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1 An introduction to VMWare vCloud Automation Center Presented by Damion Terrell - Systems Analyst - Virtual Infrastructure & Storage Luke Abeling - Systems Analyst - Windows Enterprise Services

2 Agenda ∙ Pre-Bake Demo ∙ Why are we here? ∙ Brief of “What is LoboCloud?” ∙ Current VM Request Process ∙ Process Automation through LoboCloud ∙ Diving into LoboCloud ∙ Demonstrations ∙ Support ∙ Questions?

3 Why are we here? You have an interest or a need for requesting Virtual Machines You have done so through UNM IT, Amazon, etc. Understanding the benefits of Virtual Machines over physical Backups Disaster Recovery Availability Support Learn about the delivery of Virtual Machines through UNM’s Private Cloud

4 IT – Service Catalog: Hosting – Virtual Machines & LoboCloud Automation Center Virtual Machines can help departments or individuals manage their software without needing to maintain the underlying operating system, hardware and infrastructure. This allows departments to focus their staff's efforts towards their specialty while offloading the cost of day-to-day infrastructure maintenance to IT. Base Configuration $100/month for maintenance for LoboCloud provisioned machines including base OS requirements of storage, cpu, and Memory; and 7 days of nightly snapshot backups. Add-Ons include: Additional Storage: $16.66 / 250 GB; CPU: $25/per CPU; Memory $8.33/per GB

5 What is LoboCloud? (Fastinfo #7059) LoboCloud ( allows authorized customers to rapidly build and manage new virtual machines to their specifications. Once “On-Boarded”, customers will be able to spin up new VM within minutes. Using VMWare‘s vCloud Automation Center (vCAC), UNM – IT’s LoboCloud provides a secure portal to the IT Private Cloud, streamlining the New Virtual Machine (VM) request process. Initial offerings are Active Directory joined Windows Servers. Requested by Department Organizational Unit Administrators, aka OU Admins. Note: The LoboCloud Automation Center does NOT yet offer Linux servers, mysql databases, sql server on Windows, and large storage requests.

6 The Traditional Virtual Server Request Process Who has ever requested a Virtual Server from IT? How long did it take? Was it an easy process? Were there setup fees?

7 IT VM Provisioning Flow Chart Sample workflow for creating virtual file server

8 Automating the Process Over 100 manual steps to provision a VM Streamline the process through LoboCloud Using VMWare Applications to automate manual processes Cutting down provisioning time Cutting out the setup fees

9 How do I gain logon access to LoboCloud? (FastInfo #7057) Then select: Business Line: Accounts & Access Category: Enterprise Applications: General Service: LoboCloud Request: Type: New For authorized access to the LoboCloud URL or self-service portal site, first complete an Access Form at Help.UNM. Please visit (link located at bottom of this FastInfo) and search for the keyword, "LoboCloud.“

10 The OnBoarding Process “OnBoarding” is a one-time setup process Identify your Department’s “Tech Support / Sys Admin” aka OU Admin Identify who can approve purchases for your department Provisioning Account creation Actions that will take place in your Active Directory Organizational Unit Set Server OU Permissions LoboCloud Access Groups Provisioning Groups, Reservations, and Blueprints

11 Approval Request Example [LoboCloud] Machine [ABC153TECHDAYS001] To: ABC-LoboCloud-Approver; [ABC] Your Approval is required Name: ABC153TECHDAYS001 [] Banner Index Code: XXXXXXX Owner:COLLEGES\vcacuser Cost Center: Cost BlueprintWindows 2008 R2$100 Additional Components Memory(MB)0$0.00 Cpu's0$0.00 Storage(GB)0$0.00 Total Daily Cost$3.29 Total Monthly Cost$100 Total Yearly Cost$1,202 *Costs reflected above may be more than actual charges due to rounding. For a complete overview of UNM-IT's Virtual Servers costs and services please visit: In order to approve or reject this request, please follow the link below. Your approval authorizes IT to post charges for the services selected to your Banner index code: XXXXXXX. You acknowledge that you are authorized to sign on the index provided. To complete this process, you must log in to the LoboCloud as your Provisioning Group's Approver/Manager. Please browse to this link.

12 Example Approval Request [LoboCloud] Machine [ABC153TECHDAYS001] in order to continue.

13 Is access to the LoboCloud restricted or controlled in some way? (FastInfo #6995) Access requires you must be on a “UNM Trusted Network” On-campus wired networks Off-campus via Virtual Private Network (VPN) Rules apply to: VM Management access via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) / SSH Manager Approvals VPN is also required from: Wireless Networks Dorms

14 LoboCloud Dashboard My Resources New Request Summary of Current Activity My Machines Running Machines Stopped Machines Expiring Machines Pending Requests Reclamation Recent Events Blueprints

15 What does the status of my machine mean in LoboCloud? (FastInfo #7100) StatusDescriptionUser Action Awaiting Approval Approval process in progress...Please see your approval manager to complete this process. Clone Machine Machine is being cloned by Virtual Center. No action required. Wait for LoboCloud to complete process. Customize Machine Machine is being customized by Virtual Center No action required. Wait for LoboCloud to complete process ……Other Status ExistMay or May Not require further action. OnMachine is ready to use.None. The machine is ready to use.

16 My Machines Actions Menu Connect using RDP Power on/off Reboot Reprovision Destroy

17 Demonstrations LoboCloud Dashboard Navigating the Dashboard options New Request Options Machine Cycles Connect to New Machine via RDP

18 What’s Next? ∙Linux Servers ∙Multi-Tenancy / vCloud Network & Securty ∙Disaster Recovery ∙File Level Restore ∙Version Control ∙Virtual Desktops ∙All-The-Things-As-A-Service (Storage, Applications, Desktops, etc)

19 Summary Questions ? ∙Why were we here ∙Brief of What LoboCloud is ∙Defined the current VM Request Process ∙Automation through LoboCloud ∙Diving into Using LoboCloud ∙Support

20 IT Online Support IT – Service Catalog: Hosting - Virtual Machines and LoboCloud Automation Center search for LoboCloud What is LoboCloud? What is a LoboCloud Access group? Is access to the LoboCloud restricted or controlled in some way? More information and how-to videos are available

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