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July 25, 2012 Teaming for Technology Delivered by: Allison O’Connor.

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1 July 25, 2012 Teaming for Technology Delivered by: Allison O’Connor

2 Introductions (Allison O’Connor, Class Participants) Salesforce Demos Salesforce Overview & Common Nonprofit Functions Questions & Discussion Wrap-Up & Additional Resources Point vs. Platform Solutions

3 Introductions Allison O’Connor, akaCRM Business and IT Consultant Certified administrator Works exclusively in the nonprofit and higher education industries Focused on CRM strategy, long-term technology planning, and implementations Delivers Salesforce CRM implementation projects to local, national, and international nonprofits

4 Introductions Introduce Yourself: Your name Your organization Your goals for today’s session What do you know about Salesforce? Have you ever used Salesforce? Two data or technology issues you face every day at your organization that you want to solve

5 5 Point SolutionPlatform Solution DefinitionSoftware that provides a solution to a single problem rather than addressing all the requirements that might otherwise be met with a multipurpose or multiservice system. A set of cloud computing services that when combined provide a technology platform and a solution stack that can be tailored to any and all business functions. Often referred to as ‘Platform as a Service’ or ‘PaaS’ Benefits Software is often available ‘off-the-shelf’ with little customization, as the solution is extremely standardized Business function and industry-specific applications are built around industry studies and best practices Ability to customize and scale the solution to address exact business requirements without changing process to match system Variable costs for implementation and access (per-license or per-use basis) but limited long-term costs apply Challenges Major changes in core functionality or processes not possible or very costly as the product is owned by the vendor, not the organization Often requires 3 rd party support to manage and enhance the solution Expansive functionality and integration possibilities seem overwhelming and project management is critical to ensure proper scoping and rollout Development language is up to the provider, requiring boutique skills for complex work ExamplesQuickBooks PeopleSoft ERP MS Outlook Salesforce Google WaveMaker for Web

6 6  Worldwide leader in cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) services  100,000+ customers (organizations)  2,000,000+ users  Available in 18 languages  Publicly Traded (Ticker: CRM)  First cloud company to reach $2B in revenue  Foundation gives 1% back (of revenue, time, and product)  10 Free Licenses given to nonprofits and higher education institutions ($15,000 value)  1000+ applications available on the AppExchange  Recently named the world’s most innovative company by Forbes

7 7

8 8  Account (Organization) Data Management  Contact (Individual) Data Management  Prospecting  Solicitations  Grants Management  Committee Management  Relationship Tracking  Volunteering  Email Marketing  Email Templates  Mail Merge Templates (Thank You Letters)  GIS Mapping  Internal Approval Processes  Task & Project Management  Payment Processing  Subscription/Recurring Payment Processing  Product Sales (merchandise, publications, etc.)  Web Integration (Forms)  Event Management  Reports, Dashboards, & Analytics  Document Management  Employee Collaboration (Chatter)  Employee Time Tracking

9 9 Basic Functions  General Navigation  Data Management  Fundraising  Grants Management  Reporting & Dashboards Website & Email Integration  Online Donations & Event Registration – via Click & Pledge*  Volunteering – via Volunteers for Salesforce by GroundWire*  Email Marketing – via Vertical Response for Salesforce* *Note: akaCRM recommends analyzing requirements before selecting Salesforce applications. These applications were chosen for this demo due to their popularity and functionality.

10 Questions & Discussion

11 Resources Allison O’Connor Senior Consultant Office: 303.832.1383 Cell: 303.803.7843 Skype: ali.oconnor Gtalk: oconnor.allison Salesforce Websites: – Salesforce – Salesforce Foundation Other Websites: - akaCRM Blog - Salesforce AppExchange

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