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1 Wiley-Blackwell - Lund Online Hugo Da Silva - Account Manager Nordic Region

2 Today’s Presentation Journals Scope Backfiles Offer Compass Collection Online Books Offer Discounts Packages

3 Wiley-Blackwell Formed in February 2007 Formerly: Blackwell Publishing, Ltd and John Wiley &Sons, Inc. Largest academic publisher after Elsevier (equal in size to Springer)

4 Breadth, Depth and Quality Publishing the greatest range of content of any major publisher –Covering all subjects: Medicine, Life Science, Physical Science, Social Science, Humanities –Serving all levels: Primary peer-reviewed research, survey reviews, teaching resources, reference materials

5 Wiley-Blackwell – a wealth of content We publish online at 1,400 Scholarly Journals 830 Backfile Titles 100+ Major Reference Works 14 Current Protocols™ Laboratory Manuals featuring over 10,000 protocols 15 Evidence Based Medicine and Chemistry Databases


7 Physical Sciences 2nd largest publisher after Elsevier 214 journals in chemistry; 97 journals in engineering; 27 journals in physics; 52 journals in mathematics and statistics 81% of Physical Sciences journals titles have ISI impact factors 44% of Physical Sciences journals are owned by professional/ academic Societies

8 Life Sciences 2nd largest publisher after Elsevier 290 journals in neuroscience, ecology, microbiology, plant sciences, water resources, physical geography and zoology 88% of our life science journals titles have ISI impact factors 78% of our life science journals are owned by or affiliated with a Learned or Professional Society 100 Society partners

9 Social Science and Humanities 2nd largest publisher after Taylor & Francis Quantity: –T & F 500 Titles, –Wiley-Blackwell 441 –Sage 320 –Elsevier 275 –OUP 106 Quality: –Highest number of SCI ranked journals –Ranked 1 or 2 in 30 out of 54 categories –Ranked 2 in overall share of citations

10 Medicine (Percentage of citations in ISI in Medicine)

11 Professional Disciplines Biggest publisher of professional journals 280 journals covering: Dentistry: # 1 publisher Food Science: # 1 Fisheries and Aquaculture: # 1 Veterinary Medicine: 20 journals Technology and Computing

12 2010 Journal Collections 2010 “Full Collection” = 1,228 2010 “STM Collection” = 767 2010 “SSH Collection” = 461 2010 “M&N Collection” = 321 Journals not in any collection = 264 All Wiley-Blackwell Journals = 1,492

13 New Journals 27 new journals freely available for 2-3 years But you must sign up: in_form.html

14 Journal Backfiles 14 million pages from 850 titles digitized back to volume 1, issue 1 Pick and choose titles or buy Collections, e.g. Medicine and Nursing Business and Management Chemistry Biology Economics, Finance and Accounting Communications Technology, Electrical and Systems Engineering Psychology But you must sign up: in_form.html (or speak to me today)

15 Backfiles Offer We offer perpetual access with no archiving or maintenance fees. Discounts of up to 20% are available NOW, depending on the total value of titles purchased, and you can SAVE an additional 5% if you add new journal titles to your existing backfile collections. For a list of access denied titles in your institution, please contact us. We will be happy to help you do it, or we can produce a report for you.

16 Compass Collection Online-only journals in the social sciences and humanities publishing original, peer-reviewed survey articles of the most important research and current thinking from across the entire disciplines. 100 articles per year: 3 times more than a standard journal Fast continuous publication: articles typically available 6-8 weeks after acceptance and as an online-only journal there are no issue restrictions The quality of a scholarly journal... the speed of the web

17 Compass Journals History Compass Literature Compass Philosophy Compass Religion Compass Geography Compass Language and Linguistics Compass www.linguistics- Sociology Compass Social and Personality Psychology Compass

18 Compass Collection - Offers Save up to 40% on the Compass Collection! Subscribe to : – Eight titles and save 40% –Seven titles and save 35% –Six titles and save 30% –Five titles and save 25% –History, Literature + Philosophy together - save 33%


20 What are OnlineBooks ™ ? OnlineBooks are electronic versions of books available through the Wiley InterScience platform

21 Electronic Strategy All new books published on Wiley InterScience –Not all textbooks yet Many books available on aggregation platforms 68 subject collections on Wiley InterScience now launched.

22 OnlineBooks 2,500 new books published each year 7,500 books available electronically on Wiley InterScience

23 Online Books

24 Benefits of OnlineBooks™ Multi user access – no stock limitations to restrict concurrent borrowing A range of purchase options from single chapter to complete book Generous discounting, based on size of institution and volume purchases Usage statistics provided, giving you better information to manage your library MARC Records can be obtained via OCLC or via Regional Providers

25 Easily accessible Browse by subject Browse by alphabetic list of book titles

26 Search, save chapter summaries Browse a book by its Table of Contents Download content at the chapter level - PDF Table of Contents page

27 The Chapter Summary page Includes keywords, DOI, author details Access related articles in an instant Download Citations into plain text or EndNote ™ format

28 Full chapters supplied in familiar PDF format for convenient reading and printing Full text in PDF format

29 One-Time Fee Option Pay once for ongoing access Selecting books you want on a title-by-title basis (20 title minimum applies on sign up) Additional titles can be added at any time Unlimited concurrent access for your library users COUNTER compliant usage statistics provided via OCLC Pricing is based on the US list price of the hardcover version Generous discounts given for multi-title purchases

30 One Time Fee Option

31 Flexi-Subscription Option Build your own customized book collections Pricing is based on annual flat fee per title, determined by FTE Your subscription provides one calendar year’s access after which you can add, delete or swap out any titles (subject to the 20-title minimum) Additional titles can be added at any time After subscribing to a title for three consecutive years, you will be provided ongoing access to that title for no additional fee Unlimited concurrent access for your library users COUNTER compliant usage statistics are provided MARC records provided via OCLC

32 Flexi-Subscription Option Subscription model only exists for Obooks worth < 300$ Subscriptions run per calender year No bundles for print + electronic access FTEs = total number of students + faculty staff (academic market); total number of full time employees (corporate market)

33 OnineBooks Offers! Discounts of up to 20% are available on frontlist titles NOW SAVE up to 50% on subject collection purchases To get an instant quote, find out more about any of our collections offers or for help with other queries, please speak to us direct

34 Your contact: Hugo Da Silva Account Manager Nordic Region +44 (0) 7939 557 579

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