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Web Portal Governance Roles and Responsibilities.

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1 Web Portal Governance Roles and Responsibilities

2 But first … Not set in stone. Will re-assess periodically to ensure meeting strategic goals of Portal Program, as it evolves. Need to make sure this will streamline processes, not get in the way... While providing for cooperation and input from across all agencies.

3 Definition Web governance is the structure of people, positions, authorities, roles, responsibilities, relationships, and rules involved in managing an agency's website(s). The governance structure defines who can make what decisions, who is accountable for which efforts, and how each of the players must work together to operate a website and web management process effectively.

4 Candi Harrison’s 8 Factors Commitment from the top Effective organization of roles and relationships Documented rules Accountability Effective planning Good training Strong and consistent communication Motivate by optimism

5 Ideas Proposed by PAC Define roles and responsibilities. Describe relationship between entities, and show on chart. Show how information flows. Strong agency representation on Exec Steering Committee. PAC as ongoing, not just for startup. Workgroups are made up of PAC members and other agency subject matter experts as needed.

6 Executive Steering Committee Web Operations: Vendor Content Manager: APT/DOA Web Management Director of Portal Finance: DOA E- Commerce Program Manager: OSCIO Portal Advisory Committee Work Group Web Strategy Web Management and Operations

7 Executive Steering Committee Executive management and strategic oversight Determines high level business needs Approves policies Resolves issues and disputes among stakeholders

8 Executive Steering Committee: Voting Members Executive Director, Agency for Public Telecommunications: Chair State Chief Information Officer, or designee Office of the Governor designee State Budget Director, Office of State Budget & Management, or designee Department of Administration Secretary or designee Two heads of Council of State agencies, or designee (rotating) Three secretaries of Cabinet agencies, or designee (rotating)

9 Executive Steering Committee: Nonvoting Members DOA-Designated Counsel Chief General Counsel, OSCIO State Portal Program Web Content Manager, APT/DOA E-Commerce Program Manager, OSCIO Director of Portal Finance, DOA Chair of the Portal Advisory Committee

10 Portal Advisory Committee Promotes agency needs and opportunities. Advises Executive Steering Committee and the Portal Management Team. Assesses potential or real impacts to agency operations created by the Portal Program. Elects a chair and vice chair from among PAC. Votes on cross-agency issues and presents them to the Exec Steering Committee by the chair. One vote per agency. Hosts vendor on a quarterly basis to learn opportunities for new application development. Members volunteer in issue-specific workgroups as needed.

11 Portal Management Team Works with the vendor to create and maintain the portal. Keeps all stakeholders and sponsors of the Program informed and/or consulted. Along with the Portal Advisory Committee, provides recommendations to the Executive Steering Committee. Convenes workgroups of the PAC for operational cross-agency issues. Works closely with PAC chair and vice-chair between PAC meetings.

12 Portal Management Team Composition Web Content Manager, APT/DOA E-Commerce Program Manager, OSCIO Director of Portal Finance, DOA

13 Web Content Manager, APT Oversees information architecture, content writing, usability, customer research, and search engine optimization. Works cooperatively with agencies and the vendor to improve content, search engine optimization, and customer satisfaction across all websites. Formulates cross-agency web-related policy-- with input from the PAC and approved by the Executive Steering Committee.

14 E-Commerce Program Manager, OSCIO Oversees delivery of services by the vendor. Provides regular, detailed management reports to the PAC and the Executive Steering Committee. Monitors new application development. Identifies areas of IT that would benefit from sourcing/third-party resources. Proactively evaluates the vendor relative to the market, seeking ways to improve the cost/offering equation.

15 Director of Portal Finance, DOA Negotiates charges and terms of the vendor contract. Verifies the accuracy of the State share of total revenue. Oversees disbursements. Verifies accuracy of financial reporting. Verifies completion of disbursements and accounts payables. Provides authorization for collection of fees. Recommends the budget to the Executive Steering Committee.

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