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Iulian Mitrea 26 th June 2014 Salesforce a quality journey to happy customers.

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1 Iulian Mitrea 26 th June 2014 Salesforce a quality journey to happy customers

2 Agenda 1. Product Overview. Statistics about customer service Salesforce, a necessary tool to improve customer experience A closer view of Salesforce platform 2. Salesforce workflow used in Technical Support. Manage Customer Relationship Share Information - Improve Collaboration - Better follow up Streamline company service Respond quickly - Improve Productivity - Increase satisfaction Salesforce ticketing workflow management Salesforce Statistics and Reports facility Demo session 3. Salesforce as a connection between CRM and R&D. Salesforce and Jira integration Demo session

3 Product Overview

4 Statistics 41% of consumers expect an e-mail response within six hours. Only 36% of retailers responded that quickly. Source: Forrester Research Inc

5 Statistics It is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one. Resolve a complaint in the customer's favor and they will do business with you again 70% of the time. Source: White House Office of Consumer Affairs Source: Lee Resources

6 In 2011, 86% of consumers quit doing business with a company because of a bad customer experience A typical business hears from 4% of it's dissatisfied customers. Statistics Source: “Understanding Customers” by Ruby Newell-Legner Source: Customer Experience Impact Report by Harris Interactive/RightNow

7 Improve customer experience Companies that are using Salesforce have seen....

8 Improve customer experience With Salesforce you can: identify & categorise leads focus on high quality leads create more customized pitches OBTAIN BIGGER & BETTER CONTRACTS more efficient C.S. team happier and loyal customers referrals are more likely MORE REVENUE Close more deals Increase revenue and referrals from existing customers

9 Improve customer experience With Salesforce you can: gather feedback from customers better understand their needs improve products/services INCREASED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION track campaignsreport outcomes optimize & literate campaigns IMPROVED BUSINESS RESULTS Improve your product/service Measure and optimise your performance

10 Improve customer experience The benefits of cloud based CRM software - Salesforce Faster Deployment Scaleable Automatic Software Updates Cost Efective Increased Collaboration Work from any device anywhere

11 Salesforce platform - close look was founded to provide customer relationship management (CRM) software delivered entirely over the internet (cloud computing). Goals:  Increase sales revenue  Increase visibility between departments  Decrease operating costs  Streamline business process

12 Salesforce platform - close look Salesforce CRM Custom Apps AppExchange Sales Cloud Service Cloud The Salesforce services are delivered primarily through 2 products : Sales Cloud - gives organizations the sales and marketing tools to streamline the process of capturing quantifying and selling to new and recurring customers. Service Cloud - streamline processing support request, validating and enforcing support contracts and providing customer sales service resources. CustomApps - you can build your own custom application on Salesforce. AppExchange - allows Salesforce partners to develop and distribute custom.

13 Salesforce workflow in Support team Customers have 2 options to send their requests:  Log a Support Case using the company support platform  Call a Support Engineer

14 Salesforce workflow in Support team General perspective for the issues logged on a web support platform

15 Customer Support Center Registration & Installation Product Support Customers with a current support contract with product related issues License transfer to other users Increase registration limit Registration related needs Internal workflow Salesforce workflow in Support team

16 Registration & Installation Product Support Submit Case Salesforce Installation&Registration Queue Salesforce Support Queue Salesforce workflow in Support team

17 Customer Logs a Case Case Is Routed Case Closed Gather Insight Customer Portal Find Solutions The workflow for a Support Case in Salesforce

18 Salesforce workflow in Support team …things are changed when the customer is calling the support engineer

19 A Customer Calls Search Salesforce Assign Tasks Gather Insight Follow Up Update Information Measure what’s working The workflow for a Support Case in Salesforce

20 Search - any term within Salesforce and it will display the results from any records or index files that contain that search term. Chatter - chat with your co-workers located in different offices. Send questions to specific people or groups. Accounts - search the company account to observe if the issue was reported before by other employees. View the status of the company active licenses Contacts - you can view if the same customer has reported the same behavior before on the same environment or others. See if the customer has different cases opened and if they are related to the issue you are handle it. Ticketing management in Salesforce

21 Demo session

22 Statistics and Reports The Reports tab makes it easier to find, organize, and manage both your reports and dashboards in one place.

23 Statistics and Reports The Reports tab makes it easier to find, organize, and manage both your reports and dashboards in one place. You can: 1. Create reports or dashboards 2. Access standard reports 3. Organize and share items in folders 4. Move items between folders 5. Customize the list view 6. Search and filter items 7. Manage reports and dashboards 8. Schedule and follow items

24 Dashboard offer a way to consolidate, and access in real time, custom reports and metrics, and visually represent this data using charts, graphs and other tools. A Dashboard will cover a broad area of performance and will consist of various custom reports that give further insights into a specific area. Statistics and Reports

25 CRM –Salesforce – R&D  Customer logs a product request using a case  Support team receives Customer request, and begins reviewing the case  The Support team realizes it needs to raise an issue with the Development team  The Support team clicks the “Create JIRA Issue” button in  The case is then replicated to a JIRA issue, where the Development team begins its work  The Development and Support teams begin collaborating on the case / issue  The Development team solves the issue, and marks it as resolved in JIRA  The Support team is notified that the Case has been closed and begins working with the customer to resolve their request

26 Demo session

27 Summary As far as we’ve seen Salesforce platform is a mix of technologies brought all together to fulfill complex requirements. All the teams involved in the business process have access to specific tools that are developed to build great products and strong solution for the end users. Support, Marketing, Sales, R&D and Management team can easily communicate share information and dramatically increase the efficiency of their daily tasks. Depending on your needs the platform can be easily customized.

28 Here’s the funny part where you ask you hope that I have

29 Thank you!

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