods Using MATLAB 7Elements of Information Theory 8Bioinformatics (Second Edition) 9Essential Communication Strategies for Scientists, Engineers, and Technology Professionals (Second Edition) 10The A to Z of Mathematics

7 Selecting Content Wiley InterScience offers you the flexibility to select content simply. You can either: –Browse for Content –Run a Search

8 Selecting Content Browse by product typeRun a SearchBrowse by subject area Go to:

9 Browsing Browse by subjectBrowse by alphabetic list of book titles

10 Table of Contents Go to a chapter summaryView content at chapter level in PDF Bookmark this title to your profile

11 Chapter Summary page Access related articlesDownload Citations in plain text or EndNote™ format Includes keywords, DOI, author details

12 Full text in PDF format Familiar PDF format for convenient reading and printing

13 Advanced Search Run your search by filling out the Advanced Search form, using boolean operators where necessary

14 Search Results Original search criteria listedGo to content at chapter level in PDF

15 Search Results Find other similar chapters on Wiley InterScience

16 Related Chapters

17 Current developments in OnlineBooks™? Usage is growing rapidly – In 2006 there has been a 73% increase in ‘Chapter Text’ downloads. There are approximately 42,000 ‘Access denied’s’ each month i.e. readers that try to enter content that they do not have a license for. Chemistry and Engineering are the most popular subject areas being read

18 Future Developments Search enhancements Improvements to MARC records delivery Alerting services for customers Reference linking Wider range of subject areas to include Trade and Professional titles OnlineBook Series collections: –Available in November –18 series to be added before end of March 2007

19 Flexible Pricing Options OnlineBooks are primarily aimed at the library buyer, with convenient pricing options and generous discounts One-Time Fee or Flexi-Subscription pricing options offered Individuals can purchase single chapters through Pay- Per-View “ArticleSelect” Tokens can also be used

20 Learn more about Wiley InterScience Just click the View Demo link from our homepage

21 If you require any further information on Wiley InterScience or would like to learn more about any of our other products, please go to:

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