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Windows Azure for SharePoint people Dennis – Solution Architect Microsoft Windows Azure.

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1 Windows Azure for SharePoint people Dennis Mulder @dennismulder – Solution Architect Microsoft Windows Azure Center of Excellence

2 Session Objectives And Takeaways Continue to discuss the different ways in which you can leverage Windows Azure in your SharePoint 2013 project Demonstrate how you build and deploy an advanced SharePoint 2013 cloud-hosted app Understand how to leverage Windows Azure as your development & testing environment

3 Scenarios When should I think about Windows Azure in the context of my SharePoint implementation?



6 Scenario: Cloud apps

7 SharePoint 2013 App models

8 SharePoint 2013 Cloud-Hosted Apps Corporate catalog Marketplace SharePoint Autohosted Provider-Hosted Open Web Standards

9 Deploy your app Windows Azure Register your app SharePoint Online

10 EasyFlexible & OpenPowerful Easy to get started, including a free offer of 10 web sites Easy to deploy existing sites; if your web site runs on Internet Information Services (IIS) 7, it will run on Windows Azure Web Sites Support for multiple frameworks (ASP.NET, PHP, Node.js) Pick from popular OSS apps Pick your DB (SQL Azure, MySQL) Choose your tools (Visual Studio, Git, FTP, WebMatrix) Build on any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) Near instant deployment Scale out for greater availability or scale up for more compute capacity

11 1 shared reserved SHARED INSTANCES shared Web sites

12 2 SHARED INSTANCES shared reserved shared Web sites

13 SHARED INSTANCES 1 shared reserved RESERVED INSTANCE 0 reserved Web sites

14 2 shared reserved RESERVED INSTANCE reserved Web sites

15 2 shared reserved RESERVED INSTANCE reserved Web sites

16 Demo Creating your first Windows Azure Website Connecting to Windows Azure SQL Database

17 Client App Part (Trust) Bakery store Provider-hosted Azure Web Sites Database…. O365

18 Demo Running a cloud hosted SharePoint application in Windows Azure websites

19 Web Role Web Sites * Cloud Apps (Web or Worker roles) can integrate with ClearDBs MySQL as a Service via connection string but not via seamless portal/provisioning workflow Access to Azure services like Caching, Service Bus, Storage, SQL Azure Supports ASP.NET, classic ASP, Node.js, PHP Shared content and configuration GIT, FTP Near-instant deployment Integrated MySQL as a service support Environments/Staging Network isolation Remote desktop access Elevated permissions Start-up tasks Unsupported frameworks or libraries Service Model Azure Connect/VPN * Capabilities vs.

20 Shared instance Limited egress, storage (1GB), DB (20 MB) Max 10 sites Free during preview Multi instance Scale Out Max 3 instances Free during preview Reserved Instance Scale Up Can buy multiple instances Cost and sized same as Hosted Services Web Role * all can use other Azure services multi-tiered enterprise connected applications Migration web hosting focused

21 Scenario: Dev/Test





26 Base OS image for new Virtual Machines Sys-Prepped/Generalized/Read Only Created by uploading or by capture Writable Disks for Virtual Machines Created during VM creation or during upload of existing VHDs.

27 On-Premises Virtual Machine Machine Name: APPSRV1 Memory: 8 GB Cores: 4 Ports: 80/443 for http/https Guest: C:\ Host: C:\VMs\APP-OS.vhd Guest: D:\ Host: D:\VMs\APP-Data.vhd Guest: E:\ Host: E:\VMs\APP-Logs.vhd Cloud Service Name: Virtual Machine Role Name: appsrv1 4 Cores 7 GB Ram Guest: C:\ WAStorage\VMs\APP-OS.vhd Guest: E:\ WAStorage\VMs\APP-Data.vhd Guest: F:\ WAStorageVMs\APP-Logs.vhd Deployment Slot Production TCP Endpoints 80 and 443

28 Demo Migrating a SharePoint environment in Windows Azure Virtual Machines

29 LB WFE/APP SQL 80 Cloud Svc – Azurecoe AD subnet Virtual Network Azure AD/DC/DNS

30 Demo A SharePoint environment in Windows Azure Virtual Machines

31 AD/DC/DNS OnPrem LB WFE SQL AppSvr 80 2012 VPN Tunnel Cloud Svc Virtual Network Azure AD/DC/DNS



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